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    Gimme Five! Five Tips To Trimming With Shapewear


    1. Choose an underbust style garment with a strapless option: Underbust shapers like the Almighty Cincher by AMIA Shapewear rise to the area just below your bra. This style of shaper has several benefits that you might not have thought of. First, because you wear your own bra, you can adapt to a variety of necklines. This is a very versatile design! Secondly, the shaper supports your bust, giving lift. The result is an overall leaner and longer look.


    2. For maximum curve creation, look for latex: Again, the Almighty Cincher or its counterpart, the Almighty Vest by AMIA, is a great place to start. The PowerLatex core of these garments creates maximum compression in your midsection. Of course, many garments also use varying amounts of latex to create shaping, so looking for this in the construction of a garment is a good place to start.

    3. Flatter your fanny: Compression is a good thing, when you’re shopping for a shaper, but one area you may not want to compress is the bottom. In fact, many shapers feature special rear rounding designs that are meant to create lift in the area of the bottom, while trimming the tummy. The Alexandra by Vedette is one of our favorites


    4. Built-in weight loss support: Love the way that latex shapes your silhouette? Choose the right garment and the shaping may last longer than you think. Garment with thermal latex panels or designs can increase thermal activity in the core, increasing blood flow and moving toxins. Studies have shown sustained loss of inches with long-term use. Check out The Ann Chery Chaleco Latex Vest.


    5. Lose the lumps and bumps: Some of the most effective non-surgical treatments for cellulite come in the form of garments you can wear. Anti-cellulite shapers use techniques like micro-massage and enfused garments to smooth and create more even toned skin. The Dangerous Curves Capri Smoother Kit by Skineez Shapewear is a great place to start.



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      A Complete Plan Of Attack: Combining Shapewear With Your Healthy Lifestyle



      The time has finally come and you know that you’re ready to change. Your body. Your exercise plan. Your life.

      What you may not know is that shapewear can play a huge influence in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and long term weight loss. Adding a shaper with support for weight loss is one of the most powerful tools you have at our discretion when you’re trying to make a commitment to changing your shape.

      Let’s talk about how these work. Weight loss shapers use the science of compression to support a shift in your shape. Compression amps up thermal activity in your core, which has several important effects. Increased activity in the core means increased perspiration. When you sweat more you mobilize fat and toxins away from your midsection, which allows you to slim down faster.

      Most shapers of this kind also encourage better posture. As you use your own muscles to sit up long and lean, those muscles are activated. When you slouch those muscles are not activated. Better posture leads to a stronger core overall.

      Of course a shaper is only one piece of the healthy lifestyle puzzle. Eating right with an emphasis on vegetables and fruits is essential. Lean protein is a must when you’re trying to build muscle and lose fat. Walking 10,000 steps a day with a pedometer to track your progress is a great move. But adding a shaper to your overall plan is a great way to insure success in the next stage of your plan!

      Note: We do not advise working out in the garments mentioned above. Exercise in these garments will lead to unnecessary wear and tear. Garments damaged due to improper use may not be returned.

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        Cellulite: You Don’t Have To Like It Or Lump It

        The little lumps and bumps of cellulite. Yes, you have them…so do we. And thanks to supermarket magazines, we know that every female celebrity in the world has cellulite too! In fact, the vast majority of women, regardless of their size, will develop some cellulite in their lifetime.

        Now that we’ve established that we’re all in the same boat, let’s get to the good news! In recent years, the first truly effective at home solutions for cellulite have begun to appear on the market. While these products may not permanently erase cellulite, they do reduce its appearance effectively.


        Most anti-cellulite products fall into one of two categories. The first of these is topical treatments. Topical treatments are usually creams or oils that you vigorously massage into the skin to create a smoother look with time. One of our favorite topical treatments is the Cellufit Body Contour Oil by Mambino Organics. Mambino in an incredible company, offering a complete line of safe, delicious-smelling products for new moms, moms to be, or anyone who wants effective and safe skincare. Pair this oil with a handheld cellulite massager after a shower and massage the affected areas to reduce lumps and bumps and create more even toned skin.



        But one of the most exciting developments in anti-cellulite technology is the creation of special toning garments that use their construction to reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. These can work in several ways. Often massage is a key factor… or should we say micro-massage. For example, Wacoal, one of your most trusted brands, has developed their iPant line, which uses Novarel Slim® nylon microfiber infused with microcapsules of caffeine to micromassage and mobilize fat. Add in vitamin E, ceramides, retinol and aloe vera and you’re left with smoothed moisturized and firmed skin. Their iPant Anti-Cellulite Cupless Cami and iPant Anti-cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper make a perfect set!


        And if you’re looking to add anti-cellulite technology to your workout, one of the biggest breakthroughs in this field can be found in Delfin Spa’s activewear line, which uses Bio-ceramic material. This composite reflects your body’s Far Infrared Rays, the part of the light spectrum that generates heat. These rays are redirected deep into the tissues that contain cellulite. Increasing thermal activity in this layer of skin maximizes the work your muscles are already doing, improving circulation, breaking down toxins and mobilizing fat cells.

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          This Is Your Year: Add Power To Your Resolutions


          This is your year. With the New Year comes new resolve, but you can strengthen your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and your confidence by adding the power of a shaping or weight loss garment.















          If you’ve recently begun a workout regimen, we recommend the addition of shaping activewear to your wardrobe. Choosing a garment that shapes and slims you when you’re in the gym, is a wonderful way to increase confidence now and feel your best as you become fit. The Champion Shape collection is a great place to start.















          For many of us the midsection is an area of particular interest. If you’d like support for long-term slimming, consider adding a Workout Band to increase thermal activity and fat mobilization in the core.















          If cellulite is a concern, there are many shapers that help reduce visible dimpling in the legs, thighs and buttocks, but we love the Delfin Spa line because it specifically created for activewear. Its bio-ceramic construction uses your body’s own heat to fight cellulite and slim you.

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            Seriously…EVERYBODY has it: Truth and Tips for Cellulite










            Looking through the pages of magazines, you might find yourself momentarily convinced that cellulite is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to women’s bodies. But don’t be fooled. The first thing to know about cellulite is that from large to small, women of every size and shape live with the little lumps and bumps of cellulite. That’s right. Everyone from the voluptuous Kim Kardashian to the athletic Hillary Swank has what you have in one form or another. It’s a biological fact. The second thing to realize about cellulite is that there is no “cure.”

            But neither of the above facts mean that you have to live with cellulite the way that it is. There are many things you can do to address the visible appearance of this natural and near universal phenomenon. As cellulite is one of the most common complaints of our clientele, we offer many ways to address unevenness in the skin caused by this normally occurring process.

            One of our favorite companies is Mambino Organics, so when they introduced a cellulite treatment to their already awesome line of all natural, organic botanical solutions, we decided to try it without a second thought. And boy were we right to try it. The combination of their Cellulite Body Massager and their Cellufit BodyContour Oil was the one-two punch we were looking for. Use the serum and massage vigorously to reduce the look of dimpling.

            But cosmetic solutions are only the beginning when it comes to this shaping science. We are incredibly excited by the results we’re seeing with anti-cellulite garments. Lytess was a real innovator in this field and their active ingredient micro-encapsulated Corrective High-Waist Push-Up Shaper and their Slimming Leggings remain two of the most effective tools in the war on cellulite. Active ingredients like caffeine and shea butter have been shown to treat the look of lumps and bumps. Simply wear the garments and the combination compression, micro-massage and the active ingredients in the fabric do the work.

            And if you like Lytess, you’ll love the Thigh Slimmer Kit by Skineez. This complete treatment includes an infused garment that treats the look of cellulite (while helping you to lose inches in the thigh area) as well as a re-charger spray so that your garment will always be its most potent.

            While there is no cure for cellulite, we are pleased and hopeful about the breakthroughs in cellulite reduction and adding more tools of the trade as they are innovated.

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              Allow Us To Make An Introduction…

              We’d like to make an introduction. We’ve just added one of the most exciting lines we’ve ever worked with to the Hourglass Angel collection. AMIA Shapewear uses the finest materials, designs and construction to create essential body shaping garments that every woman should have in her collection, while the purchase price benefits the community of women AMIA serves.

              But because their mission is to help women look, feel and be the best that they can be, they didn’t stop at making world class body shapers. Their motto is “AMIA: Where Great Women Begin” and they take it very seriously. Service is at the core of who AMIA is as a company Understanding it takes a community to create great women, they partnered with the Women’s Alliance, donating one dollar from every sale to help provide professional attire, job training and mentoring to underprivileged women. Assisting these women and their families can be the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, not just for them, but for their children and whole communities. Having said that, allow us to make an introduction…

              First up, the Supremes: the Supreme Panty Shaper and Supreme Thong Shaper. These convertible, underbust pieces are a great place to start if you want a fundamental piece that comfortably shapes without show through under almost any item of clothing. Maintaining a balance of comfort and control, these are wearable, effective, everyday garments that create a smooth, slimmed silhouette allowing you to feel cool and confident.

              Next, we have the Almighty line. The Almighty Vest and the Almighty Cincher dramatically and immediately reduce your midsection, creating a slender hourglass waist and improving posture for an overall more attractive shape. But that’s just the beginning. Users wearing the Almighty line for extended periods report sustained reshaping and loss of 1-2 inches.

              And last, but certainly not least we have the Diva, their lingerie look body shaper. The Diva Corselette lace boyshort bottom bodysuit is the kind of sexy shapewear you can’t wait to show off. With it’s feminine detailing and ribbon accents, this is a piece in which pretty meets powerful.

              We are proud to carry this line and of the service to our community that working with AMIA allows us to be a part of. We look forward to sharing their vision with all of you as we introduce AMIA Shapewear to the Hourglass Angel. Join us!

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                Summer Skin Is In!









                With another hot month ahead of us, the dare to bare temperatures of summer bring an added emphasis to skincare. Radiant, rejuvenated skin is the one accessory no woman should do without. But where to begin? From your face to your feet, we have the perfect solutions (and serums!) for summer skin. So let’s start at the top and work our way down! Without a doubt, the can’t-live-without-it skincare line that you will find in the desk drawers, purses and medicine cabinets of the staff at Hourglass Angel is Mambino Organics. While this is a line that was created to meet the pregnancy pampering needs of new mamas and moms to be be, the appeal and effectiveness of this line immediately eclipsed their target audience. Put simply, we love this stuff! All Mambino products are organic, non-toxic and positively delicious smelling. And our standout favorite from this line is their facial serum, Youth Glow. If you’ve read about facial serums and rejuvenating oils, but fear a greasy-looking face, this is the product that will win you over forever. Use it before makeup and before bed to reveal dewey, renewed skin. And if you love what Youth Glow does to your face, you won’t believe what Mambino’s all-body Moisture Me does to the rest of you. Rich with nutrients from avocado and pomegranate (and at least a dozen other wonderful ingredients), this toning oil creates beautiful, more even looking skin and smells outrageously good.

                Yet another crossover from maternity skincare is the Novena line. While Novena was created to address the special needs of pregnant and post-partum users, they have found fans in women from every walk of life, whether they’re moms or or not. Again, as with Mambino, additional attention has been paid by Novena to the safety of the ingredients. One of the stars in the Novena line is most certainly the Organic Cucumber Cranberry Eye Gel. While dark circles are absolutely the bane of moms on the move and missing sleep, they aren’t exclusive to them. The brightening and firming effect of this gel is the perfect primer for concealer and a relief for any pair of tired eyes.

                And last, but certainly not least, we can’t talk about summer skin without mentioning a line that we think is the bees knees: Burt’s Bees! And one of the coolest summer-approved products from this produce enriched line is the Rosewater and Glycerin Toner. If you have a tendency to get oily when the thermometer rises, you’re not alone. But many toners overdo it and strip your skin of their natural, age-fighting oils. This is not one of those toners. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and strong enough for sizzling heat, this is your go-to toner for glowy, clean looking skin.

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                  Body Language: Middle Management

                  At Hourglass Angel, the products we are most frequently asked about address our customers’ desire to shape and sculpt the midsection. In fact, that’s where our name Hourglass Angel comes from: the hourglass shape of a woman’s body that is created when the midsection is highlighted. So we wanted to dedicate a special edition of the blog to this style of product, as there are many kinds of shapers that work on the midsection and choosing the right one to suit your needs is essential to achieving the effect that you’re looking for.

                  The essential item to consider if you’re looking to combine dramatic results with long-term support for slimming in the the area of the waist is the SlimVest. This runaway best-seller utilizes compression to create thermal activity in the midsection. That means wearers look visibly slimmer the moment they put on their SlimVest and often report sustained loss of inches with extended wear. Follow the instructions to achieve the best performance from this garment and see why so many of our customers rely on this garment on a daily basis.

                  If you’re a post-partum mom the Belly Bandit is a must-have. This adjustable band wraps around your waist as you recover your pre-pregnancy shape. The pressure created by the Belly Bandit benefits wearers in many ways, from reducing the long-term appearance of stretchmarks and extra skin to aiding in recovery.

                  If you want to integrate your shaping into a garment you’re not afraid to show off, you will love the Glamouflage Cupped Shaping Cami with Lace by Skinnygirl Smoothers n’ Shapers. It’s glamorous look and pretty detailing makes it an accessory to style and slimming.

                  Fans of tight-lacing absolutely must see the Silk Floral Brocade Corset. This is a maximum control garment. When you put it on you will see and feel the dramatic results that come with a genuine steel boned corset. If this is the item for you, give yourself a few extra minutes to dress, as the lacing may take a moment to master. But when you get comfortable with your corset you won’t be able to resist the over the top hourglass shape it creates.

                  And last but not least, why only enjoy the visual look of a slimmer figure when you can make your shaper workout for you. The High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper by ShaToBu actually increase the amount of calories that your body burns as you do the normal activities that make up your day. Just pull on your shaper and watch as it encourages sustained slimming.

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                    The Mommy Issue

                    It’s almost Mother’s Day, a very special time of the year for us. At Hourglass Angel, we believe that all moms, whether they go to an office every day or stay at home, do the most important job in the world, so that makes May 13th pretty special. We are especially proud that new moms make up such a large part of the women that we serve, so we thought we would take this opportunity to showcase a few of our favorite products that are specially created for our new mama clientele in celebration of the holiday in their honor.

                    When you’re with a new baby, you need solutions for the unique set of challenges your changing body experiences. First, of the many skin care brands we’ve tried and tested, Mambino Organics is definitely one of our favorites. This maternity specialty line has crossed over into popularity amongst all women who love glowing, healthy skin. And one of the best ways to learn about this line is the Anti-Stretch Rebound Skin Duo by Mambino, which contains two of their most popular products, Oh Baby! Belly Butter and Moisture Me Body Toning Oil. These two items work together to create healthier skin and combat stretch marks. And we know that once nursing moms try the Bamboob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows by Bamboobies, with their warm and cool comfort, they’ll never want to go without them again.

                    We have a couple of superstar garments that you must see if you’re nursing. It goes without saying that one of the essential tools for any new mom is a great nursing bra and lucky for our ladies, we have one of the finest of its kind in stock. The Allure Nursing Bra by Bravado is one of the most popular nursing intimates in the world for its comfort, fit and simple design. Plus, this bra has the benefit of spacer foam, which has been shown to help reduce breast infection. If you want to combine a great nursing bra with the benefit of a control tank, you can’t do any better than the Nursing Bra Tummy Control Long Tank by Glamourmom®. When you’re in the process of returning to your pre-baby body, you’ll love the support and slimming that comes with this nursing solution.

                    And of course, if you’re interested in a little assistance reshaping after your pregnancy, we have the tools you need to trim and tone your body. The Post Pregnancy Hip Slimming Corset by HipSlimmer is a garment you wear on your hips to help reverse the spreading that occurs there during birth. And of course, the runaway best-selling Bamboo Belly Bandit is a new mom must-have. This adjustable band provides support and slimming for new baby bellies.

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                      Our SHE-roes!

                      In March, Hourglass Angel proudly honors Women’s History Month. With our commitment to supporting and serving women everywhere, this is a special time for us. In celebration, we’d like to share a few of our favorite women with you. While they all come from different backgrounds and have very different sets of achievements, these women inspire us each day to be greater and that’s what this month is all about.

                      Michelle Obama: Raised on the south side of Chicago, first lady, Michelle Obama, has earned the admiration of women around the globe, in addition to, not because of her marriage to the President of the United States. A Princeton and Harvard alumni, Mrs. Obama was already a brilliant attorney, advocate and community organizer when she met Barack Obama. Never satisfied to stand idly next to her husband as built his political career, Mrs. Obama has been an ardent voice for poverty elimination around the globe, women’s rights and public health. She continues her political and community service to our nation with her healthy lifestyle programs and remains one of the most admired women on the globe.

                      Sara Blakely: This youngest female self-made billionaire and Forbes covergirl has her own vision and perseverance to thank for her incomprehensible success. Starting with one simple idea and a whole lot of elbow grease, this former Disneyland employee, turned her billion dollar idea into a brand that has found fans in women around the world. But Sara didn’t stop there. She continued her legacy as a maverick, retaining ownership of 100% of of the company. That risky move made her a billionaire several times over and one of the richest women in the world. Today she continues her work as a businessperson and philanthropist, encouraging women to follow their dreams by her example.

                      Maya Angelou: Dr. Angelou’s unforgettable reading at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton was a transformative moment for the public art in the United States. While that morning cemented her as a national treasure in the minds of many, her legacy far exceeds that special event. Memoirist, poet, speaker and activist, her work tackles such difficult subjects as race, class, family, gender and age with deftness and beauty. Her honors include a National Book Award nomination, a Pulitzer Prize nomination, a Tony Award nomination, three Grammys for her spoken word albums, the longest-running record on The New York Times Paperback Nonfiction Bestseller List, service on two presidential committees, the National Medal of Arts, the Lincoln Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and over thirty honorary degrees.

                      Aretha Franklin: The undisputed Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin has been called the Greatest Singer of All Time and the the ninth greatest artist of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. She has taken home a whopping 18 Grammys and two honorary Grammys. With a staggering 20 No.1 singles on the Billboard R&B Singles Chart and two No.1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, she boasts a grand total of 45 Top 40 hits. Between 1967 and 1982, she had earned more number one R+B albums than any other and was the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In the 1960’s, Franklin’s powerful voice became the sound of the burgeoning civil rights movement and she often joined Dr. Martin Luther King, singing at rallies. And of course, her 2009 performance at the inauguration of President Barack Obama was an unforgettable moment for all who watched, as the Queen of Soul once again became the soundtrack to a pivotal moment in American history.

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