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Hourglass Angel

  • 5 Styles to Make You Look Incredible In Everything

    Versatile Shapewear to Flatter Your Figure at Every Event

    The most versatile shapewear

    Don't you admire those women who always look good? Whether they're at work, at the gym, dressed casually or even at a wedding, they look incredible in everything they put on. What size they are doesn't matter as much as what styles they use to flatter their figure.

    The good news is, anyone can look that good by simply setting the right foundation underneath their outfit. With these five basic yet versatile shapewear pieces you can be prepared for any occasion, any day of the week:

    1. Shaping Slip

    From the little black dress to your favorite skirt suit, dressing up is a whole lot easier with one simple piece. The Smooth Solutions Slip by Va Bien slips on easily under just about everything and provides easy to wear control all day long. It features a built-in underwire bra, patented UltraLift technology and a deep, scooping neckline allowing it to be worn under even low-cut fashions.

    1. High Waisted Panty

    You're going to be wearing panties anyway, so why not have some that take the guesswork out of dressing? The High Waisted Panty by Amia is one of the most versatile garments you can wear. This everyday essential gives moderate control and smoothing to the midsection, waist and lower abdomen. Perfect for the office, casual wear, or even special occasions.

    1. Waist Trainer

    If you've been to the gym lately, you may be wondering about those waist bands that so many women are wearing to look slimmer and enhance their workouts. Waist trainers like the Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia are a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. The Active Band instantly slims your midsection while increasing perspiration at the same time—making your workouts work for you.

    1. Bodysuit

    Certain events call for maximum figure sculpting, and that's where a figure-slimming bodysuit comes in. Yet you don't have to sacrifice style for slimming power. The Katia Lace Body Suit With Semi Sheer Thong By Vedette incorporates all of sexiness and femininity of lingerie into a powerful shapewear package. This will be your go-to piece for your formal events as well as nights out.

    1. Short Shaper

    Need a little lift in your backside? A lightweight short shaper like the Perfect Butt Thermal Pant by Flakisima is the best choice for tight pants and skirts designed to show off your rear. The open bottom design of this item creates a lifting effect that rounds the butt into a perfect shape. It also keeps your midsection in check.

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  • The 7 Best Celebrity Corset Costumes

    Celebrity Halloween Costume Inspiration

    Looking for some fresh inspiration for Halloween costumes this year? Look no further than some of our favorite celebrities, who have gone all out flaunting their sexy figures in corsets. Then shop our collection of waist corsets to replicate these looks! Here are some of our favorite costumes worn by famous women, either for a costume party or for a role on-screen or on-stage.

    Miranda Kerr Ring Master

    1. Miranda Kerr: Ring Master

    What a risqué but gorgeous look that Miranda Kerr pulled off for a Halloween party. We love the completed costume with the top hat, jacket and fishnet tights.

    Kim Kardashian Pirate

    1. Kim Kardashian: Pirate

    Kim does Halloween like no one else, and this classic pirate costume truly tops her list. You can pull off a similar effect with a corset over a frilly shirt, complete with high boots.

    Danielle Lineker Vampire Victim

    1. Danielle Lineker: Vampire Victim

    You can be any number of scary ladies in a costume like this: vampire, vampire victim, or even a witch or sorceress. All you need is a corset and something with lacy sleeves and skirt.

    Kelly Brook Devil Ballerina

    1. Kelly Brook: Devil Ballerina

    A corset plus a tutu in fiery red—nothing's hotter. Kelly Brook took full advantage of her hourglass figure and knew how to show it off.

    Angelina Jolie Mrs. Smith

    1. Angelina Jolie: Mrs. Smith

    This look is the perfect combination of naughty and dangerous. A leather corset and matching accessories is one incredibly sexy way to look dominant and in control.

    Megan Fox Jonah Hex

    1. Megan Fox: Jonah Hex

    Megan Fox dressed as everyone's favorite bounty hunter—what a perfect look for Halloween. Look seductively frightening in some dirtied skirts and thigh-highs.

    Beyoncé The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

    1. Beyoncé: The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

    Forget looking scary; Beyoncé went for regal instead. An overbust corset with matching accessories made for a sexy, strong combination.

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  • 5 Sexy Corset Halloween Costumes

    Flatter Your Figure by Adding a Corset

    Halloween is just around the corner, and it's one of our favorite times of year to find new ways to wear a corset. Lacing up with a corset over the top can make almost any costume look more flattering—not to mention flirty. If you're trying to figure out the perfect, creative, sexy costume this year, check out these fun ideas that utilize different styles of corsets.

    Black Swan Corset Costume

    1. Black Swan

    This has always been a popular costume, but ever since Natalie Portman took on the role in the 2010 movie the Black Swan ballerina is the ultimate combination of sexy and scary. This is a relatively easy look to put together with the Damsel Jacquard Overbust Corset By Hourglass Angel; simply add your own makeup, tights and shoes. The Black Cashmere Underbust Corset is another versatile option that you can experiment with so you can find that perfect evil ballerina look.

    Marie Antoinette Corset Costume

    1. Marie Antoinette

    Go classic sexy baroque. Start with the All the Frills Corset and Thong Set by Hourglass Angel and then add a baroque style wig. Piece the rest of the costume together with a flowing skirt, knee-high socks and heels.

    Pirate Corset Costume

    1. Pirate

    This costume never gets old, especially when there are so many ways you can accent it. The corseted pirate look is achieved with an overbust piece like the Regal Red Overbust Corset Set by Hourglass Angel or the Leather Lover Vest Style Corset by Hourglass Angel. Simply add your corset of your pirate costume of choice along with your favorite accessories.

    Catwoman Corset Costume

    1. Cat Woman

    Why stop at a black cat when you can go all the way and be a seductive superhero? A corset adds the extra flair you need to make this costume look phenomenal. We recommend the Leather Lover Corset Set by Hourglass Angel or the Formal Chic Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier by Va Bien.

    Burlesque Dancer

    1. Burlesque Dancer

    You can never go wrong here—plus what a great opportunity to show off some of the prettiest corsets you can find! One of our favorites is the All Laced Up Underbust Corset By Timeless Trends. Pair it with your favorite thigh-highs, heels and bold makeup, and get ready to have the time of your life.

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  • How Hourglass Angel Customer Service Stars Shine

    The premier customer service experience at Hourglass Angel


    Customers Share About Their Outstanding Experiences

    We hope you have enjoyed the past week as we revealed our shapewear stylists who work tirelessly to revolutionize your Hourglass Angel experience. These talented women love to help customers, and we'd like to highlight the impact that they can provide to your shopping experience.

    If you ever have questions about what to buy, these stylists will help you find exactly what you want according to your needs. You'll receive a personalized experience based on your short- and long-term goals, your preferences, body shape and lifestyle. Your shapewear wardrobe will best suit you. You can reach them at 877-442-4530, on live chat, or at

    And don't take our word for it; here are what Hourglass Angel customers are saying about our customer service professionals:

    "I'm in love!! Daisy was so nice and very helpful in helping me find the right garment for my particular needs. I definitely will be purchasing more from this company. I highly recommend you great product and also very easy to clean. " –Melanie L.

    "Great product and customer service!! I first ordered a size XL but after receiving it I noticed that it was too small. I contacted customer service and spoke with Mykeshia. She was very helpful by walking me through the exchange process and making sure that I chose the correct size, which was an XXL. The exchange was very quick and easy. I now have the correct size and I am enjoying the product so far. I will definitely order again." –Darlene W.

    "I took a lot of time with your support person, Megan, and she was informative and extremely patient. She provided me with information that allowed me to make the purchase right away. She should be commended for her work ethic." –Cindy

    "I liked Jen :). She was very helpful and she needs a raise or a kudos from her boss." –Anonymous

    "Elida was great at answering my questions and directing me to the right product for my needs. GREAT customer service" –Anonymous

    "There are so many waist trainers out there and it is hard to trust what is good for your body type. I talked to a representative named Maritza and she was very helpful. It was nice to have assistance directing me to what I was looking for." –Jenn

    "I sent back both cinchers but I love your products and plan on ordering in the future. Claire gave great customer service to me. I love your website and products. Even though I sent back both body shaper cinchers since they were too big and long, I still wrote a review on your company and customer service." –Pamela O

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  • The Stars of Hourglass Angel: Meet Maritza Uriostegui

    Celebrate National Customer Service Week

    It's the last day of customer service week and we're going out strong. We've heard some fascinating insights from our shapewear experts every day and hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have.

    Meet Hourglass Angel's customer service team


    We wrap up this series with our interview of customer service representative Maritza Uriostegui. Like the rest of the team, she truly enjoys connecting with customers and helping them find exactly what they need, whether it's over the phone, email or chat.

    We asked her a few questions and here is what she said: 

    What do you love about being in customer service?

    What I most enjoy is the ability to be the face of the company. Every day I am able to represent and reinforce Hourglass Angel's mission. Our customer service team strives to help women reach their shaping goals, encourage confidence, and reinforce their weight loss efforts with compression garments. 

    What was your favorite project this past year?

    My favorite project was welcoming and educating a new member of our team. As we continue to grow I enjoy being able to help my coworkers and share valuable information that our customers may benefit from.

    What do you think is our biggest opportunity in the next 5-10 years?

    I think our biggest opportunity would be to expand to brick and mortar stores. As the E-commerce world continues to grow I think there still is an opportunity to provide customers with the in store experience and convenience. 

    What specific products please you the most and why?

    Performance apparel garments are the products that I enjoy the most. When you work out you can really feel the difference when wearing compression garments. I personally have experienced the reassurance that they give you, and I've felt motivated to continue working out. 

    What would you like to see us add to our inventory?

    I would like for Hourglass Angel to add a collection of slimming creams. I think customers would really enjoy combining a slimming cream with their compression garments to accelerate results.

    What makes Hourglass Angel stand out against the competition?

    Hourglass Angel stands out against the competition in that we offer high quality garments at an affordable price. 

    What is your favorite piece that you would like to offer all Hourglass Angel visitors a discount?

    I would like to offer a discount to encourage Hourglass Angel visitors to try the Bio-Ceramic Shorts By Delfin. I have suggested this garment to many clients, and they have always been please with the quality and the experience they have when working out in it. Please use coupon code MARITZA15 for 15% off the Bio-Ceramic Shorts By Delfin, valid today only (October 11, 2015).

    Thank you Maritza! And thank you to all our customer service reps, as well as our readers who have been following along. We hope these interviews have been informative and that you've enjoyed getting to know the faces behind the scenes at Hourglass Angel.

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  • The Stars of Hourglass Angel: Meet Elida Salgado

    Celebrate National Customer Service Week 

    It's National Customer Service Week! All week long, we're highlighting the stars at Hourglass Angel who work to make your shapewear experience excellent.

    Hourglass Angel customer service representatives answer your questions

    Today's star customer service representative is Elida Salgado. Like all our reps, she's assists our customers with virtually any questions that arise about styling, fit, sizing and more, over the phone, email and chat.

    We asked Elida several questions about her experiences assisting customers: 

    What do you love about being in customer service?

    I love whenever I can gain a customer's trust and make them feel confident that they are getting the correct garment to fit their body and lifestyle. It makes me feel happy knowing I helped somebody out. I've heard back from a few customers letting me know that they love the product I suggested and that they feel self-assured with their trainer.

    What was your favorite project this past year? Amia! I love the brand and it's exciting to let customers know about all the new product releases and the attention that Amia is getting in the media.

    What do you think is our biggest opportunity in the next 5-10 years? To get a celebrity to endorse our products! Starting off with a lesser known celebrity, word of mouth will get out, and then we will be able to have an A-list celebrity endorse our products. Perhaps getting on QVC would be awesome too!

    What specific products please you the most and why?

    I really like the Total Compression Body Shaper by Vedette 705. It provides compression in all the right areas without looking super fake.

    What would you like to see us add to our inventory?

    More lingerie, panties, perhaps a longer and shorter waist trainer options for customers of different heights.

    What makes Hourglass Angel stand out against the competition? Great customer service, very lenient return policies, and a clean, professional looking easy-access website. We also have a new Stylist quiz that is going to be very helpful, especially with iffy customers whom have a hard time buying things online.

    What is your favorite piece that you would like to offer all Hourglass Angel visitors a discount?

    I would say Ann Chery Alexa High Compression Bodysuit 3009 It's a well-constructed body shaper, and I think we would sell more if the price was a little lower. Please use coupon code ELIDA15AB for 15% off the Ann Chery Alexa High Compression Bodysuit 3009 valid through October 11th.

    Thanks Elida! Tune in all week long as we learn more from our customer service team.

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  • Join Hourglass Angel for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Help Us in the Fight to Beat Breast Cancer

    It's October, which for women means it's time to wear pink ribbons and other pink attire to raise awareness about breast cancer.

    While the color itself is really fun to wear, don't forget the true purpose behind it. Each year it is estimated that over 230,000 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. Yet this disease is very survivable; there are over 2.9 million breast cancer survivors alive in the U.S. today. Many of them have survived because of early detection. Forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump (source: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.®).

    One of the best ways to help women fight this disease is to help is to educate them with the knowledge they need to prevent it and get through it. That's why we support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Its mission is to help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.

    The NBCF offers several key programs.

    • The Early Detection Plan helps women be proactive about their help detecting breast cancer in its early stages and increase their odds of survival.
    • Beyond the Shock is an educational resource for those affected by breast cancer so they can gain a better understanding of the disease.
    • The National Mammography Program partners with medical facilities across the country to provide diagnostic breast care services and free mammograms to underserved women.
    • The Patient Navigator program helps patients overcome the barriers of cost, fear and misinformation surrounding breast cancer and its prevention.
    • The Breast Health Education Program provides breast cancer education and early detection services to women at community outreaches across the U.S.
    • The NBCF also works with the finest scientists in the world by providing funding to research efforts.

    $1 for every A110 bought is donated

    We whole-heartedly support the NBCF. Throughout the month of October, $1 of every pink Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia we sell will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The Active Band is designed for workouts and can be part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

    Join us in October to help as many women as possible beat cancer. Wear pink and join the fight!

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  • The Lazy Girl's Guide To Waist Training – A Review

    How to start waist training

    Tips for Getting Kardashian-Inspired Curves

    Danielle Prescod is a fashion expert known for her work at Elle and InStyle magazine. We were excited to talk to her last year, when she expressed interest in doing a review of waist training after noticing the Kardashians' obsession with the practice.

    We sent her one of our most popular items, the Workout Band by Ann Chery, which just happens to be one of Kim K.'s favorites to share on Instagram.

    Waist training tips

    After a few weeks wearing the cincher, Prescod admitted she was hooked. But in her hilarious review, she unveiled a few tips that she learned the hard way. If you lean towards the lazy side, take her word for it and follow these practices. It will make your transition into a waist training regimen much more pleasant.

    1. Start out slowly.

    Prescod wore her waist trainer for twelve hours on her first day and those that followed. While we're glad she didn't pass out, we highly recommend you just do a little bit at a time. Start out slowly—just an hour the first time. Add a little bit of time each day until you're comfortable wearing it for long hours. It shouldn't be a painful experience.

    1. Eat small, healthy meals and snacks.

    You'll notice when you're waist training that you can't eat big meals. This can be a healthy change, as many nutritionists recommend eating five or six small meals a day anyway. But don't skip meals! This could make you cranky and might mess with your metabolism.

    1. Work out. Please.

    You might be tempted to take shortcuts when you notice how easy it is to get a slimmer waistline without any effort. But you are not doing yourself any favors in the long run. Prescod was disappointed to discover that after a month of waist training and no exercise, her midsection hadn't quite experienced the transformation she was anticipating. Keeping your core strong is a must in order for you to achieve proper results with a waist trainer. Here are some recommendations for exercises you can do while wearing one.

    Intrigued? Start your own waist training regimen with one of many options like the Workout Band by Ann Chery or the Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia.

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  • Cincher or Corset?

    Choosing a cincher or corset depends on your goals and needs.

    Understanding the Difference Between Waist-Training Garments

    One of the most common questions we receive is whether it is better to use a cincher or a corset when waist training. The answer is…it depends! While they can both be used effectively for waist training, they are two very different types of garments, because of the materials inside.

    Corsets are traditional waist-slimming garments, reinforced with steel boning and sometimes tightened with laces. They can produce very dramatic results (multiple inches instantly) and are designed to create a pronounced hourglass waistline.

    Cinchers are modern waist-slimming garments, constructed with synthetic materials like nylon, spandex and/or latex as well as plastic boning. Like corsets they instantly slim the waistline, although not as dramatically (generally 1-3 inches).

    A corset might be appropriate when:

    • You are interested dramatically reshaping your midsection. Wearing a corset for multiple hours a day will "train" your waist, similar to how gauges would reshape your earlobes or braces would shift your teeth.
    • You like the style of a corset. Unlike cinchers, many corsets look phenomenal when worn as outerwear.
    • You plan on slimming down quite a bit. The laces are easily tightened as your waistline shrinks.
    • You need to drop lots of inches from your waist on the spot. The corset gets the job done.

    A cincher might be appropriate when:

    • You want to work out. Workout cinchers are a great way to increase the intensity and burn more calories.
    • You want to hide your shapewear under your clothing. Unlike bulkier corsets, many cinchers are designed to be invisible under your outerwear, making everyday use more realistic.
    • You want to eliminate "bulging." Some styles of corsets are just not flattering on all body types, while cinchers can be more effective at hiding unwanted bulge.
    • You want to waist train while sleeping. If you're that serious about your waist-training regimen, a cincher can be a more comfortable way to relax.

    Some women find it very useful to have both cinchers and corsets in their wardrobe, so if you can't decide, try both to find the best fit for different outfits and occasions.

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  • How to Incorporate Shapewear into Fall Fashion Trends

    Fall 2015 fashion trends & shapewear

    New York Fashion Week Recap—The Complete Fall 2015 Trend Guide

    The season is changing and it's time to prepare your fall wardrobe. Want to know what's most stylish this year? New York Fashion Week reveals the hottest trends.

    What you won't learn at Fashion Week is how to incorporate shapewear into your outfits. We're not all fashion models, but that doesn't mean we can't all look as stunning.

    Here is your guide to looking your very best in this season's trends by having the right foundation underneath:

    Fall 2015 Plaid Trend

    1. Plaid

    In a season when black and neutral colors can be dominant, it's nice to see some red to brighten up the mood. Plaid shirts are simple but can be sexy too. They look their best on a smooth foundation. To enhance this look, try a cami like the Control Camisole by Amia. If you want more overall shaping, try the High Waisted Thigh Shaper By Slim Me.

    Fall 2015 High Waisted Trend

    1. High Waisted

    This popular trend continues this year, resulting in an exaggerated hourglass silhouette with a tiny midsection and long, lean legs. No matter what your size, this style helps enhance your midsection. For the best results, pair high waisted pants or skirts with your favorite waist trainer. You can also use a high waisted panty like the Dana High Waist Panty Enhancer With Front Closure by Vedette.

    Short Skirts Fall 2015 Trend

    1. Short Skirts

    It's not too cold yet, so go ahead and show off those legs. This style creates a youthful silhouette, and the leg-lengthening effect is flattering on most body types. The best shapewear with a short skirt is a short leg, high waist shaper. The Daisy Thermal Slimmer Shorts by CoCoon creates a flat tummy, shaped rear and slim thighs.

    Fall 2015 Nouveau Victorian Trend

    1. Nouveau Victorian

    A lot has changed over time, but our Victorian predecessors knew how to dress a woman up in a sexy silhouette. Combine a traditional button-up look with some modern flair. Spice it up with brocade style corsets like the Silk Floral Brocade Corset.

    One Sleeve Fall 2015 Trend

    1. One Sleeve

    You can get a little adventurous this fall by showing off some shoulder. Your best option for a slim figure with one sleeve is a strapless or adjustable shaper like the Convertible Panty Shaper By Vedette.

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