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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #10


Red bows aren’t just for gifts anymore – wrap up in a warm jacket that cinches with a bow around the waist. The dark yet vibrant color trend won’t fail you with this style, which also touches on the peplum trend. Pair it with a basic white blouse and The Onyx Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox to make your derriere the gift that keeps on giving. The butt enhancing jeans lift and shape the butt, creating the illusion of a firm and toned rear while slimming the figure elsewhere. The jeans flatten the tummy and prevent a muffin top so you can revel in the benefits of shapewear without having to layer it on. The high rise waist and notch on the back waistband keeps these tight jeans in place as you dance and sit – keeping it classy all the way.

Start this outfit with the Atlantis Solutions Enhancing Lift Wire-Free Push-Up Bra by Panache to balance your curvy bottom with a pronounced bust. This wire-free push up bra has light padding, but still adds up to two cup sizes without appearing bulky. This is the perfect choice for pear-shaped ladies who are rocking a shapely rear, but taper at the top. Try this look and the Atlantis Solutions Enhancing Lift Wire-Free Push-Up Bra and The Onyx Butt Enhancing Jeans to pull of the casual and comfortable classic look.

  • The Onyx Butt Enhancing Jeans lift and shape the rear while slimming the thighs and midriff for perfect control in a stylish jean package

  • The Onyx Butt Enhancing Jeans are beautiful enough to wear out on the town and offer excellent shaping without layering on shapewear

  • The Atlantis Solutions Enhancing Lift Wire-Free Push-Up Bra lifts and enhances the bust up to two sizes without using heavy padding for a wonderful, balanced appearance
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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #9


This holiday season, add some rock and roll into your wardrobe and step out in style! This season’s trends revolve around statement pieces with edge. Pair a leather coat with velvet-accented pants and a black shirt for a stage-worthy ensemble. Done up, but not overdone. Start this outfit with the Shape Cotton Shorts with High Waist by FarmaCell for instantly shaped hips and legs. This shaper also significantly trims the tummy and eliminates the dreaded muffin top. The seamless design and anti-roll elastic bands means that this will be your little secret. This high waist shaper provides superior control from the upper abdomen down to the lower thigh for an over sleek look that will leave you rocking out in comfort all night.

  • The Shape Cotton Shorts with High Waist by FarmaCell shape the hips and eliminates muffin tops to maintain sleek lines in the outfit

  • High waist design means perfect control from the abdomen to the knees

  • Seamless design means it disappears under clothes, anti-roll bands and cotton, antibacterial gusset means you’re comfortable all night

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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #8

Holiday-Lookbook-Outfit-#8 Structured form and sleek lines infuse any outfit with elegance. Pair a tailored black jacket with a long skirt that pops with shimmer and color, and the Essentials Bridal Bustier by Felina. This shaper is beautiful enough to wear as a part of your outfit so it shapes while looking stunning. The bustier smooths the midsection while lifting and enhancing the chest with flexible boning hidden under a soft cotton lining. An exposed bustier gives this outfit the perfect sexy edge without going over the top. Class and sass all the way!

Start with the Maylou Shortie by Yummie Tummie below the sequined gold skirt to slim the midsection and control the rear without any visible panty lines. The high waist design enhances the high waist design of the skirt, giving you a longer and leaner appearance. Trust the Maylou Shortie to smooth out any bumps and bulges and let the glitter speak for itself!

  • The Essentials Bridal Bustier slims the waist and abdomen with cotton-covered flexible boning, but is elegantly designed to be worn as outerwear, too

  • The bustier lifts the bust and gives the appearance of a longer, leaner torso

  • The Maylou Shortie shapes the legs and rear while trimming the tummy for an overall smooth look

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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #7


Black is the classic nighttime color, whether it’s a tight dress or slouchy satin. This loose satin outfit takes a different spin on party wear by infusing your evening with glitz while bypassing the standard tight little black dress. Pair this outfit with shimmery silver accessories for contrast and the Supreme Thong Shaper by AMIA for shape. The Supreme Thong Shaper visibly reduces the waistline, firms the midsection, and overall seamlessly smooths the silhouette with its Supreme PowerLatex core. This shaper is important with with this outfit as it creates a structured shape under slouchy fabric, especially as it features bust support that lengthens the torso and opens the shoulders.

  • The Supreme Thong Shaper trims the waist and tummy for a sleek, seamless shape

  • No visible panty lines under peaking through the satin

  • Lifts the bust and opens the shoulders for a confident, strong look
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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #6


Take this look from the red carpet to your next holiday party. This classic, long black dress elongates your body for a slimmer appearance as it flows and sways to the ground. This outfit lets you effortless and simply transcend Hollywood elegance. The dress features a ruched front, which acts to camouflage the tummy.  Pair this statuesque evening dress with the Diva Corselette by AMIA to create a seamless, smooth silhouette.

The shaper visible reduces the waistline, shapes the hips, and firms the midsection while supporting the bust and back with its PowerLatex core and tri-layer slimming. It lifts the bust as well for a beautiful hourglass shape. The Diva Corselette features a comfortable boyshort bottom, but its lingerie design may even outshine the gown! Add a gold cinching belt to further enhance the waist and gold-trimmed accessories that pop with the black dress and create some holiday sparkle.

  • The Diva Corselette creates a seamless silhouette with this flowing gown

  • Lifts the bust and slims the waist and tummy for a classic hourglass shape

  • Eliminates back bulges and smooths the rear for 360 degree control
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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #5


Winter is all about layers, but there’s no need to look like an Olsen twin! Pair a warm, velvet jacket with a long, flowing top and Slimming Leggings by Lytess and the Almighty Vest by AMIA for a warm, slimming, and sleek holiday party go-to outfit. These sexy slimming leggings instantly smooth and shape the legs while control the hips and thighs while shea butter protect and nourish your skin as you shimmy across the dance floor. The Almighty Vest cinches the waist and flattens the tummy to shape your frame under the flowing top. Pair this outfit with a belt or bow around the waist to further accentuate the results of the vest, and velvet booties to pull it all together.

  • The Slimming Leggings shapes the legs and controls the hips, but are beautiful enough to wear on their own with a top

  • The Almighty Vest trims the waist to create shape under a flowy top

  • The vest flattens the tummy and eliminates back bulge
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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #4


This holiday season, go for a new way to show off your backside with a low back dress. This dress design drapes the back to minimize the appearance of any bumps and bulges on the sides and lower back while offering a little peek-a-boo sexiness. Pull this dress off with the Backless Body Shaper with Thong Bottom by Fullness to shape and support the midsection and chest without ugly bra straps getting in the way. This all-torso smoothing shaper provides light midsection control and soft bust support while adding volume to the chest with lightly padded underwire cups. The backless body shaper features removable, adjustable clear straps for a customized fit and the thong bottom lets you pair this shaper with even the tightest New Year’s Eve dress without visible panty lines for a seamless, flawless look.

  • The Backless Body Shaper with Thong Bottom plunges to the small of the back so you can wear any backless dress or top

  • Thong bottom eliminates visible panty lines

  • Light midsection control and bust support create an hourglass shape with minimal coverage
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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #3


Elegance is the name of the game this season with dramatic shapes and designs. A sheer and lace top gives an old Hollywood feel while showing off the decolletage. A black jacket will balance this very feminine look while the peplum skirt slims the waist and camouflages wide hips. Be daring when putting together this outfit and go for winter white – the hottest color trend of the season.

The Mystique High-Waist Brief Shaper by Scandale is the perfect base for this glamorous ensemble as it defines the waist and slims the tummy and midsection without sacrificing grace and beauty. The high-waist brief has a satin feel and lace panels, but it is so much more than a pretty face. It features firm, targeted control panels, a v-shaped front that prevents unwanted rolling at the top, and flattering high-cut leg openings that create the illusion of longer legs. The hip control and trimmed waist mimic and enhance the effects of the peplum skirt and your inner Marilyn.

  • The Mystique High-Waist Brief Shaper slims the waist and hips and enhances the peplum design

  • Flattens the tummy for a sleek, flawless look that won’t draw attention away from the outfit

  • Beautiful enough to pair with an elegant ensemble, strong enough to do the job

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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #2


Black is timeless and as slimming now as ever! An all black outfit slims and lengthens to the eye, but a little extra support is always welcome. Pair a black wrap tunic with the High Waist Get Fit Tight by ShaToBu to shape and tighten for the perfect holiday look. The High Waist Get Fit Tight smooths the midsection and firms legs for a leaner look while lifting and rounding your derriere. It also increases caloric burn so go ahead and enjoy that second eggnog!

The focus of this outfit is the trim waist created by the wrap design, which can be accentuated by adding a cinching belt and the Almighty Cincher by AMIA. The cincher visibly reduces the waistline by one to three inches with users reporting a sustained loss of one to four inches after wearing for 30 days due to boosted thermal activity. An hourglass can instantly be yours as the cincher lifts the bust, firms the midsection, and whittles the waist.

  • The High Waist Get Fit Tight lifts and shapes your rear for a beautifully draped tunic

  • The ShaToBu tights firm your legs while completing the slimming and elongating all-black outfit

  • The Almighty Cincher works with a belt and wrap tunic to slim the waist
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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #1


Dress up a casual evening look with shimmer this winter. Stylist and fashionistas alike are heralding sequins as the perfect way to add some glamour to any look. Pair a dark sequined jacket with a basic top and jeans for a balanced yet exciting outfit. What will set this look off, however, is a firm control base. The Supreme Panty Shaper by AMIA flattens the tummy, pulls in the waist, and eliminates muffin tops for a sleek look that lets the sparkles speak for themselves.

  • The Supreme Panty Shaper slims your shape so you don’t look boxy in a tailored jacket

  • The shaper eliminates muffin tops so jeans fit comfortably

  • Undergarment posture and chest support helps you have fun all night without strain
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