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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #3


Elegance is the name of the game this season with dramatic shapes and designs. A sheer and lace top gives an old Hollywood feel while showing off the decolletage. A black jacket will balance this very feminine look while the peplum skirt slims the waist and camouflages wide hips. Be daring when putting together this outfit and go for winter white – the hottest color trend of the season.

The Mystique High-Waist Brief Shaper by Scandale is the perfect base for this glamorous ensemble as it defines the waist and slims the tummy and midsection without sacrificing grace and beauty. The high-waist brief has a satin feel and lace panels, but it is so much more than a pretty face. It features firm, targeted control panels, a v-shaped front that prevents unwanted rolling at the top, and flattering high-cut leg openings that create the illusion of longer legs. The hip control and trimmed waist mimic and enhance the effects of the peplum skirt and your inner Marilyn.

  • The Mystique High-Waist Brief Shaper slims the waist and hips and enhances the peplum design

  • Flattens the tummy for a sleek, flawless look that won’t draw attention away from the outfit

  • Beautiful enough to pair with an elegant ensemble, strong enough to do the job

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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #2


Black is timeless and as slimming now as ever! An all black outfit slims and lengthens to the eye, but a little extra support is always welcome. Pair a black wrap tunic with the High Waist Get Fit Tight by ShaToBu to shape and tighten for the perfect holiday look. The High Waist Get Fit Tight smooths the midsection and firms legs for a leaner look while lifting and rounding your derriere. It also increases caloric burn so go ahead and enjoy that second eggnog!

The focus of this outfit is the trim waist created by the wrap design, which can be accentuated by adding a cinching belt and the Almighty Cincher by AMIA. The cincher visibly reduces the waistline by one to three inches with users reporting a sustained loss of one to four inches after wearing for 30 days due to boosted thermal activity. An hourglass can instantly be yours as the cincher lifts the bust, firms the midsection, and whittles the waist.

  • The High Waist Get Fit Tight lifts and shapes your rear for a beautifully draped tunic

  • The ShaToBu tights firm your legs while completing the slimming and elongating all-black outfit

  • The Almighty Cincher works with a belt and wrap tunic to slim the waist
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Shapewear Style Secrets Look #1


Dress up a casual evening look with shimmer this winter. Stylist and fashionistas alike are heralding sequins as the perfect way to add some glamour to any look. Pair a dark sequined jacket with a basic top and jeans for a balanced yet exciting outfit. What will set this look off, however, is a firm control base. The Supreme Panty Shaper by AMIA flattens the tummy, pulls in the waist, and eliminates muffin tops for a sleek look that lets the sparkles speak for themselves.

  • The Supreme Panty Shaper slims your shape so you don’t look boxy in a tailored jacket

  • The shaper eliminates muffin tops so jeans fit comfortably

  • Undergarment posture and chest support helps you have fun all night without strain
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Prepare for the Holidays with a Body Wrap!


Have you been dieting and exercising, but you still don’t feel that you are ready to glow this holiday season? It happens to everyone – sometimes we hit a plateau or otherwise cannot change our condition. This may not be the best time for the stall with all of the holiday parties and holiday outfits, not to mention the endless stream of photos. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to take the next step to get the results you want. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and shapewear support, it’s time to think outside the box for great results in the knick of time.

Hourglass Angel proudly carries body wraps topical weight loss treatments. Simply Slender, one of the strongest brands in the market for body wraps has a diverse product line to satisfy everyone’s needs. The Simply Slender Body Wrap Kits have several elements that all work together to reshape your midsection. The Simply Slender Slenderizing cream is formulated from a special blend of herbs, clays, and minerals. Apply this formula directly to the body prior to wrapping with the High Quality Cotton Elastic Wraps. These machine washable wraps are reusable. A measuring tape and an inch-loss chart are included to help you track your results. The illustrated instruction book with step-by-step instructions guides you through all the steps to create a slimmer silhouette. This slimming body wrap also reduces water retention and smoothes the skin for a rejuvenated look while it instantly trims your body one to two inches in the areas of application.

Keep taking care of yourself and your curves, and try the wonderful instant weight-loss body wraps.

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What’s A Faja?


The south of the border silhouette sensation is here! Fajas are one of the most exciting trends in shapewear. Even the New York Times has taken notice of this worldwide phenomenon. You may have heard this word, faja but if are not a native Spanish speaker, you may be wondering what a faja is? The word literally means belt or wrap in Spanish, but it refers several kinds of shapers that were popularized in Latin America.

Latin America has a long tradition of shapewear. While girdles and other shapers haven risen and fallen in popularity in the United States, south of the equator the love affair with shapewear has remained consistent. Generations of women have used these garments to create curves and show them off. And that’s just what the word faja refers to.

Most often faja shapers are a cincher style of garment, wrapping tightly around the waist to create a beautiful hourglass shape. One of our favorite faja creating companies, Leonisa makes several of these. The Thermal Reducing Vest in Latex and the Slimming Waist Cincher With Latex are both excellent options if you’d like to add a faja to your figuring fixing collection. And if you’re a future faja wearer with a latex allergy the Anti-Allergic Shaper Vest by CoCoon, is a great place to start your journey with this style of garment!


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Bra-vo! The Very Best In Bras!


One of the most important factors in the overall look of your figure is a bra. The wrong bra can be uncomfortable and ruin your shape. The right bra can make your shape look sexier than it ever has. We searched far and wide to find the very best and brightest in bras to bring them to you. So, here they are, our top four superstars from the Hourglass Angel bra collection.

1. One minimizer is the Porcelain Molded Seamless Underwire Bra by Panache. Panache is one of the most trusted brands in the marketplace for their performance, superior construction and range of garments. This piece features seamless contour underwire cups, a unique no-spread design, adjustable straps, hook-and-eye closure and just enough padding to add modesty without volume.

2. But if a minimizer isn’t what you need, you have to see the Seamless Comfort Push Up Bra. This piece is both beautiful and effective. This graduated push up creates volume and va-va-voom! Adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closure finish off a piece with plenty to love.

3. But if you’re going formal or showing a little shoulder, you’ve got to see this, our favorite strapless piece from the collection. The Hint of Skin Underwire Contour Strapless Bra by Felina is one of the top performing strapless pieces we’ve ever seen. Molded memory foam cups and laser cut edging are just two of the many things to love in this signature piece from the lingerie experts, Felina. It must be worn to be believed.

4. And last, but not least, you absolutely must see what is widely considered to be one of the best sports bras ever designed. The Sports Bra by Enell utilizes both compression and encapsulation to prevent bounce. It’s superior construction is trusted by full figured athletes around the world.

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Gimme Five! Five Tips To Trimming With Shapewear


1. Choose an underbust style garment with a strapless option: Underbust shapers like the Almighty Cincher by AMIA Shapewear rise to the area just below your bra. This style of shaper has several benefits that you might not have thought of. First, because you wear your own bra, you can adapt to a variety of necklines. This is a very versatile design! Secondly, the shaper supports your bust, giving lift. The result is an overall leaner and longer look.


2. For maximum curve creation, look for latex: Again, the Almighty Cincher or its counterpart, the Almighty Vest by AMIA, is a great place to start. The PowerLatex core of these garments creates maximum compression in your midsection. Of course, many garments also use varying amounts of latex to create shaping, so looking for this in the construction of a garment is a good place to start.

3. Flatter your fanny: Compression is a good thing, when you’re shopping for a shaper, but one area you may not want to compress is the bottom. In fact, many shapers feature special rear rounding designs that are meant to create lift in the area of the bottom, while trimming the tummy. The Alexandra by Vedette is one of our favorites


4. Built-in weight loss support: Love the way that latex shapes your silhouette? Choose the right garment and the shaping may last longer than you think. Garment with thermal latex panels or designs can increase thermal activity in the core, increasing blood flow and moving toxins. Studies have shown sustained loss of inches with long-term use. Check out The Ann Chery Chaleco Latex Vest.


5. Lose the lumps and bumps: Some of the most effective non-surgical treatments for cellulite come in the form of garments you can wear. Anti-cellulite shapers use techniques like micro-massage and enfused garments to smooth and create more even toned skin. The Dangerous Curves Capri Smoother Kit by Skineez Shapewear is a great place to start.



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Party Girls: Shapers For Special Occasions


Office parties! Christmas events! Winter balls! Once the temperature drops the number of special occasions goes up! And with every event comes a special look. From pretty dresses to super suits, party season means many outfits to switch between. Starting with the right shaper is the right move when you want to party hop in confidence. Here are a few of our favorites to begin your special occasion look.

The Coleen Skirt Slip by Yummie Tummie is so short and sweet that you might not even notice it’s there, but this versatile piece is a must see for its wide variety of uses and invisible shaping. The iPant Anti-cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper by Wacoal is a great shaper whose effects are both immediate and long lasting. Enjoy its high-tech anti cellulite technology. The Capri Thigh Slimmer with Front Closure by Vedette gives great lower body shaping with a splash of Valencian lace! The Bodyslimmers Bust Shaping BodySlip by Nancy Ganz is a strapless shaping slip that would work well under a variety of formal looks.

If you like those, it’s time to take it higher! Both the Long Leg Hi-Waist Firm Control Brief by Va Bien and the Hi-Waist Firm Control Brief by Va Bien are great options if you’re trying to eliminate muffin-top under a dress or suit. Their hi-rise design does the trick under many styles. The Wacoal Cool Definition Hi-Waist Long Leg shaper is an essential piece whether you’re wearing a dress, skirt or slacks. It shapes invisibly under all of them and is a great place to start your special event look. And from the same collection, the Cool Definition Shape Tank by Wacoal is an easy-wearing start to just about any look from black tie to streetwear. Start your party look here! And for a maximum control look, start your evening with the Compression Panty Shaper.

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Fall Fashion is FUN: 5 Ways To Wear Tights


How did it happen? Summer was just here it seemed, but sudden fall has come again and brought with it cooler temperatures that switch from comfortable to chilly over the course of the day. When temperatures fluctuate, you need to be ready to adjust. One of the top tools to accommodate the shifting temperatures of the season is a great pair of tights.

One of our favorite legwear offerings in the Hourglass Angel store is the High Waist Get Fit Tight by ShaToBu. These tights don’t just look great, they pack a special caloric burning punch. Resistance bands woven into the garment make your daily activities better calorie burners. Simply slide in your tights to experience the fitness benefits of this garment.

So how should you wear this versatile accessory? Well let’s start with a seasonal essential: the sweater dress. These tights give an extra layer under any sweater dress and create a smooth silhouette underneath.

Need a look you can take to the office, add this shaping essential to the a pencil skirt and blazer. They will smooth your shape, make you legs look leaner and make your walk to work more beneficial with their special resistance bands.

Take your flirty skater skirt to the next level. Start with the lean and mean look of these tights and you’ll feel confident in this airy look. Pair them both with a pretty blouse and you’ve got a fun look for fall that you’ll want to wear both day and night.

But what if you need your look to go from day to night. Start with a fitted dress. Pair that with a signature scarf for the office or a fun necklace! You’ll want to stay comfy while you’re working so a chic ballet flat is perfect for the easier day look. After dark, kick it you a notch with a smart pair of pumps and denim jacket.

No matter what you wear, when you start with the High Waist Get Fit Tight by ShaToBu your seasonal look is good to go!

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Our Boo-tiful Halloween Picks

Are you showing off your silhouette this Halloween in a spooky and sexy costume? You’re not alone. Halloween has become a time to slip into another world of costume and fantasy. If you’re looking for a playful look that’s a treat for the eyes, you may want to simplify the process with a complete costume look. Hourglass Angel stocks a wide variety of these looks. Let’s take a tour so you can find a set that’s boo-tiful and perfect for you.


The French maid is a classic look that could fit nicely into your Halloween holiday plans. Start with the Maid In Paris Costume by Seven Til Midnight. This set includes a stretch bodysuit, miniskirt, mini apron, ruffle choker and maid’s hat. And don’t forget the detachable garters! You’ll want to pair this set with a perfect sexy shoe and a sexy thigh high or tights if the weather is cooler where you are.


Or maybe you want to show off your heavenly body with an angelic look. The My Baby Angel Costume by Seven Til Midnight is a sexy twist on the classic angel look. This set features a lace up bodysuit, tutu, feather trimmed wings and halo. The detachable garters make this one ideal for thigh highs too.


And last but not least, you will love this look that makes pulses race. The Drive Me Crazy Costume by Dreamgirl is a versatile piece that reverses, creating a 2-in-1 look. Pick your color, red or yellow and become a taxi driver or a racecar diva. This one includes a belt, a taxi driver’s hat and a sporty striped headband.


And don’t forget, we have a wide variety of the costumes, corsets and accessories you need for Halloween, so shop now and find your special fantasy look!


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