Butt Enhancing Denims in Blooming Color!

Spring is an exciting time for fashion full of change and new possibilities. While winter often inspires us to reach for the rich, warm jewel-tones in our closets, the blooms of spring often show up in pastels and bright blossomy colors. Don’t let that fresh palette stop at a flirty top or darling dress. A bold pant in a signature color can show off your sense of style and your curves. And what better way to work this look than a shaping jean?

No matter the season, denim is always in. And when the denim shapes your silhouette, it’s all the better. Now the flowery colors of the season have come to one of our fan-favorite lines, Verox Jeans. We love Verox because this line of denim lifts and shapes the rear without additional padding, creating an irresistible perky shape without a shaper. Here are three of our favorites from the spring collection of this exciting brand!

The Island Fantasy Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox bring a fresh wash of teal to a classic look. These bottom lifting beauties boast a high rise waist and skinny leg for a look that’s modern and fun to wear!

The Cherry Blossom Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox recall the first blush of spring and the buds of a beautiful cherry tree. You’ll love their diamondette embellishments at the back pocket and the way your curves shine when you wear them!

And last but not least the Lavender Blossom Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox are a feminine and flirty color that you could dress up or down. Casual or dressy, the sparkling accents at the belt will add a twinkle to anyone’s eye!