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  • What Makes Butt-Lifting Jeans Better — Hourglass Angel

    How butt-lifting jeans work
    What's the difference between butt-lifting jeans and regular jeans?

    You've probably heard the buzz about butt-lifting denim, but perhaps you're wondering about what the big deal is. How are they different from regular jeans? Can they make your butt look that much fuller and rounder?

    The answer is yes!

    Whether you have an already curvy bottom or you need some shaping helping, butt-lifting jeans make a huge difference, especially when compared to heavy, straight denim. Don't fall victim to "mom jeans" or worn-out denim; you can look hot for any event in this miraculous denim innovation.

    Still need convincing? Here's why butt-lifting denim is better:

    Innovative seaming

    Most traditional jeans have a flat seam above the rear. But butt-lifting jeans use a heart-shaped seam across the back to emphasize a round bubble look. So your butt can look fuller without any effort on your part. This seaming actually lifts and sculpts your bottom, making it look firmer, fuller and perkier.

    Small, angled pockets

    This is a simple detail that goes a long way. When you have smaller pockets sitting on the fullest part, the natural curves of your butt are going to look bigger, naturally. And when they're angled slightly inward, they create an illusion of fullness. The pockets on regular jeans can actually contribute to your bottom looking flat or saggy – who needs that?

    Stretch cotton denim

    For a truly sexy look, your jeans should cling to your rear. It doesn't work well with heavy denim, nor is it very comfortable. Stretch denim hugs your butt and emphasizes your curves, while allowing more free movement.

    Flashy detailing

    Tasteful studs, strategically placed stitching and other embellishments help draw attention to the most flattering places on the upper part of your butt. These accents make the jeans chic and on-trend, but they also help to flatter your fanny.

    Strategic fading

    Fading on the rear will draw attention to your curves in all the right places.

    Once you try butt-lifting denim, the difference is obvious, especially compared with jeans that are worn out, sagging and simply not designed to flatter your backside. For the latest in butt-lifting innovation, we recommend that you check out Amia's new line of lift-and-sculpt jeans. You're going to love your new butt!

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  • Spanx: What is it and What Does it Do? / Hourglass Angel

    What does Spanx do? Find out from Hourglass Angel

    We're thrilled to announce that Hourglass Angel now carries Spanx shapewear! But, what is Spanx and what does Spanx do? If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, here's the scoop.

    Spanx shapers are typically lightweight garments that help to control trouble areas and make your silhouette look slim and streamlined. The layers are designed to be thin, so that they're unnoticeable under close-fitting dresses and other attire.

    Very few women have a "flawless" figure. Spanx makes it possible for virtually every woman, regardless of their shape or size.

    Spanx offers a variety of garments, including bodysuits, shaping panties, camis and other styles, each designed to target and enhance different areas of the body.

    Here are some of the features found in select Spanx garments:

    • Tummy sculpting power: Spanx shapers use a bonded tummy panel to flatten your tummy and give you a smooth midsection.
    • Lightweight design: Spanx uses a unique spandex/nylon blend that is comfortable and feels like it's barely there.
    • Pocketed rear: As Brooke Shield says, no more uni-butt! Enhance your and support your curves.
    • Side panels for ultimate slimming power without uncomfortable squeezing.
    • Paper thin leg openings for a seamless look under show-stopping styles.

    These are just a few of the benefits of Spanx, but don't just take our word for it. Check out what some celebrities are saying this beloved shapewear:

    "You guys have no idea how many friends I've turned on to the Bra-llelujah!"
    Jennifer Garner

    "Every celebrity walking down the red carpet. You think she's all just naturally like 'shooop.' A lot of them have Spanx on. They're these tight little tights. You put 'em on, it sucks you up, baby. No matter what red carpet, I got 'em on. I look like a granny before I put the dress on, but I put on the dress, and it's like, 'palow!'"
    Tyra Banks

    "Spanx are my best friend!"
    Kim Kardashian

    "Spanx—it's all hidden and squashed!"

    Sienna Miller

    "I love Spanx, I love Spanx. I wear Spanx every single day. I've given up panties. I wear Spanx!"

    "I wore Spanx under my Fantastic Four costume. I love them! Spanx are the only thing that smooths out all of my lumps and bumps."
    Jessica Alba

    "Spanx are a gift from God!"
    Miley Cyrus

    "Style secret? Definitely Spanx. That's every girl's secret, but most don't talk about it. You don't have to think about sucking it in—they do the work for you." —Miranda Lambert

    "There's a little thing called Spanx...they suck it all up! They're the first ones that actually have butt indentations, so they don't give you uni-butt!"

    Brooke Shields

    Ready to check out Spanx? Get your celebrity figure now - shop the Spanx collection.

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  • How To: Waist Training After Pregnancy | Hourglass Angel

    Tips for waist training after pregnancy

    How to Waist Train After Pregnancy with Postpartum Trainers

    One of the burning questions new moms face is, "When am I going to get my body back?"

    Your body has worked hard growing a baby for nine months, and it's only natural to want to regain your pre-baby fitness level and shape. Waist training after pregnancy is a simple way to get you on track to getting into the shape you want to be in.

    Here are our top tips on how to use postpartum waist trainers so that you're feeling like yourself again in no time:

    1. Start with gentle support.

    Following a natural birth or a C-section, your body has been through a lot of trauma. Now is not the time for a super tight steel-boned corset! We recommend using a postpartum wrap designed especially for those tender weeks following birth. It will provide the support your midsection needs as your abdominal muscles heal. Compression shorts also feel great, as they will help support your hips and pelvic floor muscles.

    1. Support your workouts.

    Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor (usually around 6 weeks postpartum), exercise is essential to strengthen all of those weakened muscles in your core, as well as to burn away the extra fat that your body accumulated during pregnancy to support your growing baby. Using a workout band is a fabulous way to intensify those workouts and help you maintain good posture. Be sure to balance strength training with cardio (we've got some great videos that can help you get started!)

    1. Gradually increase your time waist training.

    In addition to a workout band, we recommend using an everyday waist trainer that you can wear under your outfits. These can especially be a huge help if you're going back to work so you can fit into your pre-baby clothes sooner!  Start with just an hour or two a day and slowly increase the time you wear your waist trainer each day—up to about 10 hours a day.

    1. Size down when needed.

    Cinchers are designed to adjust to your changing body. As your midsection sizes down, pull the clasps tighter. Eventually you will probably need a size smaller—and that is cause to celebrate!

    1. Complement waist training with a healthy diet.

    We hope this goes without saying, but you're really working against yourself if you're not eating well during your waist training. Plus, you're not doing your recovering body any favors. We know it's hard when you have a newborn to care for, but make it a priority to prepare healthy meals with a balance of carbs, proteins and fats. Use whole ingredients and avoid processed meals; limit caffeine and alcohol as well. Before long you'll be looking great and feeling great—helping you be the best mom you can be.

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  • Prepping for Wedding Day Waist Training Regime

    Bridal Shapewear & Waist Cinchers

    The five-month waist training plan for brides and bridesmaids

    The weather's warming up and wedding season is right around the corner. If you're a bride-to-be, you're probably keeping busy with planning…and getting your figure ready for the big day!

    Aside from bridal shapewear that you wear under your gown, a waist training plan is a sure-fire way to make sure you're looking your best as you walk down the aisle (whether bride or bridesmaid!). For the best results, we recommend starting at least five months out. However, if it's a little late in the game, you can still start a waist training regime and see results in just a few weeks.

    Here's our five month plan: the bridal waist cincher slim-down.

    Month 1

    First and foremost, take a "before" picture! You might be surprised just how much your body changes in the coming weeks.

    For some extra fun, get the whole bridal party in on the challenge! You can hold each other accountable along the way and celebrate your results together.

    You'll want to ease your way into waist training during this month. We recommend starting at just four hours a day and gradually adding an hour each day until you're waist training 10-12 hours a day. If you start to feel uncomfortable, break it up into smaller increments throughout the day.

    Don't forget that an essential part of effective waist training is a healthy diet and exercise! We know you're busy, but trust us—if you can keep up the habit now, you'll thank yourself later. Be sure to have a workout band to make your workouts more effective.

    Month 2

    By now you should feel more comfortable wearing your waist trainer for long hours. You can expect to pull the cincher tighter this month, which is exciting because it means that it's working.

    You may be excited to start seeing noticeable results, but don't let that be an excuse to let up on your healthy lifestyle. Continue to stay hydrated around the clock—your body, skin and hair will benefit. How's the bridal party doing? Be sure to check in with one another.

    Month 3

    Waist training should feel almost second nature now! You'll notice that you're standing taller and feeling more confident because your posture is being corrected when you wear your waist trainer. This is great news for your wedding pictures! Keep up this habit and you'll naturally want to stand tall all the time.

    Month 4

    It's time to start serious countdown in the final weeks to the wedding! At this point, if you've been sticking to your healthy eating and exercise goals, you may have noticed that you need to size down your waist trainer. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new garment, which will likely be the one you wear on your Big Day. Make an event of out this milestone – celebrate a little bit with the girls!

    Month 5

    This month will be a whirlwind, so keep up the discipline with your waist training. Don't forget to keep up with your healthy diet and exercise in preparation for the big day! Be sure to have any final alterations on your dress (and the bridesmaid dresses!) completed so you can really rock it in your slim figure.

    And while you'll have plenty of wedding photos, don't forget to take an "after" waist training picture so you can see just how far you've come!

    We hope you find this timeline helpful as you prepare for your wedding! Make it a day you'll cherish forever…and hopefully you'll be in the habit of looking and feeling great no matter what the occasion.

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  • Waist Trainers for Long & Short Torsos / Hourglass Angel

    Waist Trainers for Long & Short Torsos

    The ideals waist trainers for short torsos and long torsos

    Looking for the perfect waist trainer for your body type? A common question we get at Hourglass Angel is: do we recommend a particular waist trainer for short torsos or long torsos? And the answer is—yes! There are some options you should consider when it comes to a waist trainer's length.

    First, you can determine whether your torso is short, long or average. Use measuring tape to measure the length between the base of your neck (where the shoulders meet the neck) and the base of your spine (rest your hands on your hips and note where your thumbs meet in the back).

    For women, a torso measurement between 15 and 17 inches is average; less than that is considered short and more than that is considered long. In general, if you're taller than 5 feet 6 inches, your torso is probably long. If you're shorter than 5 feet 2 inches, your torso is probably short. But be sure to measure.

    Now the fun part: what garment is best for you?

    Long Torso

    One of the frustrations of a longer torso is that some waist trainers don't cover your lower abdomen. In particular, workout bands are shorter because they are designed to give you more range of motion during your workouts. This is not actually a bad thing, so consider whether it's a real problem or not!

    If you're concerned about lower abdominal coverage, you might like the Long Torso Sporty Exercise Band for your workouts. Or, pair the waist trainer of your choice with shaping leggings for more coverage.

    If you have a long torso you may want to consider different types of material and compression levels. Tight-fitting spandex and high compression might be unflattering and uncomfortable, while lighter compression cotton cinchers will provide much better results.

    Short Torso

    The main problem with a shorter torso is that some garments just don't fit correctly, and depending on how they are constructed they could even jab a little at your ribs or your hips.

    You might find that a workout waist trainer fits you well because of the narrower design—if you're interested in ongoing waist training, wear a workout band under your everyday clothes. You might like our versatile Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia that transitions from workout band to an every day waist trainer.

    And like women with long torsos, you might also find that lighter compression cotton cinchers will be more comfortable and flattering for everyday use.

    We hope you find these tips useful as you find the perfect waist trainer for your body type. As always, contact our customer service team for more specific recommendations.

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  • How to Get an Hourglass Figure

    Reshape your natural shape into an hourglass shaped body with high-quality shapewear.

    How to Get an Hourglass Figure

    Wondering how to get an hourglass figure when you are not naturally curved that way? The key to an hourglass shaped body is targeting the right areas so that you're creating balance in your figure.

    First, figure out what shape you are and then choose the shapers best suited for you. Finding your ideal hourglass figure is easy!

    1. Round Figure

    You have a full bust and midsection, along with narrow shoulders and hips. When it comes to shapewear, your objective is to define your waistline and provide excellent support for your breasts.

    The best shapers for you include waist-shrinking cinchers and corsets. You may also appreciate the bust and back support they provide so you can stand tall and confident all day. You can also benefit greatly from waist training and using a workout band.

    1. Straight Figure

    Your shoulders, bust, waist and hip measurements are all similar in size. Your figure is enviably long and slender, so your objective with shapewear is to add curves in the right places.

    In addition to a great bra, you can benefit from a waist-slimming shaper or cincher. Look for an open-bust design that will enhance your top. You'll also look great in an open bottom shaper that naturally lifts and shapes your rear.

    1. Curvy on Bottom

    You have lovely curves around your hips and probably have a great butt, but your hip measurements are wider than your shoulders and bust. Your objectives in shapewear are to provide control for your hips and thighs while emphasizing your small waist and enhancing your bust.

    Provide balance on top with an enhancing bra and choose open bust shapewear that slims and controls your midsection. You'll also benefit from thigh-slimming shapers, shaping leggings and shaping panties.

    1. Shapely on Top

    You have a full bust that many women would love to have, but your upper half is noticeably larger than your lower half. Your objectives with shapewear are to define your waist and soften your shoulders—by drawing attention away from your top you can achieve that hourglass balance.

    Garments that target your midsection will provide the waist definition you need, while butt-enhancing shapers and apparel will draw more attention to your lower half. For the best results, choose tops to wear over your shapewear that aren't too bright or busy; if you want to wear a statement piece, make it your pants or your shoes.

    1. Hourglass

    You might be lucky enough to have hourglass curves: a defined waistline with balance bust and hips. All you need is some control, and we've got you covered.

    You'll love the way you'll look in any of our full-body shapers, which provide curve enhancement and control. Other great picks for you include waist cinchers and shaping panties for a perfectly smooth hourglass finish.

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  • Your Waist Trainer & Cincher Sizing Q&A—Hourglass Angel

    Waist cincher sizing Q&A

    A Q&A on Waist Trainer and Cincher Sizing

    Here at Hourglass Angel, waist trainers continue to be one of our most popular items. We also get a lot of questions—like what waist trainer size our customers should order. Waist cincher sizing might seem tricky at first, but it's easy once you know what to look for. We’ve put together this simple Q&A to help you find the right garment for your body:

    1. What size should I buy?

    Shapewear sizing is not equivalent to standard garment sizing, which is why it is important to refer to the size chart of each product. Use our Shapewear Size Guide to see the right way to take your measurements and find your size for various types of garments. Be sure to also double-check the size chart viewable on every product page.

    1. How do I take my measurements?

    For most garments you just need three measurements: your bust, waist and hips. For waist trainers, the waist is the most important measurement. To take measurements, use fabric or vinyl measuring tape and make sure that it is parallel to the ground (e.g. no sliding up or sagging anywhere). For the bust, measure around the fullest part. For the waist, measure two inches above the belly button. For the hips, measure around the fullest part. See here for more detailed instructions.

    1. What if I plan on losing weight?

    Our shapewear is designed for precision fit, which is why it is important to choose the size that fits you now; if it is too small, it will not fit in a comfortable or flattering way. Waist cinchers are designed with hook-and-eye columns in two to three different rows, so that when you size down, you can tighten them. If the garment is eventually too big, reward yourself and get the smaller size! It means that it was working!

    1. What if I am between sizes?

    Remember that with waist trainer size as well as for shapewear in general, it is better to go a little too big rather than too small. If you're in between sizes, the larger garment will still fit snugly—remember that most cinchers allow you to adjust them to the ideal row of hook-and-eye closures.

    1. Do you have plus-size cinchers?

    Yes! See our collection of plus-size cinchers and shapewear here.

    1. I've got more sizing questions, who can I talk to?

    First, remember to check our Size Chart & Measuring Instructions to find your size for different types of garments. If you still have questions, just give us a call! Contact our Customer Care Department at (877) 442-4530 or email – we're happy to help!

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  • Gift Guide for the New Mom—Hourglass Angel

    New mom gifts: Hourglass Angel fitness products will be adored and used by the new mom-to-be.


    Baby Shower Gifts for the New Mom

    New mom gifts are a lot of fun to shop for—after all, those little onesies and socks are so adorable! But have you thought about what mama herself might want? Besides a backrub…get her something that will help her regain her figure (and her self-confidence) after pregnancy!

    Shapewear is the perfect way to mix it up and help her feel great after birth. Here is our most popular postpartum shapewear at Hourglass Angel, which is sure to be a hit:

    Post Delivery Girdle by Underworks

    1. Post Delivery Girdle by Underworks

    Following childbirth, new moms need gentle support as their bodies heal. Postpartum belly wrapping is a time-honored tradition practiced in cultures around the world (it's surprising that not everyone does it!). This twelve inch elastic band provides gentle pressure to the abdominal area and fits easily around post-baby bellies. The Velcro closure panel allows you to adjust it as your body changes.


    1. Classic Waist Cincher by Amia

    Once past the initial postpartum period, new moms will want to start providing firmer compression as they continue on their journey to their pre-pregnancy shape. We recommend regular use of a waist trainer like the Classic Waist Cincher by Amia. This best-selling waist-shrinking garment is the ultimate everyday midsection shaper. Wear it under almost anything with the bra and panty styles of your choice.


    1. Ann Chery Latex Waist Shaper Vest

    For extra support, especially for breastfeeding mamas, a vest-style waist trainer is ideal. This latex shaper vest uses firm compression shapewear technology that smooths your figure and visibly reduces inches from the waist, abdomen, and the back while you wear it. It is supported with two reinforced columns of hook and eye closures down the center of the abdomen.


    1. Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia

    Of course, and active lifestyle goes a long way in helping mamas regain their shape! This workout band is designed especially for use during exercise, to maximize the intensity and help you reach your fitness goals. (Can we add that it pairs perfectly with a jogging stroller?)


    1. Corselette by Amia

    Sometimes a mama just needs to look glamorous. This beautiful shaper will instantly make you look and feel sexy—perfect for boosting confidence at any special event. The Amia corselette hugs your hips, supports your bust, and slims your waist, all in one elegant package.


    1. Amp Your Curves Waist Training Gel

    New moms can see dramatic results with daily waist training—but you can assist that process even further with this specially formulated gel. It targets imperfections around your waist, hips, and thighs with powerful, clinically proven body contouring ingredients, so moms can feel more confident in their own skin.

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  • How Customers Really Feel About Their Shapewear

    Does shapewear really work?

    How Customers Really Feel About Their Shapewear

    Honest Reviews on Waist Trainers, Shapers and More

    Thinking about getting into shapewear but not sure if you'll get dramatic results? Are you wondering what your waist cincher before and after pics might be like?

    Don't take our word for it. Here are genuine reviews from customers, describing what they love about shapewear and how these products works to enhance their curves.

    Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia

    Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia

    A premium latex waist trainer that enhances any workout. It increases your perspiration while slimming the waist line at the same time.

    What our customers say:

    I love it love it love it!

    I put this on and instantly shaped my figure to the way I wanted it...I felt more confident and secure in my clothing. My muffin top wasn't visible any longer. My boyfriend gave me plenty of compliments which made it worth it even more.


    Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia

     Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia

    An essential piece, giving everyday mid-weight shaping from the torso to the mid-thigh.

    Amazing product!!!!!

    This product is amazing! I put it on and it instantly took inches off my waist, hips and thighs! It allowed for the perfect slimming look for my formal evening wear and everyday wear! This product has made me a customer for life and I can't wait to try more items! I am so beyond pleased that I will never purchase shapewear from any other company and now my friends and family are hooked! Thanks Hourglass Angel for making me look as fabulous as I feel!

    —Shahana A.

    Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper by Vedette

    Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper by Vedette

    Offers the benefits of a waist-shrinking shaper while also boosting your backside. A special open-back design lifts and rounds your rear to make it look fuller and perkier.

    Well worth the money

    I've purchased a few products from this site and each product has delivered but this product delivered ON-TIME! I've been working out for months doing squat after squat to lift my rear. I decided to try the Alexandria because it was on sale and I figured if it didn't do the job I could use it as a shaper, well to my surprise IT WORKS. I haven't seen my butt this round and perky since my high school years.


    Celebrity Style Body Shaper By Leonisa 018674

    Celebrity Style Body Shaper by Leonisa

    This bodysuit ends just above the knee, taming the tummy and trimming the thighs and hips. It also provides control around the lower abdominal area and rear.

    Excellent Feeling

    I ordered my body shaper and it came just in good time I wore it the next day to a party it was so comfortable. I dance all night with it on.


    Vivian Strapless Boyshort Bodysuit With Front Closure

    Vivian Strapless Boyshort Bodysuit With Front Closure

    A stylish all-over shaper that slims the waist and hips while also lifting the rear.

    The Perfect Postpartum Shaper!

    I’ve had my bodysuit for almost two weeks and it works great! I just had my first child a little over three months ago and am in the process of trying to lose the excess weight I gained during my pregnancy. It’s been hard trying to find clothing to wear postpartum that’s not too baggy or too tight. I originally just wanted a corset, but realized that a corset wouldn’t necessarily cover my lower belly. I decided to try a bodysuit instead. This shaper cinches my waist perfectly! Before I made the purchase, I could not fit any of my pre-pregnancy clothes (only maternity wear which made me look frumpy). Once I got my shaper in the mail (just a few days after ordering) and tried it on, I could fit almost all of my pre-pregnancy jeans. About a week after wearing the bodysuit for 8-10 hours each day, I could fit those same jeans even without putting on the bodysuit (all without exercising or dieting)! Features that I love are the hook and eye front closure and the removable straps that allow me to wear the bodysuit with a variety of clothing styles. Initially, I was confused as to what size to order as my height/weight/measurements would put me under the L size, but closer to XL and my dress size is a 10 (XL). I ultimately went with size L and it fits perfectly. It did take a day or so to get used to the tightness of the shaper, but after wearing it for a while it became very comfortable. Overall, it was a great purchase as it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I love it and would absolutely purchase another!

    Does shapewear really work? What do you think? Let us know in the comments or leave a review on your favorite product to help other customers see the results they can experience!

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  • 13 Essential Facts about Waist Training

    Waist training questions and answers

    The Answers to Your Questions

    It seems like waist training is showing up everywhere these days, from your Instagram feed to the nightly news. While many people love it, some are still skeptical or uncertain about how it works. We're here to give you the facts, so you can feel confident about what you're doing when you try it.

    1) What is waist training?

    Waist training, by definition, is the practice of wearing a corset or waist cincher regularly to instantly slim your waist, while also supplementing a fitness goal of reducing your natural waist size. However, just because you're wearing a corset or cincher doesn't mean that you are waist training. You can also wear waist trainers for fun, fashion and dramatic slimming under a dress, work clothes, exercise gear or everyday attire.

    2) How long has waist training been around?

    Waist training has been a practice for both men and women for thousands of years! It has evolved throughout history. Over the last few hundred years women have used it fashionably, and in the last several years it has been an extremely popular trend, thanks in partly to high-profile celebrities touting the benefits of wearing a waist trainer.

    3) Why is waist training popular now?

    Several key celebrities including the Kardashian sisters, Beyoncé and Nikki Minaj have brought the voluptuous figure with a small waist and big curves back into fashion. The Kardashians have publicly attributed their figures to waist training, and everyone else has followed.

    4) What's involved?

    Waist training involves wearing a waist cincher or corset somewhat regularly—daily if possible. Some women choose to do it only when working out, because man styles are designed to increase perspiration and maximize any physical activity. Others wear a waist trainer for long hours every day. The more you wear it, the more dramatic the results.

    5) How do you start?

    If you're not sure how to use a waist trainer, it's best to start gradually and work your way up a little each day. For example, start with an hour the first day, two hours the next day and so on. You can also break up the time into smaller increments over the course of a day. Ideally for the best results you'll want to wear your trainer ten to twelve hours a day.

    6) What are the benefits?

    Results vary from person to person, but waist training has several benefits. The biggest one: you get an instant hourglass shape the second you put it on. It's also a great complement for a healthy lifestyle that can help you feel confident and keep you motivated with your diet and fitness. Another big one: many waist trainers stimulate thermal activity in your core, so you sweat harder during runs, workouts and other exercises. In other words, you get more from your workout, with less effort!

    7) Is it a replacement for fitness?

    No! We absolutely recommend waist training as a complement to healthy diet and exercise. While a waist trainer can help you instantly look slimmer and help keep you motivated, you won't see lasting results without a healthy lifestyle.

    8) How long do results take?

    It depends on several factors including how much you wear it, your lifestyle changes and the shape of your figure when you start. If you wear a waist trainer as part of a dramatic lifestyle change, you are going to see results fast. If you are already fit and simply want to enhance your figure, your results won't be as pronounced.

    9) Do you have to keep it up to maintain results?

    Yes. Remember, waist training is part of a lifestyle. If you stopped eating healthy food and exercising, you wouldn't maintain your body's shape. The same goes for a waist training regimen.

    10) If you stop waist training, how long will it take for your body to return to the way it was?

    Again, your body requires maintenance if you want to retain a certain shape—with diet, exercise and waist training. How long it takes depends on a lot of factors, like how much your body has transitioned and how long you've been doing waist training.

    11) Is a custom corset worth it?

    We don't think so. Our cinchers come in a variety of adjustable sizes, and if you plan on losing a lot of weight anyway, you don't want to invest in a corset that will be too big in a few months.

    12) How do you pick the right waist trainer?

    We recommend starting with the basics: an everyday cincher and a workout waist trainer. Be sure to follow our sizing charts. Most waist trainers feel very snug at first, but your body becomes accustomed to it very quickly. However, wearing a waist trainer should never be painful or restrict your breathing – if it does, take it off immediately and consider another size.

    13) Any other advice?

    For the best results, you want a waist trainer that fits well and is made with quality material. Please talk to our shapewear specialists if you have any questions, and they will help you find the perfect match!

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