Modern Shapewear for Modern Times

The Classic "Hourglass Figure"…

…is the envy of women around the world. For years, women have used girdles, corsets, and other undergarments to produce a curvier and more attractive silhouette. These shapewear products can immediately slenderize a woman's waist through firm compression and will also create a smaller waist size over time through perspiration.

Thanks to evolving technology in the field of shapewear, body shapers and waist cinchers, Hourglass Angel is proud to announce a more powerfully slimming and enhancing product line. Whether you are interested in shrinking your waistline, increasing your bust, or lifting your butt, we have a full array of shapewear and body shapers to help you achieve the look you desire, and many of our products offer all those benefits and more in one piece.

Another benefit to shapewear? Many of our shapewear products improve posture, which helps decrease back and shoulder pain. We have shapewear to assist both men and women to improve not only their appearance, but also their overall health, through correcting poor sitting habits and creating an overall awareness of how the body should stand, sit, and move. Our customers often rave about Hourglass Angel's improvement to their health as well as their appearance.

Many of our body shapers products are also perfect under-garments for your formal attire, cocktail dress, bridal gown, and other items in your wardrobe that require careful consideration when choosing a bra, corset, or girdle. Let us help enhance your curves and slenderize your figure for both special events and everyday use.

When your look has to be perfect, Hourglass Angel has the shapewear you need. Our products will make a statement without ever being seen! Best of all, you can count on Hourglass Angel's designer shapewear to keep from binding, pinching, or bulging, wear after wear. Rest assured, Hourglass Angel will give you support, comfort, and a beautiful figure at the highest quality and a great price!