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  • How Shapewear Works & What's Best For Your Body Type

    The Science of Shapewear

    The science of shapewear

    Whether you're new to shapewear or you've got a closet full of it, it's helpful to learn how these garments work. Quality shapewear is set apart from cheap off-the-rack underwear and hosiery. If you want to look your best, no matter what the occasion, we recommend knowing exactly what you're getting into.

    Let's be clear about a couple of things: shapewear is not magical and will not change your body type or make you look like you've lost a ton of weight. It does enhance any body type, slim your figure, create curves and control problem areas – so you can look your most flattering, any day of the week. It's important to educate yourself on how shapewear works, so you know what to look for.

    Here's the scoop behind how it all works and how you can find the best fit for you.

    Shapewear construction

    Shapers are knitted together in pieces. When cut and sewn, designers enhance curves in the perfect places and tuck in others. The material used is very important. Latex and spandex create a firm hold. In comparison, hosiery-style seamless knitting tends to flatten. While this can be desirable in same cases, most of the time you will have a better all-over effect with a garment constructed in pieces.

    The fit matters

    If you've ever experienced a muffin-top effect above or below a shapewear garment, it is not the piece for you! Some women mistakenly believe that they will look more flattering in a smaller size, when the opposite is true. It is extremely important to wear a garment that fits correctly in order to achieve the most flattering results.

    Where it all goes

    Wondering where the extra weight goes when you drop a size or two after putting on shapewear? When it fits properly, shapewear reshapes the softer parts of your body, so you will have curves in the more desirable places. Fat can be compressed against the firmer muscles, such as those in your abdomen and legs. Your waistline and/or thighs will appear to shrink, while areas like your bust and your rear will be enhanced.

    Fit for body type

    Body Shapes

    Every body type is going to have different target areas when it comes to selecting the ideal shapewear. Whether you're plus size or petite, select the garments that are going to best enhance your shape:

    1. Round Figure

    Your main objective with shapewear is to slim and define your waistline. We recommend a shaping panty or a waist cincher to help create more curves. You may also benefit from a bodysuit or body shapewear apparel that bring in the waist.

    1. Straight Figure

    When choosing shapewear, your main focus is going to be defining your waist and creating curves, as well as smoothing your whole figure. Must-have items in your wardrobe include waist cinchers, slips, minimizers, and high-waisted shaping panties or shorts.

    1. Curvy on Bottom

    You have naturally lovely curves so your focus should be smoothing them and emphasizing that enviable waistline. Try control slips and high-waisted shorts.

    1. Hourglass

    You have the curves everyone wants, so your main priority is to make them smooth. A wide variety of shapewear will look good with your body type. You may enjoy the control you get from high-waisted shaping panties and shorts, shaping slips and bodysuits.

    1. Shapely on Top

    Your body tends to be top-heavy, so your objective is to find balance. It starts with a great bra—you may even want a minimizing option. Anything that enhances your rear like shaping panties and leggings will help balance your curves.

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  • 14-Day Waist Training Boot Camp

    How to Jumpstart Your Commitment to Fitness

    Waist Training Bootcamp

    If you're new to waist training and wondering how to start, having a great workout program is essential. We found an excellent routine from Fitness magazine that complements waist training well.

    Follow these steps day by day and you're well on your way to an active, healthy lifestyle, complemented with the slimming effects of the waist trainer. Be sure to warm up before the workouts and cool down/stretch afterwards and follow a healthy diet for the best results. Ready to get started?

    DAY 1

    Wear your waist trainer for 4 hours today. If you are brand new to this, you will definitely feel constricted, but your body will become accustomed to it quickly. Don't overdo it; listen to your body – if you feel any pain or pinching, remove the waist trainer.

    While wearing a workout waist trainer like the Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery, do the eight strength exercises listed at the end of this post for a total of approximately 30 minutes.

    DAY 2

    Now, try wearing your waist trainer for 5 hours today. Don't want to wear your workout band under your work clothes? Try a nude or black latex cincher like the Classic Cincher Waist Trainer by Amia.

    Today, you'll let your body rest so your body can recover from yesterday's strength training. If you're sore, it never hurts to stretch or do some very easy cardio to loosen up your muscles.

    DAY 3

    Wear your waist trainer for 6 hours today. Remember you can switch between a workout band while you exercise and an everyday cincher for the rest of the day.

    While wearing your workout waist trainer, do the seven circuit cardio moves listed at the end of this post. Do each drill for 30 to 60 seconds, marching or jogging in place for 1 minute to recover between moves. Complete the circuit twice through.

    DAY 4

    Wear your waist trainer for 7 hours today. Your body should be slowly adjusting to the way it feels.

    Rest from heavy exercise again today. You can stretch and do light cardio, like walking, easy jogging or biking. Over time, you will be able to add in more cardio days in between harder workouts.

    DAY 5

    Wear your waist trainer for 8 hours today. If you prefer, you can break it into two four-hour segments.

    It's time for strength training again. For variety, try doing exercises in a different order than you did on day 1.

    DAY 6

    Wear your waist trainer for 9 hours today. You're almost at the target range: 10 hours a day.

    It's time for some intense cardio circuits again. See if you can improve your performance—push as hard as you can.

    DAY 7

    Wear your waist trainer for 10 hours today.

    Rest and let your body fully recover today. Congrats on making it through the first week! From here on out, you will be wearing the waist trainer for 10 hours a day.

    DAY 8

    Back to strength training. Can you increase the amount of weight you're using?

    DAY 9

    Rest or 30-60 minutes of steady-paced cardio. Remember, you should be wearing your waist trainer for 10 hours a day at this point.

    DAY 10

    Circuit cardio. Ramp up the intensity!

    DAY 11

    Rest or 30-60 minutes of steady-paced cardio.

    DAY 12

    Get that strength training going again! Now that you're familiar with these exercises, make sure you're paying close attention to good form.

    DAY 13

    Circuit cardio.

    DAY 14

    Rest and recovery.

    Congrats! If you have been faithful with this routine, you may already be seeing some incredible results—not just in your figure, but in your strength and energy levels. Remember that individual results will vary depending on your diet and what shape you were in before you started.

    From here on out you can continue with this routine, or branch out and try some different types of strength and circuit moves. In general, this pattern is very effective in optimizing your fitness level.

    Here are the exercises to implement in this routine:

    STRENGTH EXERCISES (from Fitness magazine)

    Strength exercises

    1. Stationary Lunge with L-Raise

    Targets: Glutes, Thighs, Shoulders, Core

    • Holding 3- or 5-pound dumbbells at your sides, stand with right foot in front of left, about one stride's-length apart.
    • Bend knees 90 degrees while raising right arm to the front at shoulder height and left arm to the side, palms down.
    • Stand up, lower arms, and repeat; do 12 to 15 reps.
    • Switch sides and repeat. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Do a squat instead of a lunge, and keep elbow bent 90 degrees for lateral (side) raise.

    1. Crossover Squat and Pull-Back

    Targets: Thighs, Calves, Glutes, Chest, Shoulders, Back

    • Stand about 2 feet away from a step bench, holding 3- or 5-pound dumbbells. Cross right leg over left and place right foot on top of step, pointing both feet forward.
    • Standing tall, bend elbows slightly and squeeze shoulder blades together.
    • Squat down, crossing arms in front of body. Stand up to return to starting position and repeat.
    • Do 15 reps. Rest for 30 seconds; switch sides and repeat. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Do a regular squat without using the step.

    1. Plank Knee In and Knee Out

    Targets: Shoulders, Glutes, Core, Hips

    • Start in a full push-up position, abs tight.
    • Pull right knee toward chest; hold for 1 count.
    • Keeping right knee bent, rotate right leg out to side; hold for 1 count.
    • Extend leg back to starting position without lowering, and repeat; do 4 to 8 reps with right leg.
    • Rest for 30 seconds and repeat on left side. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Remain in plank position without pulling knee in; hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

    1. Lunge with Reverse Flye

    Targets: Thighs, Glutes, Back

    Stand holding 3- or 5-pound dumbbells with arms at sides, palms facing each other, elbows slightly bent. Lunge forward with left leg, bending left knee 90 degrees; lean 45 degrees forward from hips.

    Maintaining this position, raise arms to shoulder height, keeping elbows slightly bent. Squeeze shoulder blades together, then lower weights.

    Do 15 reps. Rest 30 seconds; switch sides and repeat. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Skip the lunge and do the flyes sitting on a bench or step. 

    1. Unilateral Push-Up

    Targets: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Core

    Get into a full push-up position with left hand on top of a step and right hand on floor.

    Bend elbows and lower chest toward floor; push back up. Cross right hand over left and place it on the bench, moving left hand to floor on opposite side. Do another push-up.

    • Do 12 to 15 reps, switching sides with each rep.
    • Rest for 30 to 60 seconds; do another set.

    Beginner modification: Do the push-ups on your knees without the bench.

    1. Curl and Stand

    Targets: Abs, Shoulders, Thighs

    Lie face-up on a step, holding a medium-weight dumbbell horizontally across your chest. Keep elbows close to body.

    Curl up to sitting position, then stand all the way up, pressing dumbbell overhead. Sit back on bench and roll down to starting position.

    • Do 5 to 12 reps; 1 to 3 sets total.

    Beginner modification: Begin by sitting on the edge of a step or chair, without a weight; stand up and raise hands overhead before returning to seated position. 

    1. Biceps Curl with Knee-Up

    Targets: Biceps, Hips, Quads, Core

    • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding 5- or 8-pound dumbbells, elbows close to sides and palms up.
    • Pull in abs and bend right knee 90 degrees to hip level while curling weights toward shoulders.
    • Lower leg as you lower arms.
    • Do 15 reps, then switch legs. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Do biceps curls without knee raises.

    1. Superman Abs

    Targets: Abs, Lower Back, Glutes

    • Get into a full push-up position with hands on floor and toes on a step.
    • Simultaneously lift left arm and right leg, keeping abs tight.
    • Switch sides and repeat.

    Do 4 reps per side; 1 to 3 sets total.

    Beginner modification: Begin on all fours on the floor and raise opposite arm and leg.

    CIRCUIT CARDIO EXERCISES (from Fitness magazine)

    Do each drill for 30 to 60 seconds, marching or jogging in place for 1 minute to recover between moves. Complete the circuit twice through.

    1. Mountain Climbers

    Place hands on step, arms straight, legs extended behind you on floor. Alternate "running" in place by switching legs forward and back.

    1. Jumping Jack Knee-Ups

    Alternate lifting your knees toward chest while doing jumping jacks.

    1. Vertical Jumps

    Jump as high as you can, bringing knees toward chest; land softly with knees slightly bent.

    1. Scissors

    Alternate switching left and right foot forward, as if on a cross-country ski machine; use your arms for added momentum.

    1. Knee Lifts

    Run in place, lifting knees as high as you can.

    1. Squat Thrusts

    Drop hands to floor and jump feet behind you; hop feet back to start and jump up; repeat.

    1. Speed Skate

    Take a big hop sideways to right, landing softly on right foot. Find your balance; hop to left.

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  • The Anatomy of the Perfect Waist Trainer

    5 Qualities to Look For in a Cincher

    Waist trainers, especially those designed for workouts, are growing in popularity. But with all the different styles available, choosing one can be difficult. What makes the perfect waist trainer?

    While we strive to offer only the finest quality products at Hourglass Angel, some of the waist trainers you might find elsewhere might not quite measure up.

    When it comes to athletic waist training, our shapewear stylists love the Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia. Here are some of the qualities you'll notice in this particular garment, which should be present in whatever waist trainer you choose:

    Latex Core Waist Trainer

    • Latex Core: This is what makes a waist trainer work. Latex reinforcement provides firm compression and slims your waistline instantly, while stimulating heat in your core and increasing perspiration. If you're wearing it during a workout, you'll find that you're sweating harder, making it that much more intense. It's a simple way to maximize your runs, walks, or any physical activity.

    Rows of Hooks & Eyes

    • Rows of Hook & Eye Closures: The perfect waist trainer has the perfect fit, even when you size down. Hook and eye closures ensure firm compression. And if your waistline naturally begins to shrink over time, you can move to the next row of closures for optimal fit.


    • Flexi-Boning: Waist trainers like the Active Band are constructed with boning in the sides, which is firm but less constrictive than a steel-boned corset. The garment will never bunch, yet it gives you enough freedom of movement to go about your daily activities comfortably.

    Waist Trainer Colors

    • Cotton Inner Lining: Just because you're sweating doesn't mean you should be uncomfortable. The cotton lining on the Active Band is soft and comfortable on your skin, and it also helps to absorb perspiration.

    Don’t get overwhelmed when looking for a waist trainer. Choose the style that fits your goals and look for the features above to ensure the best quality, fit and results.

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  • 5 Styles to Make You Look Incredible In Everything

    Versatile Shapewear to Flatter Your Figure at Every Event

    The most versatile shapewear

    Don't you admire those women who always look good? Whether they're at work, at the gym, dressed casually or even at a wedding, they look incredible in everything they put on. What size they are doesn't matter as much as what styles they use to flatter their figure.

    The good news is, anyone can look that good by simply setting the right foundation underneath their outfit. With these five basic yet versatile shapewear pieces you can be prepared for any occasion, any day of the week:

    1. Shaping Slip

    From the little black dress to your favorite skirt suit, dressing up is a whole lot easier with one simple piece. The Smooth Solutions Slip by Va Bien slips on easily under just about everything and provides easy to wear control all day long. It features a built-in underwire bra, patented UltraLift technology and a deep, scooping neckline allowing it to be worn under even low-cut fashions.

    1. High Waisted Panty

    You're going to be wearing panties anyway, so why not have some that take the guesswork out of dressing? The High Waisted Panty by Amia is one of the most versatile garments you can wear. This everyday essential gives moderate control and smoothing to the midsection, waist and lower abdomen. Perfect for the office, casual wear, or even special occasions.

    1. Waist Trainer

    If you've been to the gym lately, you may be wondering about those waist bands that so many women are wearing to look slimmer and enhance their workouts. Waist trainers like the Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia are a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. The Active Band instantly slims your midsection while increasing perspiration at the same time—making your workouts work for you.

    1. Bodysuit

    Certain events call for maximum figure sculpting, and that's where a figure-slimming bodysuit comes in. Yet you don't have to sacrifice style for slimming power. The Katia Lace Body Suit With Semi Sheer Thong By Vedette incorporates all of sexiness and femininity of lingerie into a powerful shapewear package. This will be your go-to piece for your formal events as well as nights out.

    1. Short Shaper

    Need a little lift in your backside? A lightweight short shaper like the Perfect Butt Thermal Pant by Flakisima is the best choice for tight pants and skirts designed to show off your rear. The open bottom design of this item creates a lifting effect that rounds the butt into a perfect shape. It also keeps your midsection in check.

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  • The 7 Best Celebrity Corset Costumes

    Celebrity Halloween Costume Inspiration

    Looking for some fresh inspiration for Halloween costumes this year? Look no further than some of our favorite celebrities, who have gone all out flaunting their sexy figures in corsets. Then shop our collection of waist corsets to replicate these looks! Here are some of our favorite costumes worn by famous women, either for a costume party or for a role on-screen or on-stage.

    Miranda Kerr Ring Master

    1. Miranda Kerr: Ring Master

    What a risqué but gorgeous look that Miranda Kerr pulled off for a Halloween party. We love the completed costume with the top hat, jacket and fishnet tights.

    Kim Kardashian Pirate

    1. Kim Kardashian: Pirate

    Kim does Halloween like no one else, and this classic pirate costume truly tops her list. You can pull off a similar effect with a corset over a frilly shirt, complete with high boots.

    Danielle Lineker Vampire Victim

    1. Danielle Lineker: Vampire Victim

    You can be any number of scary ladies in a costume like this: vampire, vampire victim, or even a witch or sorceress. All you need is a corset and something with lacy sleeves and skirt.

    Kelly Brook Devil Ballerina

    1. Kelly Brook: Devil Ballerina

    A corset plus a tutu in fiery red—nothing's hotter. Kelly Brook took full advantage of her hourglass figure and knew how to show it off.

    Angelina Jolie Mrs. Smith

    1. Angelina Jolie: Mrs. Smith

    This look is the perfect combination of naughty and dangerous. A leather corset and matching accessories is one incredibly sexy way to look dominant and in control.

    Megan Fox Jonah Hex

    1. Megan Fox: Jonah Hex

    Megan Fox dressed as everyone's favorite bounty hunter—what a perfect look for Halloween. Look seductively frightening in some dirtied skirts and thigh-highs.

    Beyoncé The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

    1. Beyoncé: The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

    Forget looking scary; Beyoncé went for regal instead. An overbust corset with matching accessories made for a sexy, strong combination.

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  • 5 Sexy Corset Halloween Costumes

    Flatter Your Figure by Adding a Corset

    Halloween is just around the corner, and it's one of our favorite times of year to find new ways to wear a corset. Lacing up with a corset over the top can make almost any costume look more flattering—not to mention flirty. If you're trying to figure out the perfect, creative, sexy costume this year, check out these fun ideas that utilize different styles of corsets.

    Black Swan Corset Costume

    1. Black Swan

    This has always been a popular costume, but ever since Natalie Portman took on the role in the 2010 movie the Black Swan ballerina is the ultimate combination of sexy and scary. This is a relatively easy look to put together with the Damsel Jacquard Overbust Corset By Hourglass Angel; simply add your own makeup, tights and shoes. The Black Cashmere Underbust Corset is another versatile option that you can experiment with so you can find that perfect evil ballerina look.

    Marie Antoinette Corset Costume

    1. Marie Antoinette

    Go classic sexy baroque. Start with the All the Frills Corset and Thong Set by Hourglass Angel and then add a baroque style wig. Piece the rest of the costume together with a flowing skirt, knee-high socks and heels.

    Pirate Corset Costume

    1. Pirate

    This costume never gets old, especially when there are so many ways you can accent it. The corseted pirate look is achieved with an overbust piece like the Regal Red Overbust Corset Set by Hourglass Angel or the Leather Lover Vest Style Corset by Hourglass Angel. Simply add your corset of your pirate costume of choice along with your favorite accessories.

    Catwoman Corset Costume

    1. Cat Woman

    Why stop at a black cat when you can go all the way and be a seductive superhero? A corset adds the extra flair you need to make this costume look phenomenal. We recommend the Leather Lover Corset Set by Hourglass Angel or the Formal Chic Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier by Va Bien.

    Burlesque Dancer

    1. Burlesque Dancer

    You can never go wrong here—plus what a great opportunity to show off some of the prettiest corsets you can find! One of our favorites is the All Laced Up Underbust Corset By Timeless Trends. Pair it with your favorite thigh-highs, heels and bold makeup, and get ready to have the time of your life.

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  • How Hourglass Angel Customer Service Stars Shine

    The premier customer service experience at Hourglass Angel


    Customers Share About Their Outstanding Experiences

    We hope you have enjoyed the past week as we revealed our shapewear stylists who work tirelessly to revolutionize your Hourglass Angel experience. These talented women love to help customers, and we'd like to highlight the impact that they can provide to your shopping experience.

    If you ever have questions about what to buy, these stylists will help you find exactly what you want according to your needs. You'll receive a personalized experience based on your short- and long-term goals, your preferences, body shape and lifestyle. Your shapewear wardrobe will best suit you. You can reach them at 877-442-4530, on live chat, or at

    And don't take our word for it; here are what Hourglass Angel customers are saying about our customer service professionals:

    "I'm in love!! Daisy was so nice and very helpful in helping me find the right garment for my particular needs. I definitely will be purchasing more from this company. I highly recommend you great product and also very easy to clean. " –Melanie L.

    "Great product and customer service!! I first ordered a size XL but after receiving it I noticed that it was too small. I contacted customer service and spoke with Mykeshia. She was very helpful by walking me through the exchange process and making sure that I chose the correct size, which was an XXL. The exchange was very quick and easy. I now have the correct size and I am enjoying the product so far. I will definitely order again." –Darlene W.

    "I took a lot of time with your support person, Megan, and she was informative and extremely patient. She provided me with information that allowed me to make the purchase right away. She should be commended for her work ethic." –Cindy

    "I liked Jen :). She was very helpful and she needs a raise or a kudos from her boss." –Anonymous

    "Elida was great at answering my questions and directing me to the right product for my needs. GREAT customer service" –Anonymous

    "There are so many waist trainers out there and it is hard to trust what is good for your body type. I talked to a representative named Maritza and she was very helpful. It was nice to have assistance directing me to what I was looking for." –Jenn

    "I sent back both cinchers but I love your products and plan on ordering in the future. Claire gave great customer service to me. I love your website and products. Even though I sent back both body shaper cinchers since they were too big and long, I still wrote a review on your company and customer service." –Pamela O

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  • The Stars of Hourglass Angel: Meet Megan Guzik

    Celebrate National Customer Service Week 

    We've been celebrating National Customer Service Week here at Hourglass Angel as an opportunity to recognize our talented team and to let customers know some valuable insights about shapewear.

    The customer service stars of Hourglass Angel

    Today's customer service star is Megan Guzik. She's another smiling face behind the phone calls, online chats and emails with our customers, and she's helped many customers find their perfect shapewear.

    We asked her a few questions about her role and here is what she said: 

    What do you love about being in customer service?

    I like helping people. Everyone wants to feel beautiful, and I strongly believe that our garments help accentuate each woman’s individual natural beauty. Listening and learning about each customer's shaping goals and making personalized recommendations is what I love most.

    What was your favorite project this past year? 

    My favorite project was being able to call and congratulate all seven of our sweepstakes winners. I was able to assist them in building their shapewear wardrobe and assure them they had a piece for every occasion. I enjoyed following up with them and learning about their experiences and results that they saw with each garment.

    What do you think is our biggest opportunity in the next 5-10 years?

    An opportunity that we can explore would be to have free standing stores—possibly kiosks where shapewear stylists could assist in making recommendations, as well as help with placing orders, handling exchanges, and where customers would be able to pick up their orders.

    What specific products please you the most and why?

    I love all of the vest waist trainers. These garments are fantastic because they provide maximum support through the back and breast area. They also help promote a correct posture and give a noticeable lift to your breasts.

    What would you like to see us add to our inventory?

    I would like to expand our plus size shapewear collection. Our customers would love to have more options that fit a full figured woman. It would be great to a variety of different shapewear garments that fit more women.

    What makes Hourglass Angel stand out against the competition?

    Our customer service team makes us stand out from our competition. We care very truly about our customers, always try to learn about each client's needs and goals, and give the best recommendation possible. We are always here to help; our customers are able to contact us through email, phone or call with any issue or concern they may have. 

    What is your favorite piece that you would like to offer all Hourglass Angel visitors a discount?

    The SlimVest Waist Cincher by Squeem is by far my favorite product. Its maximum compression makes you instantly look up 2 dress sizes smaller and enhances your bust. . Please use coupon code MEGAN15 for 15% off the SlimVest Waist Cincher by Squeem, valid through October 11th.

    Thank you Megan! National Customer Service Week continues over the weekend so be sure to check back for more stars from our team.

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  • The Stars of Hourglass Angel: Meet Maritza Uriostegui

    Celebrate National Customer Service Week

    It's the last day of customer service week and we're going out strong. We've heard some fascinating insights from our shapewear experts every day and hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have.

    Meet Hourglass Angel's customer service team


    We wrap up this series with our interview of customer service representative Maritza Uriostegui. Like the rest of the team, she truly enjoys connecting with customers and helping them find exactly what they need, whether it's over the phone, email or chat.

    We asked her a few questions and here is what she said: 

    What do you love about being in customer service?

    What I most enjoy is the ability to be the face of the company. Every day I am able to represent and reinforce Hourglass Angel's mission. Our customer service team strives to help women reach their shaping goals, encourage confidence, and reinforce their weight loss efforts with compression garments. 

    What was your favorite project this past year?

    My favorite project was welcoming and educating a new member of our team. As we continue to grow I enjoy being able to help my coworkers and share valuable information that our customers may benefit from.

    What do you think is our biggest opportunity in the next 5-10 years?

    I think our biggest opportunity would be to expand to brick and mortar stores. As the E-commerce world continues to grow I think there still is an opportunity to provide customers with the in store experience and convenience. 

    What specific products please you the most and why?

    Performance apparel garments are the products that I enjoy the most. When you work out you can really feel the difference when wearing compression garments. I personally have experienced the reassurance that they give you, and I've felt motivated to continue working out. 

    What would you like to see us add to our inventory?

    I would like for Hourglass Angel to add a collection of slimming creams. I think customers would really enjoy combining a slimming cream with their compression garments to accelerate results.

    What makes Hourglass Angel stand out against the competition?

    Hourglass Angel stands out against the competition in that we offer high quality garments at an affordable price. 

    What is your favorite piece that you would like to offer all Hourglass Angel visitors a discount?

    I would like to offer a discount to encourage Hourglass Angel visitors to try the Bio-Ceramic Shorts By Delfin. I have suggested this garment to many clients, and they have always been please with the quality and the experience they have when working out in it. Please use coupon code MARITZA15 for 15% off the Bio-Ceramic Shorts By Delfin, valid today only (October 11, 2015).

    Thank you Maritza! And thank you to all our customer service reps, as well as our readers who have been following along. We hope these interviews have been informative and that you've enjoyed getting to know the faces behind the scenes at Hourglass Angel.

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  • The Stars of Hourglass Angel: Meet Mykeshia James

    Celebrate National Customer Service Week

    National Customer Service Week continues into the weekend. We've had a blast talking with our customer service team and learning all about what goes on behind the scenes at Hourglass Angel.

    Meet Hourglass Angel's customer service team

    Today, we're excited to introduce our next customer service star: Mykeshia James. Maybe you've talked to her before, either online or over the phone. She helps with style recommendations, ordering details and more, ensuring that every customer receives an excellent service experience.

    We asked her a few questions about her role in customer service, and here is what she said:

    What do you love about being in customer service?

    I love to satisfy the customers with their needs. I enjoy being able to share the mission of our brand, which is to enhance their natural curves, and shape a stronger woman! I personally connect to our mission, and feel stronger, sexier and more confident when wearing a shaper!

    What was your favorite project this past year?

    I enjoyed the transition to our new office, and welcoming our Customer Experience Manager. We have gone through a lot of changes in order to become more efficient, and provide better quality service.

    What do you think is our biggest opportunity in the next 5-10 years?

    I think we have opportunity to expand internationally and be able to offer our garments to more women outside of the US.

    What specific products please you the most and why?

    The Squeem waist trainer pleases me the most. I love the compression and the shape it forms the body into 

    What would you like to see us add to our inventory?

    I would like to see the butt lifting jeans become available in larger sizes. Women of every size should be able to enjoy the amazing benefits that our butt lifting jeans can provide!

    What makes Hourglass Angel stand out against the competition?

    Hourglass Angel stands out against the competition given our competitive prices, which can appeal to almost any price point. We also carry many high quality garments that cannot be found in local stores.

    What is your favorite piece that you would like to offer all Hourglass Angel visitors a discount?

    The ShapeBand Waist Cincher by Squeem. I absolutely love that garment, I’m a witness of losing 3 inches from my waist from wearing it daily. Please use coupon code MJ15 for 15% off the ShapeBand Waist Cincher by Squeem, valid through October 11th.

    Thank you Mykeshia! Be sure to check back tomorrow, as we highlight another star from our customer service team.

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