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  • 4 Easy Fixes for Formal Dresses

    Figure fixes for formal attire

    Enhance Your Figure for Weddings, Proms & Special Occasions

    Formal season is about to be in full swing, and it's a time to make memories and look your finest. Finding that perfect dress for your special event doesn't have to be stressful. We all have our little "problem areas," but there is a shaping solution for each one. If you know where you need a little help, you'll want to have what you need as a staple in your formal wardrobe. For the best results we recommend taking your favorite shapewear along with you for your fittings.

    Here are four easy fixes for common issues in formalwear:

    Need #1: Fuller Bust

    Solution: Invisible Breast Enhancers

    It can be frustrating to try on a dress that is loose around the bustline, even if it's the right size. Ideally you can simply wear your favorite push-up bra, but with some dress styles that's all but impossible. Enter one of our favorite products for formal attire: breast enhancers like Magicups by Braza and NuBra Invisble Breast Enhancer. These adhere to your breasts and give them a natural boost without revealing any straps or seams. These are especially useful for plunging necklines and backless styles.

    Need #2: Slimmer Midsection

    Solution: Waist-Slimming Corset

    When you want to look stunning in a gown, you don't want to draw attention to any bulk in your midsection. Nothing works like a classic corset, which pulls tight to make your waist slimmer, while smoothing out bumps. You may even find that while wearing a corset you drop a size or two in the dress! For bridal gowns and other special occasion attire we recommend the All Laced Up Underbust Corset by Timeless Trends, which can be paired with the bra style of your choice. This is a great option for a form-fitting dress style like mermaid; it can also help if you're trying to fit into a smaller size.

    Need #3: Fuller Butt

    Solution: Padded Panties

    Many form-fitting dresses give you the opportunity to show off your backside. Think you don't have the curves to pull it off? You do now with some padded panties that will round and lift your rear. The Roundabout Booty Booster String Bikini Panties by Fullness will provide the curves to fill out your dress.

    Need #4: Slimmer Thighs

    Solution: Thigh-Slimming Bodysuit

    Dreaming of smooth and sexy legs as part of your silhouette under your gown? Even if your thighs are a problem area, you can tame them with the right thigh-smoothing bodysuit. We recommend the Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia, which creates a slimmer, smoother silhouette from above your waistline to mid-thigh. It ends in lace that lies flat, so you can feel feminine and not worry about revealing any lines.

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  • How Long Does it Take to See Waist Training Results?

    Key factors for waist training results

    3 Key Factors in the Waist Training Process 

    One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers who are buying corsets or cinchers with the intention to do waist training is, "How long until I see the results?" The short answer to that question is: it depends.

    Think about the type of results you'd be expecting if you were starting to work with a personal trainer. How long it took to achieve the body results you wanted would depend on several factors: 1) what kind of shape you were already in, 2) how hard and how often you worked out, 3) your diet, and 4) genetic factors like your metabolism.

    In the same way, there are several factors (three, in fact) that play a key role in determining what kind of results you're going to see in your waist training.

    1. Lifestyle

    A lot of women who start waist training use it as part of an overall health and lifestyle makeover. In other words, they supplement their fitness routine and healthy diets with the practice of waist training. This gives them the immediate results of having a slimming figure while wearing the garment, plus the satisfaction of knowing that the garment is ramping up their perspiration while they work out. Win-win.

    Like all fitness goals, no one can say exactly how long it will take to achieve any results. But chances are you'll be on a better track if you are using your waist training garment in conjunction with a fitness routine, rather than not working out at all.

    Keep in mind, some women who start waist training are already in good shape and may already be exercising and eating well. Their goal isn't necessarily to lose weight, but rather to reshape their midsection while wearing the garment – and that's another great benefit of waist-cinching shapewear.

    1. Waist Training Commitment

    You should have a general idea of what your commitment level is in your waist training regimen in order to determine what kind of results you'll see. Again, everyone is different. But in general, the more you wear your waist trainer in conjunction with a workout, the better. We recommend wearing one for eight or more hours a day, every day. Some women wear one around-the-clock, even at night!

    1. Genetics

    In some ways your body is what it is, no matter what sort of training you do. If you happen to be fairly soft around your midsection and retain a lot of water in general, that could be good news. That's because many waist trainers are designed to increase perspiration around your midsection, particularly while you work out. But that doesn't necessarily mean you'll see quick results either. It all comes down to genetics. You can do your part to overcome such genetic challenges by staying committed and supplementing your waist training with a healthy diet and consistent workout regimen.

    We hope this gives you at least a general idea of what to expect when you start waist training. Just remember that it's a process and every body is different.

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  • What's the Difference? Understanding Waist Trainer Options

    4 Waist Training Garments, Their Similarities and Differences

    So you've decided to try the waist training trend that is sweeping the nation. But if you're like most women, you are probably wondering how to begin.

    One of the first decisions you'll have to make is which waist trainer to use. There are quite a few available, so the choices can seem overwhelming at first. But once you look closer, you'll see that certain styles are better matched to your needs

    Which waist trainer is right for you?

    1. Classic Cincher Waist Trainer by Amia

    This versatile garment is best for everyday use, wherever you are. It is one of our best transformational waist trainers designed to sculpt your waistline, create an hourglass silhouette and regain your figure after pregnancy.

    Which waist trainer is right for you?

    1. Ultimate ShapeBand Waist Cincher by Squeem

    This cincher works ideally as an everyday piece. Wear it daily for eight or more hours for the best results (you may have to work up to this if waist training is new to you!). It will keep your belly flat and your midsection tightened under a variety of outfits and clothing.

    Which waist trainer is right for you?

    1. Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery

    The Workout Band is a go-to piece for a lot of women to enhance their shape at the gym. This super-slimming garment provides maximum control for your midsection so you can get the most out of your workouts and increase perspiration.

    Which waist trainer is right for you?

    1. Clasica Latex Waist Cincher by Ann Chery

    This cincher comes with slimming power ideal for daily use. Use it to sculpt your midsection at work or dressing up. It has a latex exterior for a sleek and smooth look with increased perspiration in the midsection.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Waist Training

    Increase the intensity of your workouts with waist training
    Workout Waist Training Basics

    It's no secret anymore that celebrities and everyday women alike are jumping into the waist training trend in order to increase intensity during their workouts. The goal is a reduction in the waistline and a toned midsection.

    Haven't heard of this increasingly popular trend? Here are the basic principles behind the practice and some of our most popular garments to help you get acquainted with it:

    A. About Waist Training

    The basic idea behind this exercise trend is to wear a latex corset or a waist cincher during your workouts. When you do this regularly, you will increase perspiration on your front and lower abdominals and obliques.

    One of our most popular garments is the Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery, which comes in several colors to brighten your gym experience. Try the Animal Instincts Latex Waist Cincher by Ann Chery for a sexy print alternative.

    B. Benefits of Waist Training

    There are several benefits to using a waist trainer during your workouts. First, it helps you maintain good form when weight lifting or doing cardio. It works similar to a weight lifting belt in that it will support your core. Finally, the main objective for many women who choose to waist train is that it helps mold your midsection into that covetable hourglass shape. It will increase your body temperature and perspiration while you exercise.

    The Latex Waist Cincher Vest by Ann Chery is an alternative to the traditional corset-style trainer and provides additional support through the back and shoulders.

    C. Combining Waist Training with the Right Exercise and Diet

    Using a waist trainer during workouts isn't the only method you should be using to slim your waistline. The technique works best, of course, when used in conjunction with fat-burning, muscle-building exercises and a clean, nutrient-dense diet. If you're not already working out regularly and you want to start waist training, get accustomed to doing some high-intensity cardio exercises first. A good exercise regimen will help you burn fat and increase your metabolism. You may also need to alter your diet for best results. Choose unprocessed foods and avoid sugar as much as possible. And don't forget; stay hydrated!

    For you taller ladies, the Long Torso Sporty Exercise Band by Caribbean Shape might be the waist trainer for you.

    If you're convinced that waist training might be just the step you need to take to boost your fitness level, you can choose from a variety of options. Don't miss our next post, in which we'll explain the differences between the various types of waist trainers we offer.

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  • 3 Garments to Aid the Postpartum Journey

    Effective postpartum recovery garments

    Must-Have Shaping Solutions for New Moms

    If you're currently pregnant or have recently given birth, you may have been amazed at the way your body can change to accommodate the needs of a new life. Your hips and abdomen may have stretched out, your breasts have grown, and of course you've put on some pregnancy weight. This is completely normal and expected, and you should be proud of what your body is capable of doing so that your little one can thrive.

    However, when it comes to postpartum recovery, most women don't just snap back into their pre-pregnancy shape. It took nine months for your body to change, so it won't change back overnight. However, there is a lot you can do to aid your body's recovery and get into shape. To start, take care of yourself by eating right, getting sleep when you can and exercising.

    Did you also know that there are some great postpartum shapewear options that can support your body's transition after pregnancy? Here are three of our favorite garments designed to aid you on your journey to being a healthy, happy and sexy momma.

    1. The Original Belly Bandit

    Used for centuries across different cultures, belly banding is a tried and true method to helping new mothers compress their postpartum bellies and aid recovery following birth. Compression helps retrain your midsection so that it goes back into place after being stretched out. The Belly Bandit also does a great job concealing a postpartum belly while you're recovering; wear it under some of your pre-pregnancy clothes and start feeling like yourself again. It's no wonder it's a customer favorite among new moms.

    1. Post Pregnancy Hip Slimming Corset by HipSlimmer

    Many moms expect their bellies to expand during pregnancy, but they're surprised to find that their hips end up a little wider too! You have stretchy ligaments to thank for that, which allow your body to accommodate a larger abdomen and push a baby out. If you're not quite squeezing into your favorite jeans yet, try this hip-slimming solution that will help train those hips back into place.

    1. All-In-One Hands Free Pumping Bra & Nursing Tank By Rumina

    One great way to lose pregnancy weight is to breastfeed, as it will naturally help shrink your uterus as well as burn a lot of calories. If you're breastfeeding and you don't have a quality nursing tank, this item is an absolute must-have. It's designed for comfort, style and convenience—and if you're planning on pumping, you can do it conveniently hands-free.

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  • The "Corset Diet": Fact or Fiction?

    The truth about waist training & weight loss

    As waist training has surged in popularity, there's been a term going around that has left a few people confused and possibly disappointed: a weight-loss method called the "corset diet." Is it an actual diet? Does it work? Is it healthy?

    Let's take a moment and dispel some of the rumors about what's realistic when it comes to weight loss and waist-training.

    Waist Training and Your Appetite

    Will wearing a corset daily really help you lose weight? Maybe. Maybe not. If you are trying to eat while wearing a corset, your appetite may be reduced simply because your gastrointestinal tract is compressed. You may eat smaller portions when you sit down for a meal.

    So, if you're someone who naturally has difficulty with portion control, you may very well lose some weight because you're taking in fewer calories.

    However, not everyone will necessarily have these results.

    If the corset diet is your one and only strategy for weight loss, you are probably going to be disappointed with the results in the long run. Just because you are eating smaller courses when you are wearing the corset doesn't mean that you'll be making healthy eating choices. Furthermore, you may be more susceptible to binge eating when you take the corset off; or you might just take in more calories by snacking a lot.

    You might experience temporary weight loss with the corset diet, but without sustainable lifestyle changes, it will probably bounce back. The last thing you want when you're trying to become healthier is for your weight to bounce up and down like a yoyo.

    Waist Training with a Healthy Lifestyle

    Remember that wearing a corset or other waist trainer will reshape your waist the way women have been doing for hundreds of years, but it will not necessarily help you lose weight.

    The way to drop the pounds and keep them off is to alter your lifestyle. The truth is, there's no magic bullet when it comes to weight loss. If you want to get serious about waist training, we strongly recommend that you do it while making healthy food choices and exercising regularly. Not only will this combination produce the best results, but you'll feel more energetic and confident about your body, no matter how many inches you drop from your waistline.

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  • It’s Party Season!

    Shapewear pieces for your dress.

    Make sure you’re ready with the right shapewear for all of your special occasions.

    Are the RSVPs pouring in? Between parties, weddings, birthdays and every type of shower, spring is jam-packed with formal events. Of course, choosing the just-right dress or gown takes a lot of thought and planning. After logging all your shopping hours, make sure you haven’t overlooked one very critical element of your ensemble: what goes under the dress. You can find the most perfect look in the prettiest shade but if the fit isn’t flattering, then all your hard work has gone to waste.

    To keep you picture-perfect and feeling confident, we’ve rounded up these shapewear essentials ideal for every dress style.

    1071 What: Lovely Shapes Mid-Thigh Shapewear By Hooked Up 1071

    Why: With this shaper that provides coverage to the mid-thigh, you can sport a flawless figure under even the most form-fitting dresses. Hooked Up features a unique design that allows you to hook the garment into your bra of choice, so you never have to worry about bra bulge or muffin top.


    What: Le Belle Bodysuit Shapewear By Scandale SC01S-0001

    Why: If you have a vintage style dress, this bodysuit will add a finishing touch of class that will make you look and feel flawlessly feminine. Firm control panels keep your midsection in place while convertible/removable straps allow you to use this piece with most styles.


    What: Beige Body Girdle With Rear Enhancement By Verox Slim 1207

    Why: In a long dress, you want to emphasize a long a lean figure, while drawing attention to your curves. This garment does it all, comfortably keeping your midsection and thighs slim and smooth while enhancing your rear and bust.


    What: Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper By Vedette 504

    Why: This fan favorite shaper is a must-have if you want a versatile, figure-flattering garment that works well with a variety of party styles. Slim your waistline and give your rear a natural boost for an undeniably flirtatious silhouette.


    What: Lilian Strapless Body Shaper By Vedette 123

    Why: When you're going strapless, you want your dress to fit smoothly like a glove. With this garment you will your whole torso instantly and drop a couple of inches from your waistline. This body shaper will make your dress feel like it was made for you – although you may want a size smaller!


    What: Naomi & Nicole Firm Control Bra Slip With Built-In Panty 7777

    Why: Whether it's time for the little black dress or something more colorful, this all-in-one slip simplifies your undergarments by including a built-in strapless bra and panty. It looks and feels like it's barely there, with powerful smoothing and shaping.


    What: High Waist Slip Shaper By Julie France JF018

    Why: Never again worry about what position your slip might shift into with this innovative high-waist design. It attaches to your bra so there's never any roll-down; enjoy a slimmer, smooth silhouette from the bust down.

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  • Most-Desired Spring Denim

    How Butt-Lifting Jeans Flatter Your Figure

    Every woman should have a favorite pair (or three) of trusty blues—or pinks, blacks or greens. You can find the latest fits in a range of shades from light to bright. Plus, there’s no age limit on wearing this stylish denim; anyone can pull them off.

    We love our jeans; not only do they come in an array of shades, they have have a special stretch for an ultra flattering fit. The jeans lift and shape your derriere, slim your tummy and smooth your thighs. Be warned—you may want them all.

    If you haven't heard about butt-lifting jeans, you may be surprised about the way they work. No, you won't find a single stitch of padding in there. Instead, these jeans are stitched in a particular way that enhances your curves naturally. The diagonal heart-shaped stitching rounds out the hips and rear, giving your rear an effortlessly flattering shape.

    Butt-lifting jeans are also known as Brazilian jeans, jeans levanta coloa or push-up jeans. They're a big hit in Latin America, and ladies farther north now get to enjoy the benefits.

    Browse our collection to find your favorite cut, color and style. These jeans are especially ideal for naturally curvy women. Check out the size charts to find the perfect fit for your body type. And as always, our customer support specialists can help you with any questions or assist in your decisions and you find the perfect jeans for spring.

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  • Want a Bootie Boost?

    Define your derriere.

    There’s never been a better time to define your derriere so if you weren’t blessed with Jennifer Lopez bootie genes, you’re in luck. The lifting, shaping, rounding trend has been popular in South America for decades but has only hit America in recent years. Women are craving a fuller, rounder bootie and finally have simple solutions at their fingertips. After all, why consult a plastic surgeon when you can just slip on a pair of shapewear?

    Here are a few perky bottom must-trys:

    The Butt Lifter Panty by Fullness 8011

    Choose from three levels to customize your curves: level one for a natural lift, level two for a fuller lift and level three for a maximum lift. The curve creating panty also features a high-waist design that flattens your tummy and whittles your waist.

    Magic Benefit Derriere Enhancing Panty by Leonisa 012688

    Constructed from soft microfiber, these padded panties increase volume in your rear and slim your tummy. Plus, the pads are removable for versatility. 

    Roundabout Booty Booster String Bikini Panties by Fullness 8015

    Silky smooth to the touch, they look and feel just like regular panties but have pads hidden in strategic places. Plus, the adjustable string bikini sides stay in place no matter which way you move or bend.

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  • Here Comes the…Shapewear

    Shapewear for wedding dresses.

    On your big day, the last thing you should be thinking about is what’s under your dress. You need reliable shapewear that supports, slims and smoothes so you can focus on what’s important. Here are 4 must-haves to keep you looking and feeling your very best.

    1. Goal: Conceal

    If your dress is on the slinky side, you need a lightweight layer that prevents show-through without adding bulk. This shaping slip by Va Bien smoothes your silhouette in barely-there style. Plus, it won’t bunch, shift or ride-up (especially key for the reception!) This must-have even lifts and enhances your bust.

    Smooth Solutions Slip by Va Bien

    1. Goal: Shape

    Shape and smooth from your torso to your mid-thigh with this sleek bodysuit. The underbust construction means you can pair it with your favorite bra. Adjustable and removable wide-width straps create a flawless fit and the feminine lace lays flat against your skin. Plus, it has a convenient bathroom opening—a critical detail, especially with full-skirt wedding dresses.

    Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia

    1. Goal: Style + Support

    This stunning style serves dual purposes: it creates a beautiful hourglass shape under your dress and doubles as jaw-dropping bridal lingerie for later than night. This longline convertible bustier is guaranteed to make you feel 100% sexy and look 100% unforgettable.

    Graceful Bride Longline Convertible Bustier by Va Bien

    1. Goal: Style + Conceal

    Hand-cut in Italy, this soft, low-rise microfiber thong provides minimal coverage for no panty lines. If you’re wearing a silky gown that clings to your figure, you'll want every inch of you to be flawless.

    Talco Low Rider Thong by Cosabella

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