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    Essential Tips For Shapewear Care



    Get the best results from your shapers by extending their life.

    Once you have some quality shapewear garments rotating through your wardrobe, you’ll wonder how you ever dressed without them. But if you don’t take proper care of them, you may be disappointed to find they start losing their shape and effectiveness.

    To get the longest, most effective use out of your shapewear, give them special treatment in the way you wear them and the way you wash them. Just follow these simple tips:

    - The best solution to keep your shapewear functioning day after day is to rotate several pieces through your wardrobe! Not only will you always look great, but you’ll feel fresh and clean when you’re regularly washing all of your shapers.

    - Your shapewear also needs regular gentle washing to help the materials contract. Avoid wearing the same shaper more than twice before washing for best results.

    - Be especially mindful of caring for latex, which can be damaged easily. Always hand-wash in a bucket of warm water, using a mild shampoo or baby shampoo. Rinse well and hang dry. Once it is completely dry, store it in a dark area.

    - You can wash non-latex garments in the washing machine using the gentle or handwash cycle in cold water, with a full load. If you are not sure if the product contains latex, review the hangtag for a materials break down. Excessive agitation or hot water can damage the construction of the material. Cold water effectively shrinks the material back into its proper place. Put all of your shapers in a netted lingerie bag with hooks clasped to avoid catching them on anything. If your machine doesn’t have a gentle cycle, wash your garments by hand in a gallon of cold water.

    - It’s also important to use the right type of detergent. Specially formulated lingerie detergent works best – any detergents that contain dyes, fragrances, alcohol, softeners or bleach can irreparably damage your shapers by breaking down their construction. Even Woolite can do harm, so stick to lingerie detergent only! Remember to use mild shampoo or baby shampoo for all garments containing latex.

    - Finally, always air-dry your shapers flat or hanging.

    Make them last!

    With the right wear and care, your shapers will give you the comfort and performance you want through many uses. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or contact us with any more questions about proper care for your shapewear.


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      The ABCs of Shapewear


      How To Use Your Shapewear To Look Your Best

      Are you getting the most out of your undergarments?

      Did you know that there’s a right way to wear shapewear and a wrong way? The purpose of a shaper is to shape your body to look more like an hourglass by smoothing out any awkward lines and lumps in your figure. When your figure is smooth, your clothing will fall on you the same way it does on the mannequins at department stores.

      No matter what body type you have, shapewear can help you look flattering in a variety of clothing. But it takes some know-how to maximize its potential so that you’re always looking your best.


      A: Know which type of shapewear to use

      It may be likely that you won’t find a single one-piece solution that meets all your shaping needs. In general, it’s best to own several different pieces of shapewear to look your best in different types of outfits.

      In a form-fitting dress or skirt, try a shaping slip to smooth out your waist and hips without showing any lines. For a clean look under white pants, choose nude-colored shaping panties. To look great in a fashionable top, slim your midsection with a cincher. If you’re wearing form-fitting pants or skirts, wear a thong or seamless briefs underneath.


      B: Use shapewear that fits

      Many women make the mistake of buying shapewear garments that are too small. Not only is it uncomfortable to be in a tiny garment, but a shaper that doesn’t fit right will also look unflattering. Listen to your body, if the garment is not comfortable it may be helpful to compare to a different size. Use our size charts to find the best fit for your body.

      You’ll also want to make sure you’re comfortable in whatever shapewear you use. If you’re having trouble eating or breathing, you’re going to want to rip off that undergarment as soon as possible. You can use high-compression garments for special occasions, but for everyday fashion, choose from a variety of our light-compression garments that are effective but comfortable.


      C: Wear quality bras and panties

      Wearing undergarments properly takes some thoughtful layering. You may need to experiment a little bit to get that perfect, seamless look with your bras, panties and shapewear. The right bra can also go a long way in perfecting your figure, while a wrong one can ruin it.

      Be fitted for your bra size once a year to ensure you are selecting garments that work best with your current shape. For a smooth look with your shapewear, choose a smoothing bra that minimizes seams and lines.


      Hourglass Angel has what you need

      There’s a flattering look for you no matter what your shape or size – with the right shapewear you can always look great. Browse our website or contact our shapewear experts to discover the best shapewear options for you!

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        What Shapes Your Success?


        You could win $500+ in AMIA shapewear and other prizes!

        This month as the weather heats up and we begin to enjoy some of nature’s inspiration, we want to know: what shapes your success? We know that you are beautiful and passionate women. So take a moment to share some of your inspiration with us! You work hard, no matter what your goals are. What can be more rewarding than sharing what’s helped you succeed and inspiring others to do the same?

        Who are the women that inspire you? Celebrities, business owners, political figures? Perhaps you look up to a mother or a sister figure who represents strength, beauty and passion.

        Every great woman gets her inspiration from somewhere. Your role models likely have had a vision for what they could achieve. They held to their visions and went after them.

        Join us on Instagram during the month of May and share your Motivation for Success!

        Find us @hourglass_angel!

        Entering is simple:

        1) Capture an image of any object, person or place that embodies your motivation for success.

        -        Examples of objects might include a framed printout of an inspirational quote, your favorite book, a gift from your role model, a memento from your favorite place, or a dress you want to fit into at an upcoming event.

        2) Post your image to your Instagram account and share it by tagging @hourglass_angel and using hashtags #hourglassangel and #31daysofsuccess.

        Just for entering, you’ll instantly receive a 15% off coupon for your next order at Hourglass Angel!

        Plus, for every entry submitted, Hourglass Angel will also donate $1 to the Women’s Alliance on behalf of our AMIA line of shapewear. So by sharing your success, you’ll contribute to the successes of other women. At the end of the month we’ll let you know just how big of a difference you’re making by reporting how much we’ll be giving to the Women’s Alliance.

        Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily motivation and ideas of what inspires us at Hourglass Angel!


        At the end of the entry period, the contestant who submits the most images will be eligible to win. If there is a tie for the same number of entries, the winning contestant will be selected at random. The winner will receive our complete line of AMIA shapewear (10 items), valued at over $500!

        Official Rules

        We’re excited to see many creative and inspiring images on Instagram. So get your camera phones ready, ladies, and let’s cheer each other on to success. Take the challenge and try to submit something every day!

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          Day 31 – 31 Dresses + 31 Shapers = 31 Ways to Fabulous You!

          Shapely and Beautiful Inside and Out

          Using a Gorgeous Shaper to Polish Your Complete Look

          Save 25% off this shaper until April 30th,2014- Click Here

          Want to feel sexy underneath your gown as well as look fabulous while you’re wearing it? The Eva Extra Firm Bodysuit by Vedette combines function and fashion, so you can feel pretty with every layer of your outfit. It works well with a variety of styles, including this classy strapless feature from Brideside. You’ll instantly achieve a lifted bust with a slim and smooth waistline and tamed hips. Pair this foundation piece with the best bra for your dress, and you’ll have a flawless figure finish, perfect for any special occasion.

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            Day 30 – 31 Dresses + 31 Shapers = 31 Ways to Fabulous You!

            Finding Your Inner Goddess

            Showing Off Chic, Sleek and Sexy Styles

            Save 25% off this shaper until April 30th,2014- Click Here

            To look like a goddess in a flowing gown like this one from Brideside, you’ll want a shaper that sculpts your midsection all the way around without revealing a seam or line anywhere. The Supreme Thong Shaper by Amia uses three slimming layers and a PowerLatex core to take inches off your waist in a comfortable thong. With a slim midsection and a longer torso, you’ll have a breathtaking foundation ideal for a number of chic, sleek and sexy styles.

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              Day 29 – 31 Dresses + 31 Shapers = 31 Ways to Fabulous You!

              Your Confident and Comfortable Style

              Looking Hot While Keeping Cool

               Save 25% off this shaper until April 30th,2014- Click Here

              When you’re dressed to impress in a glamorous gown like this feature from Brideside, you’ll want to draw attention to smooth curves in your feminine figure. Yet you don’t want to sacrifice comfort, particularly if you plan on dancing in warm weather. In the Yumme Tummie Coleen Skirt Slip, you’ll instantly slim your waist and smooth out your hips, thighs and rear. The silicone lining keeps it in place and the thin fabric keeps it breathable, helping you feel confident but comfortable no matter how hot it gets.

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                Day 28 – 31 Dresses + 31 Shapers = 31 Ways to Fabulous You!

                Sexy Little Numbers

                Shaping Up With One Simple Piece 


                 Save 25% off this shaper until April 27th,2014- Click Here

                In a short and sexy dress like this lovely feature from Brideside, the attention should be on how stunning you look. You can instantly make your silhouette sleek and smooth with just one piece: the Sensual Shaper High-Waist Slip by Flexees. Trim your waistline, flatten your tummy and tuck in your hips, with firm control support panels lining the tummy and the bottom. Pair it with your best bra for custom all-around perfect fit.

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                  Day 27 – 31 Dresses + 31 Shapers = 31 Ways to Fabulous You!

                  Seamless Transformation

                  Finding Your Perfect Shape With Invisible Help


                  Save 25% off this shaper until April 27th,2014- Click Here

                  Once you find that perfect little dress, you’ll want to feel beautiful and confident the entire time you’re wearing it. In a stylish piece like this feature from The Frock Shop, you can look and feel fabulous by using a seamless slimming bodysuit. The Wacoal Try A Little Slenderness Hidden Wire Body Briefer trims your waist, flattens your tummy and lifts your bust. Complete with hidden underwires and breathable fabric, you’ll be trim, smooth and lifted without betraying a line or seam anywhere.

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                    Day 26 – 31 Dresses + 31 Shapers = 31 Ways to Fabulous You!

                    Shape Up, Don’t Slip Up

                    Comfortable, Non-Slipping Control

                     Save 25% off this shaper until April 27th,2014- Click Here

                    Just because it’s a special occasion doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort. In a fashionable dress like this one from Brideside, you can have shaping and control without worrying about your slip sliding or slipping out of place. The Lavonne Bustless Slip by Yummie Tummie will shape your silhouette so that your back, waist, hips and thighs will be firm and smooth, hour after hour. Flaunt that style in comfort and confidence.


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                      Day 25 – 31 Dresses + 31 Shapers = 31 Ways to Fabulous You!

                      Enhancing Your Derriere

                      A Perfectly Shaped Butt For Tight Fit


                       Save 25% off this shaper until April 27th,2014- Click Here

                      A tightly fitting gown like this long and glamorous feature from The Frock Shop can emphasize the gorgeously round shape of your bottom and hips. You can feel confident in this style with a butt-enhancing foundation piece like the Vedette Irina Strapless Full Body Shaper. It provides compression and shaping for a flat tummy, slim waistline, trim hips, and smooth thighs, while it rounds and lifts your butt. Wear it with or without straps and pair it with the bra you choose for an all-over fabulous look.

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