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    Background on black lingerie

    Tantalizing yet timeless, black lingerie has become synonymous with seduction. But this wasn’t always the case. Black clothing and lingerie has an interesting history dating back to the Victorian Era. Curious?

    After her husband passed, a woman was expected to be in mourning for over two years. An important part of this ritual was wearing black clothing head to toe, including accessories and underwear. She was also expected to live a secluded, celibate life—yet a widow could move more freely in society more than an unmarried woman (one of the many paradoxes of this time). During this period, some widows opted for more on-trend, of-the-moment black fashions including lace and silk. And with these styles came matching black corsets and undergarments. This behavior created the link between black lingerie and deviance. The next step? Black lingerie and sex appeal.

    This association was further solidified in movies of the early twentieth century, and later with film noir and femme fatales of the 40s. Usually black lingerie was part of a dangerous woman’s plans of seduction—and a visual reminder of dominance and sexual power.

    In the 50s, lingerie began to look refined and chic to match the quintessential little black dress of the times. Fast-forward to today and black lingerie is a given in women’s top drawers. It’s the ultimate way to flatter your figure and feel unstoppably confident.

    Black lingerie is equally perfect for everyday wear and special behind-closed-door moments. Celebrate black lingerie with these stunning styles.

    Black Leather Overbust Corset by Hourglass Angel

    Corselette by Amia

    Eva Extra Firm Bodysuit by Vedette

    Silk Floral Brocade Corset

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  • Look Slimmer Without Losing Weight

    How to look slimmer

    With warmer weather comes less layers and more skin. Make sure you’re springtime-ready with the right shapewear styles that stay invisible under paper-thin tops and flowy dresses. Shapers should smooth out bulges, eliminate love handles and give you that coveted hourglass figure—regardless of your body type or weight.

    Here are 3 tips for choosing the right style so you can feel cool, confident and carefree this season.

     Go nude. Nude-colored shapewear, that is. This neutral shade practically disappears under most types and colors of clothing. Even white undergarments can show through, so opt for nude and you’ll enjoy barely-there results every time.

    One We Love: Nude Sand Underbust Corset

    1. Swap out your bra for a cami.

    These comfy, form-fitting tank tops provide torso support, minimize bumps and bulges and help create an elongated torso without adding bulk. Make sure to choose one with a built-in bra and adjustable straps—you’ll get more coverage and support.

    One We Love: Simply Strappy Nylon Tank by Yummie by Heather Thomson 

    1. Try a panty shaper with dresses and skirts.

    Whether you’re wearing a long maxi dress, a short mini or a body-hugging pencil skirt, panty shapers hold everything in and help create a polished look in an instant. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them peeking out when you sit down or cross your legs. Choose a seamless style with tummy control and butt shaping so you can feel completely confident from all directions.

    One We Love: Panty Shaper by Amia A100

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  • Covetable Co’Coon Shapewear

    4 shaper essentials

    Shapewear has become a go-to secret weapon for many women, including celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria. Co’Coon, a well-adored brand with a cult following, delivers sleek body-defining styles that lift, shape and slim in all the right places. Make sure you have these 4 Co’Coon styles in your top drawer so you’re covered for every outfit and occasion.

    #1 The Bodysuit
    Why: The full-coverage fit makes them ideal for dresses, gowns and special occasions.

    Katrina Invisible Powernet Body Shaper
    Powernet reinforcement shapes and smoothes your tummy, hips and thighs—plus it gives your bootie a boost.

    Plus Size: Long and Lean Strapless Full Body Shaper
    Double layers of bi-directional fabric keep you svelte from every angle.

    #2 The Camisole
    Why: It provides coverage from the waist up, making it ideal for eliminating love handles under your favorite tees and tops. Wear it with your own bra.

    Perfect Fit Braless T-Shirt
    Trims your waistline and tummy while also being comfortable and flexible.

    Plus Size: Simply Smooth Cami
    Bi-directional fabric targets your tummy area and creates a smooth shape.

    #3 The Mid-Thigh Shaper
    Why: The perfect pick to slim your legs, butt and stomach. You can wear it with dresses, pants and skirts—pretty much everything in your wardrobe!

    Lacy Control Hip Hugger
    Strong control for shrinking your waistline, sculpting your back and slimming your hips. Plus, you’ll love the convenient front zip closure.

    Plus Size: Rubberflex Bodysuit
    Accentuate the curves you want and minimize the ones you don’t (A.K.A. love handles and muffin top). Just pair it with your favorite bra.

    #4 The Shorts
    Why: Most styles will smooth everything and also shape your bootie.

    Daisy Thermal Slimmer Shorts
    They shape your waist, hips, butt and thighs. A special band also lifts and defines your derriere for the total package.

    Plus Size: Thermal Body Suit Shorts
    A full shaping and slimming panty with silicone-lined leg openings and a convenient zipper for easy on and off.

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  • Date Night Looks

    Lingerie beyond the bedroom.

    How to take lingerie beyond the bedroom.

    If you’ve seen red carpet photos lately or snapshots of celebs out and about, you know lingerie-inspired trends are back in the spotlight and sexier than ever. Incorporating lingerie into your look can give any outfit a playful and provocative vibe. It’s all about making a statement, having confidence and wearing what feels right for your body and the occasion.

    The difference between “too much” and  “just right”? Layers. Pair your lacy camisoles and body-hugging corsets with a jacket, blazer or cardigan to keep the look daytime and date-time friendly. This fun combo is the perfect balance of feminine and polished. Plus, the right layer pulls your whole look together.

    4 favorites to try now:



    Lingerie love: Leopard Lace Shaping Cami Bustier by Skinnygirl Smoothers n’ Shapers

    Stretch leopard lace in sheer mesh? Spot-on style that pops day and night.

    Layer with: A crisp black blazer.



    Lingerie love: Glamour Shaping Camisole by Bodyhush

    A sleek stretch cami with a beautiful lace border.

    Layer with: A moto-inspired jacket. The tough-girl outer layer creates stylish contrast with the soft and feminine under layer.



    Lingerie love: Bodyslimmers Slimtastic Camisole by Nancy Ganz

    The elegant scoop neckline creates a lovely décolletage. Plus, the soft stretch nylon makes it a comfy essential.

    Layer with: A colorful cardigan, buttoned-up half way.



    Lingerie love: The Candace Custom Lift Camisole by Flexees

    Get ready for a major bust boost: this layering must-have combines a push-up bra and soft stretch top in one.

    Layer with: A denim jacket for casual-cool contrast.

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  • Spotlight on: Plus Size Shapewear

    2.24.2015-Blog-DesignEmbrace your curves in a few of our favorites.

    Shapewear should be equally stylish, functional and help you look your best every time you wear it. This plus size shapewear doesn’t hide your curves—it embraces them. Get ready to flaunt your figure.

    The Catwalk Long-Leg Panties by Body Wrap

    Why we love it: This shaper provides firm control for your tummy, butt and thighs while also being ultra-lightweight and breathable. Bonus: It features an elastic-free woven waistband and leg openings for a comfortable fit with zero dig-in.

    Underwire Bodysuit by Body Wrap

    Why we love it: This sleek style covers all your bases: it’s a shaper, bra and panties all in one. It smoothes your midsection, slims your hips and eliminates back bulge and muffin top. Did we mention it’s comfortable too?

    Sleek Curves by Hooked Up

    Why we love it: This high waist shaping slip stays in place from the moment you put it on. The secret? A patented hooking system that connects directly to your bra. No more bunching or pinching around your waistline! Plus, the silicone-backed lace hem prevents ride up—and looks pretty too.

    Alexandra Shaper by Vedette

    Why we love it: This butt-lifting shaper transforms both your butt and midsection for a stunning silhouette makeover. Enjoy a tight, tucked tummy and a boosted booty instantly—no padding required.

    SlimVest Waist Cincher by Squeem

    Why we love it: This go-to shaper visibly reduces your waistline and corrects your posture. The power latex core sculpts and firms your midsection with firm compr

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  • Sexy + Lingerie = Scandale

    Scandale shapewear. Is there anything better than wearing truly beautiful shapewear? We don't think so. And one of our all-time favorites for doing the job: Scandale. Every piece is exquisitely crafted with impeccable attention to detail using the most innovative fabric. The result is effortless elegance and timeless femininity you’ll adore. Almost like wearable art. Scandale pieces are an easy (and gorgeous) way to infuse every day with confidence.

    Founded in 1932, the French lingerie label and shapewear pioneers have pushed their heritage alongside sophisticated technology. The result is love-worthy, lust-worthy lingerie that will shape and sculpt your body with sleek paneling and a light-to-the-touch finish. The brand believes the art of dressing well begins with the first layer you put on—and it shows.

    Try this covetable lingerie when you want to wow behind closed doors or slip it on when you need an extra dose of confidence for that big presentation. Either way, you’ll feel cool and completely confident. Plus, the luxurious shapewear not only looks pretty, it works hard to smooth, slim and support your curves where it matters most. Designed for the modern woman, Scandale takes everything to the next level of irresistible. Wear it as shapewear by day and lingerie by night.

    Ready to experience it for yourself? Here’s one we extra (extra) love: Le Belle bodysuit.

    Inspired by vintage elegance and designed with surround control panels, it sculpts your tummy and cinches in your waist,. The bodysuit also features smooth molded cups, sheer lined lace and soft boning for extra support if you wear it strapless.

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  • 7 Simple Ways to Feel Sexy

    7 ways to feel sexy.  Have a case of the ho-hums? Maybe it’s the winter slump (too many grey days and not enough Vitamin D) or it’s just been too long since you did something solely for yourself. It’s time to break the spell. Here are 7 small ways to get back on track. After all, feeling good and feeling sexy go hand-in-hand.

    1. Indulge in the small stuff.

    Whether it’s a mani/pedi or a long bath with candles, little pampering moments can go a long way. If nothing else, they’re a reminder that you deserve it. And confidence equals sexiness.

    2. Slip on some high heels.

    Pumps can give you a lift in more ways than one. Whether you wear them with jeans, a dress or lingerie, high heels will boost your sprits. Next step? Strut your stuff.

    3. Exercise in nature.

    Get endorphins pumping and you’ll feel better in an instant. These chemicals alter your mindset, refresh your senses and give you a burst of feel-good energy.

    4. Repeat a mantra.

    Sometimes you need to fake it ‘til you make it. And the best part? It works. Stand in front of a mirror and say nice things to yourself—all the things you’d say to a good friend or sister. For example: “I am beautiful. I am confident. I am loved.” 

    5. Laugh.

    Laughter releases the good chemicals in your brain. Pull up YouTube or go to a comedy club for some guaranteed giggles. Smiling and laughing causes a ripple effect…next thing you know, you’ll feel back to your sexy self.

    6. Switch things up.

    Routines can be the enemy. Try something novel, like a cooking class (many are free at cooking stores) or a day trip to stimulate your mind, body and life.

    7. Try new shapewear.

    Create an hourglass shape with stunning shapers and lingerie. You’ll love the way you look. And a little lace never hurt anything either. Even if you keep it a secret, wearing a seductive corset under your clothes is a surefire way to feel sexier instantly.

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  • What’s Your Style: Overbust or Underbust

    Overbust and underbust corsets.

    Curious about corsets but not sure where to start? Like the name implies, overbust corsets cover your bust while underbust corsets hit right below, so they need to be paired with your own bra. To figure out your best path to hourglass, answer these three questions.

    1. Do you own the perfect bra?

    Both overbust and underbust corsets will cinch your waist and create an hourglass shape, which automatically makes your bust look bigger. If you already own the perfect bust-boosting bra, then simplify your look with an underbust corset.

    If not, opt for over. Additionally, overbust corsets have more coverage, which in turn provides more shaping and controlling. They also tend to create a more slimming, balanced look of your chest and waistline. Pick something with a straight bust line or a subtle sweetheart shape if you don't want too much cleavage. Both come with an array of closure options, from seductive lace-up to hook-and-eye.

    2. What’s your end use?

    For a Renaissance Fair or period piece, an underbust corset is the way to go (paired with a puffy cinched shirt). For a burlesque costume, a colorful overbust corset, fishnet stocking and high heels will do the trick. For some boudoir fun, go for either. Overbust corsets are the most popular choice but underbust styles can be a lot of fun—especially when worn with pasties.

    3. Which one makes you feel the most confident?

    This is the most important question. If you feel sexy, you’ll exude confidence and your partner will feel that energy too. Choose a corset style YOU love and it’ll show.

    Ready to whittle your middle? Here are four favorites:

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  • Valentine's Day Gift Trend: You!

    Flirty Boudoir Photography

    A present he’ll love to unwrap? Your boudoir photos.

    A provocative new trend, boudoir photography has become especially popular with brides-to-be as a wedding present for their groom. Why not take this intimate idea and apply to another romantic occasion: Valentine’s Day.

    The suggestive photos are usually taken wearing elegant lingerie or nothing at all. However the style is far from X-rated, more in the realm of PG-13. Usually with a pinup-inspired look and feel, the tasteful photos often show implied nudity—meaning you're not wearing anything, but also not revealing anything. For example, the artistic photos might be shot from the back or lying on your stomach so key areas are strategically hidden.

    When choosing what lingerie you want to wear for your photo shoot, the most important thing is that you feel 100% comfortable and confident. If you’re hesitant about your ensemble, it’ll show in the photos.  A general rule is to bring lingerie in different styles and shades. Try something in softer hues (whites, ivories or pinks) something black (ideally with lace) and something unexpected for variety. Also don’t forget to accessorize with jewelry, stockings and heels.

    Where to start? These 4 stunning Hourglass Angel corset-and-thong sets flatter your figure in ultimate style—and they’ll make for unforgettable photos.  Have fun!

    All the Frills corset and thong set

    A showstopper with a gorgeous neckline and dramatic lace accents.

    Ribbons and Bows corset and thong set

    Sensuous satin and oversized bows create a sexy-sweet vibe.

    Go For The Gold Overbust corset and thong set

    Ravishing ruffles set a romantic, European-inspired tone.

    Cream of the Crop corset and thong set

    Rich gold accents and opulent lace? Jaws will drop.

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  • Introducing: The New Hourglass Angel

    Hourglass Angel Shapewear

    Get ready – we're introducing exciting changes! We're unveiling a brand new Hourglass Angel. You'll find the same great selection of premium-quality shapewear and apparel – but with a whole new look and new features that we think you're going to love.

    What's changing?

    • -New logo, new image. We're revealing the single biggest transformation in our history! Our new look is designed to better reflect the confident, poised and refined style of customers like you. 
    • -New site design. HourglassAngel.com is being completely overhauled with a clean new design that makes shopping even easier and more enjoyable. 
    • -New fit & sizing information. On product pages, you'll now find more detailed information on how each garment will fit your body, based on real fit sessions we conducted with women of all sizes.
    • -New expanded categories. Our 100+ categories will make it even easier to find the products you're looking for, based on style, intended body type, shaping power, popularity with other shoppers, and numerous other attributes. 
    • -New, stronger YOU. Above all, we are dedicated to creating a seamless shopping experience that helps women redefine their body image while staying true to who they are. Hourglass Angel. Shaping a stronger you.

    On behalf of everyone at Hourglass Angel, we want to thank you for your business and wish you a happy, healthy new year.

    Warmest wishes,
    The Hourglass Angel Team

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