What's A Faja?


The south of the border silhouette sensation is here! Fajas are one of the most exciting trends in shapewear. Even the New York Times has taken notice of this worldwide phenomenon. You may have heard this word, faja but if are not a native Spanish speaker, you may be wondering what a faja is? The word literally means belt or wrap in Spanish, but it refers several kinds of shapers that were popularized in Latin America.

Latin America has a long tradition of shapewear. While girdles and other shapers haven risen and fallen in popularity in the United States, south of the equator the love affair with shapewear has remained consistent. Generations of women have used these garments to create curves and show them off. And that’s just what the word faja refers to.

Most often faja shapers are a cincher style of garment, wrapping tightly around the waist to create a beautiful hourglass shape. One of our favorite faja creating companies, Leonisa makes several of these. The Thermal Reducing Vest in Latex and the Slimming Waist Cincher With Latex are both excellent options if you’d like to add a faja to your figuring fixing collection. And if you’re a future faja wearer with a latex allergy the Anti-Allergic Shaper Vest by CoCoon, is a great place to start your journey with this style of garment!