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  • The Surprising Benefits of Waist Training

    Waist training physical and emotional benefits

    Give Yourself a Physical and Emotional Boost

    You probably already know that wearing a waist trainer makes you look slimmer instantly. But there are also many unseen benefits to a waist training regimen, especially when you're wearing the garment for eight to twelve hours a day. Check out these lesser-known details about the benefits of waist training.

    Physical Benefits

    1. With consistent wear, especially during physical activity, you'll be able to supplement your fitness routine and thus support your long-term waistline goals. Note that how dramatic your results are depends on a variety of factors including your fitness level, frequency of wear and genetics. But take it from us; lots of women who try waist training are not disappointed with the results.
    1. You'll improve your posture while wearing a waist trainer, since the garment helps you to stand straighter throughout the day. This can be a big benefit to anyone who has a job that is hard on the back: if you do a lot of standing, lifting or hunching in front of a computer. The waist trainer will support your back and you'll feel the results each time you wear it.
    1. A workout band helps you get the most out of your workouts. It helps you maintain good posture with a flat back and proper form in a variety of positions. This ensures that you are working the right muscles during your exercises. Plus, a waist trainer stimulates thermal activity in your core, making you sweat harder and maximizing your workout's intensity.
    1. Wearing certain waist trainers also results in a lifted, full-looking bust. So while the garment makes your midsection appear smaller, it also flatters your other features and makes them look more prominent. Win-win!
    1. Waist trainers are a great way to conceal post-pregnancy weight. As a new mom, you're probably eager to get your pre-baby body back. But with a waist trainer, you don't need to wait to make your waistline look smaller again.

    Mental and Emotional Benefits

    1. Wearing a waist trainer can help control food cravings that lead to overeating. We recommend waist training as a complement to a healthy diet and exercise—it can provide that extra boost to keep you on track.
    1. Wearing a waist trainer feels a lot like receiving a constant hug. For some people, this is a soothing feeling psychologically, which results in a positive emotional effect. (source)
    1. By standing with tall posture and slimming your waistline, you may naturally feel more self-confident. While confidence doesn't come from physical appearance alone, giving yourself this boost can help you step in the right direction.

    It's no wonder that many of the women our shapewear stylists have worked with are so pleased with the results they've seen. No only do they look amazing, but they feel phenomenal inside and out. Once you start wearing a waist trainer, you'll wonder how you ever did without one.

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  • The Perfect Sculpted Butt—Every Day

    Butt-Lifting Shaping Garments

    No Squats Required: 5 Garments That Transform Your Rear

    Want a perfect butt but don't have time for doing squats every day? Don't worry, we've got your backside covered. Check out five of our favorite butt-lifting garments. Some are undergarments, and some are apparel – but each is designed to lift and shape your bottom into a perfect little package.

    Can't decide? You may just find you need them all!


    1. Butt-Enhancing Jeans

    Take your everyday jeans to the next level. Butt lifting denim uses special lifting technology instead of padding. Their secret is a diagonal seam that extends in a heart shape around the rear, rounding around the hips.

    The jeans also work to slim your tummy, providing light compression around your lower abdomen and waist. The unique design makes your waistline look smaller, hides love handles, and prevents the jeans from riding up. Check out one of our favorites—Twilight Lift & Sculpt Jeans By Amia A200.


    1. Butt-Lifting Panty

    You might never wear everyday panties again once you experience the Butt Lifter Panty By Fullness 8011. This garment effortlessly adds dimension to your behind in a sexy, natural looking way. Comfortable and easy to wear, it even comes in three levels so you can customize your curves. Choose level one for a natural lift, level two for a fuller, rounder lift and level three for maximum lift. This feature allows you to tailor your look to your mood, moment and ensemble.


    1. Open-Bottom Shaper

    With its seamless construction, the Perfect Butt Thermal Pant By Flakisima 078 is a must-have for everyday wear. We love the versatility of this garment—it's great for casual or dress attire. It even gives you an edge during your workouts! It stimulates thermal activity, ramping up perspiration around your lower belly and thighs, all while supporting your rear with every move.


    1. Body Shaping, Butt Lifting Leggings

    It almost goes without saying: sexy leggings are a must have for every woman's wardrobe. Our wide selection of leggings are designed to target your waist, hips, butt and thighs. They feature comfortable compression, advanced seaming and thermal reduction to transform the look and feel of your body. Product link?


    1. All-Over Shaper

    Looking for a garment that does it all? The Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper 504 transforms both your butt and your midsection for a stunning silhouette makeover. Enjoy a tight, tucked tummy and a boosted booty in a snap.

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  • The New Year's Guide to Waist Training

    14-Day Waist Training Plan

    A 14-Day Waist Training Plan

    It's a new year! Are you excited to implement some of your health and weight loss goals? There's never a better time to try out waist training!

    Waist training is the practice of wearing a corset or waist cincher regularly to instantly slim your waist, while also supplementing a fitness goal of reducing your natural waist size. We've watched this trend grow more popular over the couple years—and many of our customers have been thrilled with the results!

    For the best results, start wearing your waist trainer for a few hours at a time and gradually increase the amount of time that it is on. We recommend that you use a latex or cotton cincher for everyday use under your clothes, as well as a workout waist trainer for use during workouts.

    Waist trainers to sculpt your figure in any occasion

    If you'd like to get started, join us for a 14-day waist training challenge. If you follow this program you may start to notice a smaller waistline after just two weeks; if you keep it up, you may start seeing more drastic results as the year progresses!

    Are you ready? Here's the 14-day plan.

    Day 1

    The day your waist trainer arrives, make sure it fits perfectly. It should feel tight but should not pinch or cause discomfort. Your goal for today is to wear it for 4 hours total. You can do it all at once or break it up throughout the day. Be sure to take a "before" picture and measure your waistline to compare with your results after 14 days.

    Day 2

    Just like yesterday, wear your waist trainer for a total of 4 hours. You should start to adjust to the way it feels.

    Day 3

    Your goal today is to increase your waist training to a total of 5 hours. You'll also want to incorporate 30 minutes of strength training into your day (see here for some ideas).

    Day 4

    Aim for 6 hours of waist training today! Add in 30 minutes of cardio, at the pace you're most comfortable with.

    Day 5

    Wear your waist trainer for 7 hours today. It's an exercise rest day, so take it easy and make sure you're drinking at least 8 glasses of water.

    Day 6

    Your goal today is to wear your waist trainer for 8 hours. Are you getting used to it yet? Complete 30 minutes of strength training.

    Day 7

    Wear your waist trainer for 8 hours again today and complete 30 minutes of cardio.

    Day 8

    Wear your waist trainer for 9 hours today. It's a rest day; drink up at least 8 glasses of water.

    Day 9

    Take a little breather and wear your waist trainer for 8 hours today. However, get ready to sweat and shoot for 45 minutes of strength and circuit training. 

    Day 10

    Wear your waist trainer for 9 hours today and complete 45 minutes of cardio.

    Day 11

    We bet you're feeling pretty good by now if you've kept up with this regimen! Wear your waist trainer for 10 hours and complete 30 minutes of strength training.

    Day 12

    Wear your waist trainer for 10 hours today. Take a rest day make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water.

    Day 13

    Take a little breather again; wear your waist trainer for 8 hours and complete 45 minutes of strength and circuit training.

    Day 14

    Wear your waist trainer for 9 hours and complete 45 minutes of cardio.

    Congratulations, you made it!

    Day 15

    Take an after picture, re-measure your waist and compare your results!

    Share your results and experience on Instagram using #BeTheHourglass. Those who enter will receive $15 off their next purchase.

    Good luck! We can't wait to see your results.

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  • Shapewear For The Little Black Dress

    The holidays are quickly approaching which means, holiday parties and functions!  From office parties, to holiday gatherings and even school holiday shows, we, at Hourglass Angel, are true believers that you are never over dressed or underdressed in a little black dress. So to help you look your best in your LBD wherever you're going this holiday season, we've paired each style below with our favorite shapewear.  If you don't know your body type, take our Online Stylist Quiz to find out.

    Peplum Dress

    LBD Peplum

    Peplum style dresses give the illusion of bottom curves, so this type of dress is great for women who are not as curvy on the bottom, which means they are great for people who are Straight-Figured or Shapely on Top.  The mini flare at the hips will make the waist look smaller and the hips look bigger.  If you're already Curvy on the Top then the peplum will help give you that Hourglass shape.  Now, if you're Straight-Figured you can either enhance your bust or stay with the more slender look (like our model to the left).  The peplum will also work on women who are Round Figured because of it's waist cinching feature as well as Hourglass, as long as you don't mind having enhanced curves! Because Curvy on the Bottom bodies are already curvy below the waist, the peplum with fitted skirt would only accentuate the hip area giving you a bigger bottom than you may desire.

    Shapewear Pairings:

    Peplum Group

    Left to right:  Amia Classic Waist Cincher, Lovely Shapes Mid-thigh Shapewear by Hooked Up, Va Bien Formal Chic Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier

    The goal here is to create curves at the waist line since the peplum is already taking care of the hip area.  Pair the peplum with the Amia Classic Waist Cincher for an even more stunning silhouette. If you want even more control, say in the thigh and hip area, then check out Hooked Up's Lovely Shapes Mid-Thigh Shapewear, which also provides tummy control and, it hooks to your bra so the shapewear stays in place. To enhance your bust, a strapless bustier is what you'll want. Try Va Bien Formal Chic Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier .  If you're going for the slender look, wear an eye catching statement piece on top, that should balance out your new curves!

    A-Line Dress

    The A-line dress is the go-to dress for all body shapes because no matter what your body shape is, you can't go wrong with this flattering cut.  Fitted to your natural waist line, the dress slowly fans out towards the bottom of the hem, creating a triangle shape or an "A" shape.  This style draws attention to your waist line and away from your chest or hips, so is great for those who are Shapely on Top or Curvy on the Bottom.  For those who are Round Figured or Straight Figured, the A-line dress gives the appearance of curves by cinching at the waist.  If you have an Hourglass, the waist line will appear even smaller.

    A modified A-Line or Trapeze dress is very similar, but instead of flaring out from the waist, the dress starts to flare out from the shoulders and drapes over your body.  This modified A-Line is great for someone who is tall and lean with a Straight Figured body type as they won't get lost in a shapeless cloth but rather have the dress drape beautifully over the body.

    Shapewear Pairings:

    Left to right: Miracle Vest by Squeem, Lilian Highback Underbust Body Shaper by Vedette

    Round and Straight Figured bodies have a relatively undefined waist line, so these body shapes may need a little more help in defining their waist lines.  The Miracle Vest by Squeem is a great piece of shapewear because it not only cinches at the waist but also reduces bra bulge and lifts the bust, which creates an even more drastic difference between your bust and waist. For less waist cinching and more overall shaping and control, the Lilian Highback Underbust Body Shaper by Vedette provides all over shaping while giving your bust a little lift.

    Sheath & Shift Dresses

    Little Black Dress Sheath

    Both are very simple and similar dresses with the only difference being that shift dresses are less fitted than sheath dresses.  Sheath dresses uses V-shaped tucks to help shape the fabric to the contours of the body.  They are most commonly used around the bust and waist areas.  Sheath dresses look best on people with an Hourglass shape or who are Shapely on Top as the form fitting cut highlights a body's proportions.

    Shift dresses, on the other hand, look best on Straight Figured body types (who can appear a little taller because of their slenderness) as they can pull off the flowy look better without seeming like they are drowning in the dress.

    Shapewear Pairings:

    Left to right: Vedette Irina Mid-thigh Full Body Shaper, Amia Workout Band

    For the sheath dress, having a well fitted foundation piece is important to help smooth out any bulges.  While the Lilian Highback Underbust mentioned above is great, so is the Vedette Irina Mid-thigh Full Body Shaper.  This garment also has removable straps in case you decide on a strapless sheath dress.  Now, if you really want to cinch that waist so your proportions are more drastic, then try a workout waist trainer like the Amia Active Band. Workout bands have higher compression (read: fits more snuggly) than regular daily waist trainers, so you may see greater waist slimming results. However, with workout bands, we don't recommend wearing them for more than 4 hours, so time wisely if you decide to go this route.

    Drop Waist Dress

    LBD Drop Waist

    This silhouette has a low horizontal waist line that usually falls just below the hips which gives the illusion of an elongated torso. This style of dress was very popular back in the 1920's when "flapper" dresses were all the hype and women shifted away from the corset style dresses that was made popular during the Victorian era. Similar to the shift dress, the drop waist dress has a relaxed and comfortable fit; it is great for Straight Figured or Round Figured body shapes as it drapes smoothly over the body and waist area.

    Shapewear Pairings:

    Left to right: Perfect Curves High Waisted Brief by Hooked Up, Alexa Bodysuit by Ann Chery

    While this type of dress is great for those with a Straight or Round Figure, as it hides the lack of curves on those body shapes, it doesn't mean you should forgo curves. After all, as you move, your dress will glide along with your silhouette.  A great piece that will smooth out any imperfections as you move is the Alexa Bodysuit by Ann Chery.  For ladies with a little more loving, the Perfect Curves High Waisted Brief by Hooked Up is simply amazing and goes from size S to 3XL.  Now you definitely won't have to worry about the dress tugging and pulling around the hip and waist areas.

    Empire Waist Dress

    LBD5 - Empire Waist

    This style can be traced back to the 18th century, but the term "Empire" was not used to describe this silhouette until it was popularized by Napolean's first Empress, Josephine de Beauharnais.  Empire dresses look best on people who are curvier on the bottom because the high waist line, which starts just underneath the bust line, highlights the smallest part of the figure while the rest of the dress helps to lengthen the body.  For those with a Straight Figure or Round Figure, the Empire silhouette will add more curves.

    Shapewear Pairings:

    Left to right: Felina's Essential Seamless Bustier, Irena strapless Push Up, Stay Put Seamless Strapless Bra

    Whether the dress is long or short, the Empire waist will cinch just below the bust line, so to enhance this silhouette, a good push up bra, long line bra or bustier will do just that.  Try Felina's Essentials Seamless Hidden Wire Bustier Bra for a seamless look. If you're looking for just a bra, then try the Irena Strapless Push-Up Bulge-Free Bra by Leonisa, it comes in black and brown and starts at 36B.  If you're looking for a smaller size, the Stay Put Seamless Strapless Bra by Dominique starts at 34B.

    Enjoy your holiday parties and soirees.  We're sure you'll look fabulous!

    Looking for more information to how to best dress for your body shape? Check out our How to Choose Shapewear for Your Body Type blog post.

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  • The Five Perfect Body Shapes - Which One is Yours?

    The hourglass figure has been considered the "dream figure" as epitomized in paintings and sculptures, with voluptuous bust and hips paired with a tiny waist. But did you know that approximately only 8% of the US population has an hourglass shape while the majority of women are either Round Shaped (aka Apple) or Curvy on the Bottom (aka Pear)? What's even more interesting is that body shape can change along with age, diet, exercise and even shapewear. Take a look at the Infographic below and see where you fit in, then proceed with checking out our best waist training corsets.   Knowing your body shape will help better guide the types of clothes and shapewear you should focus on buying in order to accentuate your assets.

    Types of Body Shapes

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  • How to Smooth 2 Common Trouble Areas

    Shapewear with back coverage


    Say Goodbye to Bra Bulge and Muffin Top

    The key to looking your best on any occasion is having a smooth foundation. No matter what your shape, a number of outfits can look flattering once you've eliminated problem areas. Two problem areas that women of all shapes and sizes deal with are at the bra line (bra bulge) and above the pant line (muffin top).

    You have several options when it comes to smoothing these trouble areas. Choosing the right intimates can be helpful, and shapewear can add an extra level of control. Shapewear choices include various levels of compression. You might want lighter compression for casual use and firm control for special occasions.

    Here are some of our top picks for managing these common trouble areas:

    Halo Lace Full Coverage Underwire Bra by Wacoal

    This soft bra provides the support and coverage a full figure needs, while the leotard back gives an overall smooth look and prevents bra bulge. The elastic straps are close-set, soft and adjustable. Elastic also lines the top and bottom of the wings, preventing the bra from slipping and adding overall comfort and control.

    Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia

    Get all the waist slimming power of a waist training cincher, with additional coverage and support thought the back. The firm compression vest goes over the bra of your choice, smoothing your bra line and eliminating any bulk. It provides full torso coverage, preventing any occurrence of muffin top.

    CoCoon Perfect Fit Braless T-Shirt

    This garment is manufactured with specialized lifting and toning technology. The waist slimming t-shirt is designed with bi-directional smooth fabric that comfortably trims the waist and abdomen and smoothens the whole back. It also comes down over the hips to minimize muffin top.

    High Waisted Panty by Amia

    This everyday essential gives moderate control and smoothing to the midsection, waist and lower abdomen, providing a flawless foundation for pants and skirts. Two control panels at the tummy and sides provide slimming and support, eliminating muffin top. A gripper at the waist prevents roll down.

    Mid-Thigh Bodysuit By Amia A107

    This is a go-to piece for special occasions. It provides firm coverage from over your braline to your thighs. Nothing but smooth from top to bottom.

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  • How to Choose Shapewear for Your Body Type

    Simple Solutions for Every Figure

    How to choose shapewear for your body type

    Everyone is built differently, and we believe that every body is beautiful. However you carry your curves, the key to looking your best is embracing your body type and then dressing in a way that flatters it.

    Shapewear is useful for every body type. Do you know how to look your best? Here are some suggestions to help you attain your most flattering wardrobe.

    Round Figured

    You're this body type if you have a small waist-to-hip ratio. You may also have a full bust and broad shoulders. You want shapewear that slims and defines that waistline. Our suggestions for you include:

    Corsets and cinchers: These are the ultimate way to bring in your midsection and define that waistline.

    Shaping camis: These are versatile under any type of attire and provide a smooth, controlled waistline

    Straight Figured

    You are long and lean, with shoulders, waist and hip measurements that are similar in proportion. Your shape is naturally elegant; you just want to add curves and definition. Our top suggestions for you include:

    Butt-enhancing shapers: Get more volume in your rear while slimming your waist.

    Cincher vests: Slim your waistline, smooth your back and create more curves by lifting your bust.


    You have curves that naturally balance: proportional bust and hips, with a slimmer waistline. Your goal with shapewear is to smooth and define the curves you already have. For you we recommend:

    All-over shaping bodysuits: Get a smooth figure all over, while slimming your waist and lifting your butt.

    Corselettes: These are a sexy option, ideal for wear under dresses and skirts. They slim your waistline, while hugging your hips and enhancing your rear.

    Curvy on Bottom

    Chances are you naturally look great in jeans because of your curvy hips and slimmer waist. Your bust and shoulders are slim, so your goal with shapewear is to create balance in your figure. We recommend:

    Thigh-slimming shapers: Get control for those hips and thighs while smoothing out your curves and eliminating muffin top.

    Braless shaping tanks/camis: Emphasize and smooth your waistline while providing lift to your bust. Pairing your tank with the bra of your choice allows you to pick the bra that enhances you best.

    Shapely on Top

    You have enviable volume in your bust and broad shoulders with narrower hips. Your objective with shapewear is to draw attention away from your chest and create more balance from top to bottom. Here are our suggestions:

    Enhancing panties and shapers: Add volume to your rear with your panties. You can also choose a shaper that defines your waistline for more curves.

    Full-body shapers: Provide control and enhancement where you need it on your lower half. Choose a braless garment so you can pair it with your favorite supportive bra.

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  • How Shapewear Works & What's Best For Your Body Type

    The Science of Shapewear

    The science of shapewear

    Whether you're new to shapewear or you've got a closet full of it, it's helpful to learn how these garments work. Quality shapewear is set apart from cheap off-the-rack underwear and hosiery. If you want to look your best, no matter what the occasion, we recommend knowing exactly what you're getting into.

    Let's be clear about a couple of things: shapewear is not magical and will not change your body type or make you look like you've lost a ton of weight. It does enhance any body type, slim your figure, create curves and control problem areas – so you can look your most flattering, any day of the week. It's important to educate yourself on how shapewear works, so you know what to look for.

    Here's the scoop behind how it all works and how you can find the best fit for you.

    Shapewear construction

    Shapers are knitted together in pieces. When cut and sewn, designers enhance curves in the perfect places and tuck in others. The material used is very important. Latex and spandex create a firm hold. In comparison, hosiery-style seamless knitting tends to flatten. While this can be desirable in same cases, most of the time you will have a better all-over effect with a garment constructed in pieces.

    The fit matters

    If you've ever experienced a muffin-top effect above or below a shapewear garment, it is not the piece for you! Some women mistakenly believe that they will look more flattering in a smaller size, when the opposite is true. It is extremely important to wear a garment that fits correctly in order to achieve the most flattering results.

    Where it all goes

    Wondering where the extra weight goes when you drop a size or two after putting on shapewear? When it fits properly, shapewear reshapes the softer parts of your body, so you will have curves in the more desirable places. Fat can be compressed against the firmer muscles, such as those in your abdomen and legs. Your waistline and/or thighs will appear to shrink, while areas like your bust and your rear will be enhanced.

    Fit for body type

    Body Shapes

    Every body type is going to have different target areas when it comes to selecting the ideal shapewear. Whether you're plus size or petite, select the garments that are going to best enhance your shape:

    1. Round Figure

    Your main objective with shapewear is to slim and define your waistline. We recommend a shaping panty or a waist cincher to help create more curves. You may also benefit from a bodysuit or body shapewear apparel that bring in the waist.

    1. Straight Figure

    When choosing shapewear, your main focus is going to be defining your waist and creating curves, as well as smoothing your whole figure. Must-have items in your wardrobe include waist cinchers, slips, minimizers, and high-waisted shaping panties or shorts.

    1. Curvy on Bottom

    You have naturally lovely curves so your focus should be smoothing them and emphasizing that enviable waistline. Try control slips and high-waisted shorts.

    1. Hourglass

    You have the curves everyone wants, so your main priority is to make them smooth. A wide variety of shapewear will look good with your body type. You may enjoy the control you get from high-waisted shaping panties and shorts, shaping slips and bodysuits.

    1. Shapely on Top

    Your body tends to be top-heavy, so your objective is to find balance. It starts with a great bra—you may even want a minimizing option. Anything that enhances your rear like shaping panties and leggings will help balance your curves.

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  • 14-Day Waist Training Boot Camp

    How to Jumpstart Your Commitment to Fitness

    Waist Training Bootcamp

    If you're new to waist training and wondering how to start, having a great workout program is essential. We found an excellent routine from Fitness magazine that complements waist training well.

    Follow these steps day by day and you're well on your way to an active, healthy lifestyle, complemented with the slimming effects of the waist trainer. Be sure to warm up before the workouts and cool down/stretch afterwards and follow a healthy diet for the best results. Ready to get started?

    DAY 1

    Wear your waist trainer for 4 hours today. If you are brand new to this, you will definitely feel constricted, but your body will become accustomed to it quickly. Don't overdo it; listen to your body – if you feel any pain or pinching, remove the waist trainer.

    While wearing a workout waist trainer like the Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery, do the eight strength exercises listed at the end of this post for a total of approximately 30 minutes.

    DAY 2

    Now, try wearing your waist trainer for 5 hours today. Don't want to wear your workout band under your work clothes? Try a nude or black latex cincher like the Classic Cincher Waist Trainer by Amia.

    Today, you'll let your body rest so your body can recover from yesterday's strength training. If you're sore, it never hurts to stretch or do some very easy cardio to loosen up your muscles.

    DAY 3

    Wear your waist trainer for 6 hours today. Remember you can switch between a workout band while you exercise and an everyday cincher for the rest of the day.

    While wearing your workout waist trainer, do the seven circuit cardio moves listed at the end of this post. Do each drill for 30 to 60 seconds, marching or jogging in place for 1 minute to recover between moves. Complete the circuit twice through.

    DAY 4

    Wear your waist trainer for 7 hours today. Your body should be slowly adjusting to the way it feels.

    Rest from heavy exercise again today. You can stretch and do light cardio, like walking, easy jogging or biking. Over time, you will be able to add in more cardio days in between harder workouts.

    DAY 5

    Wear your waist trainer for 8 hours today. If you prefer, you can break it into two four-hour segments.

    It's time for strength training again. For variety, try doing exercises in a different order than you did on day 1.

    DAY 6

    Wear your waist trainer for 9 hours today. You're almost at the target range: 10 hours a day.

    It's time for some intense cardio circuits again. See if you can improve your performance—push as hard as you can.

    DAY 7

    Wear your waist trainer for 10 hours today.

    Rest and let your body fully recover today. Congrats on making it through the first week! From here on out, you will be wearing the waist trainer for 10 hours a day.

    DAY 8

    Back to strength training. Can you increase the amount of weight you're using?

    DAY 9

    Rest or 30-60 minutes of steady-paced cardio. Remember, you should be wearing your waist trainer for 10 hours a day at this point.

    DAY 10

    Circuit cardio. Ramp up the intensity!

    DAY 11

    Rest or 30-60 minutes of steady-paced cardio.

    DAY 12

    Get that strength training going again! Now that you're familiar with these exercises, make sure you're paying close attention to good form.

    DAY 13

    Circuit cardio.

    DAY 14

    Rest and recovery.

    Congrats! If you have been faithful with this routine, you may already be seeing some incredible results—not just in your figure, but in your strength and energy levels. Remember that individual results will vary depending on your diet and what shape you were in before you started.

    From here on out you can continue with this routine, or branch out and try some different types of strength and circuit moves. In general, this pattern is very effective in optimizing your fitness level.

    Here are the exercises to implement in this routine:

    STRENGTH EXERCISES (from Fitness magazine)

    Strength exercises

    1. Stationary Lunge with L-Raise

    Targets: Glutes, Thighs, Shoulders, Core

    • Holding 3- or 5-pound dumbbells at your sides, stand with right foot in front of left, about one stride's-length apart.
    • Bend knees 90 degrees while raising right arm to the front at shoulder height and left arm to the side, palms down.
    • Stand up, lower arms, and repeat; do 12 to 15 reps.
    • Switch sides and repeat. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Do a squat instead of a lunge, and keep elbow bent 90 degrees for lateral (side) raise.

    1. Crossover Squat and Pull-Back

    Targets: Thighs, Calves, Glutes, Chest, Shoulders, Back

    • Stand about 2 feet away from a step bench, holding 3- or 5-pound dumbbells. Cross right leg over left and place right foot on top of step, pointing both feet forward.
    • Standing tall, bend elbows slightly and squeeze shoulder blades together.
    • Squat down, crossing arms in front of body. Stand up to return to starting position and repeat.
    • Do 15 reps. Rest for 30 seconds; switch sides and repeat. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Do a regular squat without using the step.

    1. Plank Knee In and Knee Out

    Targets: Shoulders, Glutes, Core, Hips

    • Start in a full push-up position, abs tight.
    • Pull right knee toward chest; hold for 1 count.
    • Keeping right knee bent, rotate right leg out to side; hold for 1 count.
    • Extend leg back to starting position without lowering, and repeat; do 4 to 8 reps with right leg.
    • Rest for 30 seconds and repeat on left side. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Remain in plank position without pulling knee in; hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

    1. Lunge with Reverse Flye

    Targets: Thighs, Glutes, Back

    Stand holding 3- or 5-pound dumbbells with arms at sides, palms facing each other, elbows slightly bent. Lunge forward with left leg, bending left knee 90 degrees; lean 45 degrees forward from hips.

    Maintaining this position, raise arms to shoulder height, keeping elbows slightly bent. Squeeze shoulder blades together, then lower weights.

    Do 15 reps. Rest 30 seconds; switch sides and repeat. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Skip the lunge and do the flyes sitting on a bench or step. 

    1. Unilateral Push-Up

    Targets: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Back, Core

    Get into a full push-up position with left hand on top of a step and right hand on floor.

    Bend elbows and lower chest toward floor; push back up. Cross right hand over left and place it on the bench, moving left hand to floor on opposite side. Do another push-up.

    • Do 12 to 15 reps, switching sides with each rep.
    • Rest for 30 to 60 seconds; do another set.

    Beginner modification: Do the push-ups on your knees without the bench.

    1. Curl and Stand

    Targets: Abs, Shoulders, Thighs

    Lie face-up on a step, holding a medium-weight dumbbell horizontally across your chest. Keep elbows close to body.

    Curl up to sitting position, then stand all the way up, pressing dumbbell overhead. Sit back on bench and roll down to starting position.

    • Do 5 to 12 reps; 1 to 3 sets total.

    Beginner modification: Begin by sitting on the edge of a step or chair, without a weight; stand up and raise hands overhead before returning to seated position. 

    1. Biceps Curl with Knee-Up

    Targets: Biceps, Hips, Quads, Core

    • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding 5- or 8-pound dumbbells, elbows close to sides and palms up.
    • Pull in abs and bend right knee 90 degrees to hip level while curling weights toward shoulders.
    • Lower leg as you lower arms.
    • Do 15 reps, then switch legs. Do 1 to 3 sets per side.

    Beginner modification: Do biceps curls without knee raises.

    1. Superman Abs

    Targets: Abs, Lower Back, Glutes

    • Get into a full push-up position with hands on floor and toes on a step.
    • Simultaneously lift left arm and right leg, keeping abs tight.
    • Switch sides and repeat.

    Do 4 reps per side; 1 to 3 sets total.

    Beginner modification: Begin on all fours on the floor and raise opposite arm and leg.

    CIRCUIT CARDIO EXERCISES (from Fitness magazine)

    Do each drill for 30 to 60 seconds, marching or jogging in place for 1 minute to recover between moves. Complete the circuit twice through.

    1. Mountain Climbers

    Place hands on step, arms straight, legs extended behind you on floor. Alternate "running" in place by switching legs forward and back.

    1. Jumping Jack Knee-Ups

    Alternate lifting your knees toward chest while doing jumping jacks.

    1. Vertical Jumps

    Jump as high as you can, bringing knees toward chest; land softly with knees slightly bent.

    1. Scissors

    Alternate switching left and right foot forward, as if on a cross-country ski machine; use your arms for added momentum.

    1. Knee Lifts

    Run in place, lifting knees as high as you can.

    1. Squat Thrusts

    Drop hands to floor and jump feet behind you; hop feet back to start and jump up; repeat.

    1. Speed Skate

    Take a big hop sideways to right, landing softly on right foot. Find your balance; hop to left.

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  • The Anatomy of the Perfect Waist Trainer

    5 Qualities to Look For in a Cincher

    Waist trainers, especially those designed for workouts, are growing in popularity. But with all the different styles available, choosing one can be difficult. What makes the perfect waist trainer?

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    Rows of Hooks & Eyes

    • Rows of Hook & Eye Closures: The perfect waist trainer has the perfect fit, even when you size down. Hook and eye closures ensure firm compression. And if your waistline naturally begins to shrink over time, you can move to the next row of closures for optimal fit.


    • Flexi-Boning: Waist trainers like the Active Band are constructed with boning in the sides, which is firm but less constrictive than a steel-boned corset. The garment will never bunch, yet it gives you enough freedom of movement to go about your daily activities comfortably.

    Waist Trainer Colors

    • Cotton Inner Lining: Just because you're sweating doesn't mean you should be uncomfortable. The cotton lining on the Active Band is soft and comfortable on your skin, and it also helps to absorb perspiration.

    Don’t get overwhelmed when looking for a waist trainer. Choose the style that fits your goals and look for the features above to ensure the best quality, fit and results.

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