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Bamboobies Multi Pak Nursing Pads by Soft Style

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Bamboobies Multi Pak Nursing Pads by Soft Style

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Multi-Color pack includes pale pink, hot pink and black.

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Waist Slimming
Butt Lifting
All Over Shapping
Bust Enhancing
Thigh Slimming
Skin Smoothing
Body Shape
Inverted Triangle
Everyday Use
Waist Training
Back Support
Post Partum
Night Out

Regular Price: $ 29.99

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Regular Price: $ 29.99

(Reduced From $ 29.99 )

Special Price $ 20.99

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If you’re a new mom who believes that, while breastfeeding is beautiful, lines and leaks on your favorite clothes are not, the Bamboobies Nursing Pads by Soft Style are the breakthough you’ve been waiting for. Soft Style’s most popular item, this combo pack includes 3 pairs of regular, heart-shaped pads and one heavier pair of round overnight pads. Yes, the hearts are a cute shape, but don’t let them fool you. Traditional, round nursing pads tend to show through when you’re wearing sheer (or even NOT sheer) fabrics. These heart-shaped pads, on the other hand, wrap around your breast and tend to lay flatter, preventing show through.

When you first hold the daytime pads in your hands you may be surprised by how thin and light they are. Don’t worry. The unique composition of these pads makes them one of the most effective nursing products on the market. Ultra-thin, high performance eco-fabrics make the Bamboobies Nursing Pads not only more absorbent than alternatives, but much softer. The inner lining is constructed from bamboo and organic cotton velour. It feels like a blend of silk and cashmere and must be touched to be understood. This layer is a dream come true for chafed nipples. The core is fabricated from super-absorbent hemp, which locks in milk and pulls it away from your skin. A milk-proof exterior stops leaks in their tracks. The nighttime pad is exactly the same as the day pad, except that it is thicker and round, keeping you comfy and dry all night long. If you’ve dealt with flimsy, irritating cotton core pads that leak, show through and chafe, find out why so many of our moms are calling the Bamboobies Nursing Pads by Soft Style the first nursing pads that truly work for them!


  • Includes 3 pairs of heart-shaped daytime pads
  • Includes 1 pair of round overnight pads
  • Prevents leaked milk from staining clothes
  • Eases chafed nipples
  • Ultra soft construction
  • Overnight protection
  • No-show coverage
  • 3 eco-friendly fabrics

Materials: Daytime Pads - Interior: Bamboo Rayon 70%, Organic Cotton 28%, Polyester 2%, Core: Hemp 55%, Organic Cotton 45%, Exterior: Waterproofed Polyester 100%, Overnight Pads - Exterior: Bamboo Rayon 100%, Core: Hemp 55%, Organic Cotton 45%