Belly Buster by Jolly Jumper 465

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Belly Buster by Jolly Jumper 465

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Waist Slimming
Butt Lifting
All Over Shapping
Bust Enhancing
Thigh Slimming
Skin Smoothing
Body Shape
Inverted Triangle
Everyday Use
Waist Training
Back Support
Post Partum
Night Out

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Nothing fits! If you’ve said that to yourself as you run out of fashion options during pregnancy, then you’re the reason that these Belly Buster waistline extenders were created by Jolly Jumper. Let’s face it, if you were to buy new pants that actually fit every time you needed them during your pregnancy, you could go broke pretty quickly. When we’re preparing for baby to come, it seems every day presents a new change or challenge as our body grows to accommodate the aforementioned bun in the oven.

Over the years, we’ve seen some mommy make-do attempts to modify. None of them really do the trick. From the unbuttoned pants with belt combo to the ever-popular, just-leave-it-open-and-put-a-sweatshirt-over-it technique, moms have been bravely risking wardrobe malfunctions since the dawn of time in an effort to stay in their favorite non-maternity clothes. Now you don’t have to hope that your shirt stays down (or hope your pants stay up). And you definitely don’t have to break the bank buying clothes that will only fit for a few months. Your Belly Buster includes two belts, a small and a large. Start with the small and graduate up as you need it. And don’t worry, if you need a little extra breathing room, you can join the small and large belts together to make an extra large belt. If you feel any discomfort or tightness though, discontinue use! The next time someone tells you that you should replace all your regular pants and skirts with maternity clothes, don’t buy it. Extend your waistline and your wardrobe with the Belly Buster by Jolly Jumper!


  • Extends the waistline of skirts and pants during pregnancy
  • Eliminates the need for some maternity clothing
  • Includes 2 extenders
  • Small and large size
  • Combine your extenders to create an extra large extender