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  • 7 Sexy Shapers for Date Night

    Date night shapewear

    What to Wear for a Hot Night Out this Fall

    If you're looking to switch it up this fall as you prepare for your date nights and other occasions, try what celebrities are loving this year: a suited, tailored look. Nothing says "strong and sexy" like a well-fitted blazer and pants. But you need the right foundation underneath.

    The key to pulling it off in a flattering way is choosing fitted apparel that accentuates your curves. And for that you need our special date night shapewear. Here are 7 of our favorites:

    Eva Extra Firm Bodysuit by Vedette

    Eva Extra Firm Bodysuit by VedetteSexy meets shaping in a lingerie-look body suit. Get the results you love from a strong-control garment with a great-looking design. Perfect under high waist pants or skirts.

    Joane High Waist Open Bottom Enhancer by Vedette

    Joane High Waist Open Bottom Enhancer by VedetteFor those form-fitting suits, you may want to give your backside a lift. This brief shaper slims and trims the midsection, giving good control around the waist and lower abdomen. The open bottom design lifts and rounds your rear into a perfect full shape, accentuating your figure.

    Glamour Shaping Camisole by Bodyhush

    Glamour Shaping Camisole by BodyhushThis lacy cami is worthy of showing off. Designed to slim your tummy and eliminate love handles, it features an interior tummy panel for firm control. For a sexy chic look, layer it right under your suit jacket.

    Sleek Curves Shaping Slip by Hooked Up

    Sleek Curves Shaping Slip by Hooked UpYou'll never have to worry about back rolls or muffin tops again with this high waist shaping slip. It smooths and contours your figure in all the right places, comfortably giving you that hourglass look under your favorite suit.

    Strapless Slimming Shaper by Ann Chery

    Strapless Slimming Shaper by Ann CherySlim up while letting your natural curves shine in this stretchy bodysuit. This light-wearing garment features a flat-belly latex panel to slim, trim and smooth your midsection, while seamless outer lining creates an overall leaner look. This works under most dress-up attire, including any type of suit.

    Geraldine Bodysuit by Ann Chery

     Geraldine Bodysuit by Ann CheryThis popular bodysuit takes inches off the waist, abdomen and hips, creating a beautiful curvy shape. Its natural bust and rear enhancements work beautifully under a pencil skirt or fitted pantsuit.

    Satin and Lace Torsolette by Dominique

     Satin and Lace Torsolette by DominiqueThe torsolette’s moderate midsection control and posture support lengthen the torso and create a slender silhouette while lifting the bust. This piece is ideal under your blouse for a slender torso underneath a suit of your

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  • 6 Ways Good Posture Improves Your Day

    Good posture improves your energy and mood

    Benefits of Posture for Health & Wellness

    Sitting or standing up straight is often undervalued. While you may know somewhere in the back of your mind that you shouldn't slouch, did you know that good posture provides multiple benefits to your health and wellbeing?

    One of the reasons people love waist trainers is that they improve your posture tremendously. Spend a few days in one of our customer favorites like the Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer By Amia A103 and see how you feel.

    Study after study is revealing that we should be paying more attention to our posture. Here's why:

    1. It affects your confidence.

    You don't just look more confident when you're standing straight; you feel more confident as well. People who are in a straight sitting position are more likely to feel more confident about their qualifications for a job than those who are slouching over a table. In other words, your posture affects the way you think about yourself.

    1. It boosts your energy.

    Forget that afternoon latte; just sit up a little straighter at your desk. How you are sitting or standing affects your brain—in the form of your mood and your energy. Whenever you start feeling lethargic, try getting up and moving around, and then mindfully keep your posture straight if you go back to sitting again.

    1. It reduces stress.

    Pay attention to how you're sitting when you're stressed out. Chances are, you're slumping over. Simply sitting up straight can help you build your perseverance through those tasks and help you filter out negative emotions.

    1. It helps you beat fear and anxiety.

    Noticing a pattern yet? With correct posture you will boost your mood and reduce feelings of fear and anxiety. The way you are sitting affects your physical response to psychological stress. If your body is more relaxed, your mind will follow.

    1. It increases productivity.

    Sitting or standing up straight increases testosterone production (yes, for women too), which helps you focus and get your work done. Better than caffeine if you ask us.

    1. It gives you more oxygen.

    Straight posture optimizes the way you breathe; in fact, you will take in 30 percent more oxygen. More oxygen in your blood naturally increases your energy and helps you feel more relaxed.

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  • Interview: Making an impact, one woman at a time

    How Shapewear Donations are Boosting Careers for Women Who Need It Most

    Shapewear donations boost confidence (and careers) for women who need it most

    Hourglass Angel is a proud supporter of The Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN), formerly known as The Women's Alliance. To date, we have supplied more than $35,000 in lightly used shapewear garments to the organization's Career Wardrobe division, which provides professional clothing, networking tools and other need-based assistance to women pursuing career opportunities. We recently chatted with Carrie Hanson Veurink [Managing Partner] of ACDN, to find out how these shapers were making an impact.

    Please tell us a little about your organization and its mission.

    Career Wardrobe’s mission is to empower women in transition by providing programs that inspire the confidence necessary to achieve self-sufficiency and pursue a productive career. We do this by providing professional work attire, educational programs, and networking tools and opportunities.

    Hourglass Angel has been proud to donate more than $35,000 in shapewear to ACDN. Can you describe how these contributions are making an impact in the lives and careers of the women whom your organization supports?

    Hourglass Angel's contributions have given our clients’ confidence in their appearance, which has given them the ability to present well on interviews and at work.

    Most of the goals of the women who choose to take the garments are for interviews, work attire, and everyday wear. Clients are impressed by the difference the garment makes under their professional attire.

    One client stated that the shapewear made her feel more self-confident and positive about her figure. She wears the garment every day and loves the fact that the garment can help with stretchmarks.

    What is the typical process for women who want to get these garments through your organization? What is the experience like?

    The shapewear is introduced to the client our Dressing Assistants, who will explain the benefits of trying the garment during their fittings for professional attire. Most clients are excited about the look and feel of the garment once they have tried it on.

    What would you say to women who come to your organization and are thinking about trying the shapewear? How would they benefit?

    We would tell the women that trying the shapewear would be a great option if they would like a slimmer look in their professional attire. Women benefit from the self-esteem boost the shapewear could offer.

    For more information on The Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits, its programs, and ways that you can get involved, please visit the ACDN website.



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  • 6 Confidence-Building, Body-Sculpting Shapers

    Body sculpting shapewear

    Transform Your Figure Instantly

    For certain occasions, many of us want to do something dramatic so we can look absolutely stunning. While choosing the right outfit plays a big role in the final look, the right shapewear is essential for maximum confidence in sexy attire.

    Maximum support shapewear is the answer when you need that dramatic transformation. Here are six show-stopping shapers that will transform your figure and your confidence – instantly.

    1. Classic Cincher Waist Trainer by Amia

    The hourglass shape you've always dreamed about is possible with this simple garment. You'll feel confident and poised as you instantly sculpt 1-4 inches from your midsection while wearing it, all while you improve your posture and enhance your curves. This garment is versatile for everyday use or special occasions.

    1. Vedette Madeline Long Leg Control Shapewear With Padded Buttocks

    In this garment you'll have maximum control throughout the abdomen, waist, and thighs while giving your derriere the curves you want. Experience sexy confidence no matter what you're wearing over top.

    1. Cheetah Girdle With Rear Enhancement by Verox Slim

    Love every layer in this stunning backless girdle in hot animal print. Experience full-body slimming along with more shape and volume in your rear. Look like an hourglass and maximize your confidence.

    1. Perfect Butt Thermal Pant by Flakisima

    Give your butt a natural lift and enjoy a sexy smoothness to your physique in one of our most popular butt-lifting garments. Firm slimming keeps all of your curves in check, and its lightweight fabric makes it ideal for everyday use or a night out.

    1. Smooth Solutions Slip by Va Bien

    Your figure-hugging skirts and dresses require special shapewear, and this slip will get the job done. Make your silhouette smooth and shaped like a mannequin with figure-slimming control, plus the convenience of a built-in bra.

    1. 6. The Closet Maker Singelt Shapewear by Flexees

    This lightweight torsette shaper features a sling neckline that supports your bust, unlike other shapewear pieces that can flatten your cleavage. The two-ply tummy panel firmly slims your midsection and you'll enjoy a smooth finish from top to bottom. This is one of our most versatile shapers, ideal for work or play.

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  • 8 Exercises You Can Do with a Waist Trainer

    Effective workouts for waist training

    Waist Training Workout Tips

    Exercising with a waist trainer like the Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia is great way to intensify your workout. The garment is specially designed to increase thermal activity in your core, so you work up a harder sweat. But the big question is: which exercises are best?

    While we don't recommend doing "crunching" abdominal exercises with the restrictiveness of a waist trainer, there are a variety of sweat-inducing, muscle-strengthening techniques you can use that will give you an extremely effective workout. Here are eight of our favorites.

    1. Cardio

    Get on that bike, treadmill, stair stepper or elliptical—or get out and go for a run. That waist trainer will get you sweating even more.

    1. Squat

    You should do this butt- and thigh-strengthening exercise with good form by keeping a flat black, and the waist trainer will help with that. Hold dumbbells for an extra burn. Lower your butt as close to the ground as you can while standing flat on your feet, shoulder-width apart.

    1. Deadlift

    The key to making this glute-sculpting lift an effective exercise is good form: and again that means having a flat back. There are several types of deadlifts like those with knees bent or knees straight. You can do any variety you like best. Lift your weight with both hands from the ground slowly until it is at thigh level; then slowly return to the ground while squeezing your butt.

    1. Plank

    Don't let your abs off easy; be sure to include different types of planks in your exercise routine. Do them from your elbows or with straight arms. Also try side planks. 

    1. Reverse lunges

    From a standing position step back with one leg and bend your knee until it almost reaches the ground. Return to starting position and repeat with the other side. You probably remember this one from gym glass.

    1. Upright row

    You can use a barbell or dumbbells for this shoulder exercise. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the weight in front of you. Bend your elbows and lift the weight up to armpit level. Slowly lower and repeat.

    1. Front raise

    Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, grab two relatively light dumbbells and hold them in front of your thighs. Keeping your elbows straight, lift in front your body until your arms are parallel with the floor. Lower slowly and repeat. You can do both arms at once or one at a time.

    1. Reverse fly

    Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees, holding two dumbbells. Lean forward and keep your back flat so that it is almost parallel to the ground. Keeping your elbows straight, lift your arms out so that you make a "T" shape. Return to starting position.

    Note: Most of these exercises require repetitions; choose how many you do based on the amount of weight you are using. Generally go for at least eight reps in up to three sets. You muscles should feel fatigued when you're done.

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  • 6 Ways to Lift and Enhance Your Rear

    Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper By Vedette

    Our Favorite Butt-Boosting Garments

    The perfect butt: we all want it, and with a little shaping help, we can all have it. Whether yours needs lifting, sculpting or smoothing, there's a butt-enhancing garment perfect for you.

    Here are six of our favorites:

    Perfect Butt Thermal Pant By Flakisima #078

    1. Shaping Short

    Keep it simple with a short that focuses on your butt like the Perfect Butt Thermal Pant by Flakisima. You'll be amazed at that transformation of your butt's natural shape with this lightweight shaper. Have these on hand for your favorite tight pants and leggings.

    Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper By Vedette

    1. Full Bodysuit

    We love a shaping piece that transforms your whole body into an hourglass. The Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaping by Vedette does just that, while enhancing your rear's natural shape. This piece is ideal for special occasions so you can really show off those curves.

    Joane High Waist Open Bottom Enhancer By Vedette

    1. Panty Enhancer

    Shaping panties should be flattering, not flattening. The Joane High Waist Open Bottom Enhancer has all the benefits of a waist-slimming shaping panty while providing a boost in the back. You'll want these anytime you want to dress to impress.

    Vedette Anastasia Strapless Waist Nipper 905

    1. Bodysuit

    Some occasions require firm shaping, and the Vedette Anastasia Strapless Waist Nipper is ideal for your form-fitting tops and dresses. Tame that tummy and lift your rear for lasting contouring and control.

    Pretty Perfect Butt-Lifting Jeans By Verox Jeans 1203

    1. Butt-Lifting Jeans

    Sometimes there's no need for a shaper at all—if you use butt-lifting jeans. The Pretty Perfect Butt-Lifting Jeans By Verox Jeans are specially designed from stretch cotton-denim to redefine your derriere and slim your waistline at the same time.

    Royal Blue & Black Leggings By Bon Bon Up 1067

    1. Shaping Leggings

    Leggings are hot, whether you're at the gym or relaxing with friends. These Royal Blue and Black Leggings by Bon Bon Up are engineered with an internal girdle to smooth your figure and lift your butt, for sexy confidence no matter where you're wearing them.

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  • 25 Ways To Get Active with Your Family

    Exercise ideas for families

    Fun Exercises Kids & Parents Can Enjoy Together

    Moms know: fitting in exercise in their daily routines can be very difficult. Whether you have a baby or an older child, kids demand your attention and energy in different ways.

    One simple way to become more active as a mom is to try exercising as a whole family. If you have fitness goals, why not include everyone with them? You'll be teaching your children the importance of a healthy lifestyle and you'll be having fun while you're doing it.

    Here are some fun ideas that can help everybody to get moving:

    1. Run while the kids run beside you or ride their bikes. If you have a baby or toddler, use a jogging stroller.
    2. Swim at the pool together.
    3. Create a circuit workout in the driveway or backyard, or inside the house on rainy days. Remember that babies can make great hand weights.
    4. Family bike ride; pull the smallest kids in a trailer behind you.
    5. Go to a high school running track and stage races.
    6. While you're at the track, do bleacher runs.
    7. Backyard soccer or kickball.
    8. Backyard wheelbarrow races.
    9. Backyard relay races; be creative and use frog jumps, bear crawl, etc. for different legs of the race.
    10. Shoot hoops on the driveway, at the gym or a park.
    11. Play hopscotch.
    12. Play freeze tag; when you're frozen, jog or do a boxer shuffle in place.
    13. Go hiking.
    14. Do sprint races down your street. Littler kids can help keep score.
    15. Alternate jumping rope and jumping jacks.
    16. Have a dance party on a rainy day.
    17. Play tennis together. It's ideal if you can find courts next to a playground.
    18. Family yoga, available through some studios or online programs.
    19. Jump on a trampoline.
    20. Go for a walk, but alternate skipping and speed walking.
    21. While you're on that walk, try hopping backwards.
    22. Create a backyard obstacle course.
    23. Try walking to go on errands instead of driving.
    24. Active video games, like "Just Dance" on the Wii.
    25. Go roller skating in the neighborhood or at a rink (or ice skating).
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  • Beginner's Guide to Waist Training

    How to Start a Waist Training Regimen

    How to start waist training

    If you're new to waist training, getting started can be a little intimidating. We get a lot of questions from customers who aren't sure what to expect and don't know if they're wearing the garments correctly. So we put together this short guide for the novice. Even if you have been waist training for a while, you may find these tips helpful.

    Defining waist training

    Waist training is the process of wearing a cincher or corset daily to slim your waistline instantly and supplement your long-term fitness goals. Many waist trainers are designed to stimulate thermal activity and perspiration in your core, so they can maximize your workouts while making you look great at the gym (and beyond).

    Choosing the right size

    Before you start waist training, you want to be confident that you are using a waist trainer that fits well. See this post for important sizing tips. Generally, when you want more slimming power, you should never size down. Instead, choose a waist trainer that offers a higher level of compression.

    Yes, it should be tight, but not overly restrictive

    One of the first things you'll notice when putting on a waist trainer for the first time is how strong the compression is. It may feel tight at first, but your body becomes accustomed to it quite quickly.

    If the material starts to roll or you see any bunching, the garment is probably too small. You may want to exchange for a larger size – or, just save it for future use. (After you have been waist training for a while, you may find you need a smaller size._

    Pain or pinching? Remove it.
    Remember that if you ever feel pain or discomfort beyond the expected firm fit, take the waist trainer off immediately. Listen to your body and don't overdo it.

    Waist trainer choices

    There are generally four main types of waist training garments to choose from, each designed for differently lifestyles, outfits and goals. Here are some of your options:

    • Performance waist trainers (Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia): these are ideal for active use – during workouts, runs, walks, sports, etc. – but they can also be worn under clothes. They are designed with performance material that can handle a lot of movement and sweat. They slim your waistline instantly – up to 3 inches in some cases – while increasing perspiration in your core to maximize your physical activity.
    • Latex waist trainers (Classic Cincher Waist Trainer by Amia): these versatile cinchers are ideal for everyday use and look great underneath most attire. Some are designed to increase perspiration, too.
    • Cotton waist trainers (Firm Control Cotton Waist Cincher by Flakisima): if you desire something a little softer, a cotton cincher is a great option for sensitive skin. Cotton is also more comfortable during warm weather.
    • Steel-boned corsets (Nude Sand Underbust Corset): for the most dramatic waist training results, choose a traditional corset constructed with steel that can be laced to optimal fit.

    Getting started

    After you've chosen your garment and verified that it fits, start waist training slowly. Your trainer needs time to break in, and your body needs time to adjust. Begin with a looser fit for just an hour or two a day and then work your way up. Once you are comfortable, we recommend wearing the waist trainer for eight hours a day for the best results.


    Remember that everyone's body is different. If you're using waist training as part of your existing fitness goals, there are several factors that will affect your results: lifestyle, diet, intensity of workouts, genetics and your commitment to waist training (see this post for more). 


    We recommend pairing a waist training regimen with a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious eating habits and exercise. While you're wearing your waist trainer you might find yourself eating less because your stomach is constricted, but it's important to mindfully consume nutritious meals and lots of water.

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  • How to Put on Shapewear Properly

    Tips for putting on shapewear

    Tips for Trying on Different Types of Shapers

    If you're trying on a new shaper for the first time, it is probably apparent that this is not your normal undergarment. Putting it on correctly is key to experiencing the best results (and the most comfort). You'll want to be careful that you aren't stretching or pulling the garment too hard, although it will be snug if it is doing its job right.

    Before you try anything on, be sure that you ordered the right size. A garment that is too small will be very difficult to get on and won't provide the results you want. A garment that fits will firmly hold you in place, without pinching, for a flattering finish.

    To ensure you're getting the results you want, put shapers on over the top of panties and a light tank top and then try on some attire over it. If they aren't satisfactory, you can return or exchange them for a better fit.

    Depending which type of shapewear you have, how to put it in on varies:


    Always step into a slip, even a full-body one. If you pull it over your head you will feel stuck and frustrated. Shimmy it up into position a little at a time. Many of our Shapewear Slip have silicone lining that should keep the skirt in place once it is on.


    Make sure any zippers or clasps are completely undone. As with slips, you always want to step into bodysuits. If the garment has thigh/leg coverage, it may be easier to start in a sitting position and pull up the material one leg at a time. Once you're into the legs, stand up and pull up the rest of the garment. Fastening and adjusting zippers, clasps and straps might be difficult the first time; you may need some assistance getting the right fit.


    Wondering how to put on this strange package of ribbons? First, pull the laces very loose so you can slip the corset on easily and hook up the front. Using a mirror for guidance, begin tightening the pull loops. Pull on the "Xs" made by the laces from the top towards the middle and then the bottom towards the middle, tightening the pull loops more as you go. Do this repeatedly while smoothing out the modesty panel underneath. When it's the right tightness for you, tie the laces. Your corset should be a little looser the first couple of times you wear it until it molds to your shape; then you can pull it tighter.

    Cinchers & Waist Trainers

    Wrap the waist trainer high around your torso so that you're holding the bottom clasps just below the bust. Fasten from the bottom up, pulling the cincher down around your waist as you go. Start with the looser fit; once you get the hang of it, or if your waistline shrinks, you can start fastening with the tighter fit.

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  • How To Get Ready for the Day in 10 Minutes

    Quick hair & makeup tips for busy women

    Hair & Makeup Tips for Busy Women

    We've all been there: putting mascara on during a stoplight, dropping the kids off at school in our pajamas, or running errands with damp hair. If you're a busy working professional and/or mother, putting yourself together in the morning is often rushed.

    While it would be nice if there was an extra hour (or more) in the day, it can help to master a routine that takes 10 minutes or less to be out the door. (Yes, it's really possible!)

    Here are some foolproof tips for stepping up your morning game.

    Hair Prep (2 minutes)

    No time for a wash? No worries – you shouldn't wash your hair every day anyway, as it can dry it out. Try a dry shampoo instead and work it into your roots. Don't worry about your whole head; just tease out the tangles on the ends of your hair. For extra control, add a little olive oil with your fingertips.

    Hair Style (2 minutes)

    Pick a style that keeps your hair off your face that doesn't require heat. Experiment with buns or braids until your find a couple of personal favorites that work for you. Need ideas? Thank you, Pinterest.

    Face (1 minute)

    Do yourself a favor and cleanse your face thoroughly at night. Then simply rinse with water in the morning and apply your favorite tinted moisturizer or BB cream to even out your complexion.

    Mascara (1 minute)

    While your chosen foundation is setting in, use mascara with a curling and lengthening formula so you don't have to bother with a tool.

    Eyes (1 minute)

    Skip the liquid liner and use a shadow pencil, which provides good definition that stays put, but doesn't require as much precision application. Add to the lash line and smudge up to the crease.

    Concealer/Highlighter (2 minutes)

    Investing in a quality concealer is so worth it on rushed days. We recommend it in pen form. Use it to highlight your brow bone, erase dark circles under your eyes and hide any other skin imperfections.

    Finishing Touches (1 minute)

    Do whatever you like best: blush, finishing powder, scent. Tuck your favorite lip balm or gloss into your purse and you're good to go!

    Total time: 10 minutes

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