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  • Must-Have Lingerie for Fall

    Sexy Styles, Perfect for Cooler Weather 

    No matter where you live, you're probably noticing by now that the air is a little crisper and everyone's pulling out the layers. Even though you're showing less skin, this is no time to go lax on your lingerie! On the contrary, there are some key pieces that every fashion-conscious woman needs in the fall to continue looking sexy and sharp. With the right undergarments you can pull off some stunning, form-fitting looks.

    1. Black Tights

    It's the season for dark, black and gray skirts, trouser pants and dresses. Black tights are simply something you can't do without. For a smooth dark look, from your midsection to your calves, try the Smooth Couture High Waist Tights by Va Bien.



    2. Thigh Highs


    Not every outfit needs tights up to your midsection, and thigh highs are a fabulous way to provide some sexy coverage for your legs. While you're at it, why not have a little fun with a garter? The Stocking with Lace Garter by Calvin Klein is an elegant choice.



    3. Lacy Bodysuit


    Whether you're sporting a fitted suit or a gorgeous fall gown, a bodysuit is an important piece in making your silhouette flawless so those outfits will look their best. Forget about your grandmother's girdle; try a lacy garment like the Stephanie Firm Control Convertible Bodysuit by DuMi. You'll look phenomenally sexy from the inside out.



    4. Colorful Undergarments


    Are you in a lingerie rut with everything black and nude-colored? Fall is the perfect time to try some lovely alternatives, like navy blue and gray. Try The Bodysuit by Scandale in navy blue or Le Belle Bodysuit Shapewear by Scandale in silver gray.



    5. Silk Chemise


    As the weather cools, you'll have some evenings where nothing sounds better than cozying up with your sweetheart. A black chemise is simply a must for those chilly nights curled up near the fireplace. Silk is especially luxurious because it helps regulate your body temperature. The Silk Satin Chemise by Mary Green is the perfect piece for a sexy night in.


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  • How to Wear Leggings in Your Fall Wardrobe

    Hot Leggings Styles for Cooler Weather Fall means cooler weather, beautiful colors, some sweet and spicy flavors, and of course a shift in fashion from sundresses and shorts to cozier styles. This season, leggings continue to be a fashion favorite, whether you're dressing to impress out on the town or just kicking back with a warm drink in a coffee shop. What's not to love about leggings? They're comfortable, warm, stylish, easy to wear and can complement a number of body types if you wear them tastefully. With a variety of tops and accessories, your options for leggings in a fall wardrobe are almost endless. If you haven't explored all the ways you can show off this style, consider some new twists on this classy look. How to wear leggings in your fall wardrobe Basic Black Leggings If you're not used to wearing leggings, black is the place to start. There are numerous ways to wear them, from workout outfits to dressy ensembles. Some attractive ways to pair leggings include:

    • With an oversized top: a big top will create balance in your silhouette. It will also cover your hips and butt so you don't have to worry about drawing too much attention there. Who says women with curvier figures can't wear leggings? Try a white, gray or black top and then accessorize with a bright purse or scarf.
    • With a short dress: if you love dresses, leggings are your best friends in the colder weather. This is a great way to wear a skater dress. Like the oversized top, a dress will help your figure balance and will cover your hips. One trend is to wear a black dress over black leggings and then a muted color like powder pink and gray for your shoes, scarf or purse.
    • Sporty: there's a whole range of sporty looks you can go for, so don't be afraid to be bold! Try a sporty cotton dress with a quilted jacket and wedge sneakers for a look that combines the athlete and the fashionista.
    10.10.2014-Blog-Design-2 How to wear leggings in your fall wardrobe

    The Ponte Seam Tummy Control Leggings by Lysse are a great way to start building your wardrobe with black leggings at the foundation. Leather Leggings To step up your fashion a bit, try leather leggings and add a sexy statement to your style. You can use them as party of a flashy outfit in a couple of ways:

    • For partying: this is the most obvious use. Leather pants is the perfect compliment to a lot of dressy tops.
    • With a colorful sweater and jacket: this look is ideal for a day out on the town. Use a trendy color sweater and a statement coat. You'll add a pop of color and balance to your whole look. And while you're at it, experiment with your favorite accessories: perhaps a beanie, your most elegant black purse and some oxfords.

    Try Metallic Stretch Leggings by Espiral to achieve some of these flashier looks. How to wear leggings in your fall wardrobe Muted Color Leggings If you're ready to move beyond your basic black, branch out and use some muted colors like beige or gray. These colors can give a whole new life to your wardrobe.

    • As with black leggings, pair with longer tops like sweaters and dresses.
    • Try pairing with the same color top for a chic and stylish look. You can add some pop with your shoes or a beanie.

    The iPant Capri Leggings by Wacoal in nude can work in a number of your neutral outfits.  How to wear leggings in your fall wardrobe Printed Leggings Why should your tops have all the fun? Be bold and step out with some daring prints!

    • Printed leggings are automatically going to be the main accent of any outfit. Pair with a basic top like a long straight sweatshirt that covers up to your mid-thigh. Choose accessories that are plain with matching colors.

    The Ikat Print Fashion Leggings by Lysse are a fun way to add some flair to your outfits.

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  • 5 Ways to Wear a Corset for Halloween

    Sexy Corset Halloween Costumes

    Your Guide for Spookily Sexy Costumes

    Halloween is around the corner, and if you've got any big party plans, you'll want to look hot! It's that special time of year when you can go all-out with your party attire, get a little flirty and show off your figure.

    Skip the poor-fitting attire from the costume shop and build a fabulously sexy costume using a corset!

    Here are five ways you can use corsets to put together endless costume ideas:

    1. Corset Over a Blouse

    Find a soft, pretty blouse and put a lacy corset over the top. You'll look like a saloon girl in a snap. To look like an authentic lady of the Old West, wear a flowing or lacy skirt. For a more modern sexy cowgirl look, wear with skinny jeans and cowboy boots. Be sure that the corset is long enough to cover the top of your pants or skirt.

    The Red Leather Lover Corset Set by Hourglass Angel is a great option for this costume style.

    2. Vintage Styles

    You can wear any vintage style like Marilyn Monroe or 1960s Mad Men-inspired housewife and have the perfect hourglass shape to pull it off. A lot of older styles were designed to be worn with girdles and corsets. Have no fear of the fitted bodice when you've got a corset underneath!

    Many corsets will get the job done beautifully, like the Nude Sand Underbust Corset.

    3. Formal and Bridal Style

    There are a lot of ways you can go formal on Halloween, like zombie bride or killer prom queen. A corset will perfect your shape. Use one underneath a number of formal dress styles, or as the bodice itself paired with a flowing skirt.

    You can't go wrong with a bridal piece like the Graceful Bride Longline Convertible Bustier by Va Bien.

    4. Goth Style Corsets

    This is the perfect time to go Goth. Be a sexy vampire, witch or any other dark lady. A black or dark-colored corset works best, over a long, slinky skirt -- at least knees length, but with slits if desired. Great accessories include heels and thigh-highs with garter belts.

    For Goth, choose a black corset like the Classic Sweetheart Shape Corset by Bonitaz.

    5. Burlesque Corsets

    If you've ever been too timid to try burlesque style, why not give it a try on Halloween? A corset is the foundation of any burlesque girl's outfit. To be truly burlesque all you'll need is a skimpy bottom underneath, but you can use more clothing if desired, like a lacy skirt.

    For burlesque you'll need a flashy corset like the Sparkling Silhouette Overbust Corset by Eurotique.

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  • 10 Ways to Support Your Breasts

    Bras, bustiers and breast-supporting shapewear

    Breast Support with Bras, Bustiers, Shapers and More

    Think a bra is just a bra? Think again! Any woman who's gone through dozens of bras to find the perfect fit knows that there are endless ways to comfortably support and shape your breasts underneath all of your outfits.

    If all your wardrobe contains is one or two types of bras, you're limiting yourself. But don't get overwhelmed about the different types of bras that are out there. When you break it down, most bras have just a few variances. Take a few minutes to learn about your options; then choose bras based on what you need for any occasion, any style, and any level of comfort.

    1. Basic soft cup

    This is your starting point for all bras. Soft cup bras provide support using the strength of the underband beneath your bust, along with comfortable straps. They provide minimal shaping, but enough lifting and support to feel comfortable in your casual attire.

    2. Underwire Support

    A step up from a soft cup is a bra that uses an underwire in the cups to provide more rigid shape and support. Some women find the rigidity of an underwire less comfortable than a soft cup, but the lasting shape of the bra cups is unbeatable.

    For the best of both worlds, the Ahh Divine Underwire Leisure Bra by Rhonda Shear provides the shape of an underwire bra with the support of a soft cup, as the underwire is knitted.

    3. Bustier

    Special occasions like weddings and formals require some special support. A bustier provides the "wow" factor for special occasions where you want a tall and slim torso and a boosted bust. A bustier is strapless because it carries the weight of the breasts in the body of the garment rather than in the straps.

    The Formal Chic Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier by Va Bien lifts and shapes for any special occasion.

    4. Straps

    If there's one variable you need in your bra collection, it's different types of straps! There's no need to worry about showing your straps when you can select from racerback, criss-cross, halter, traditional and even strapless bra styles. Many bras also come with convertible straps for maximum versatility.

    5. Padding

    There's an amount of padding ideal for different attire and breast sizes. Use minimal padding to conceal the nipple and provide a smooth shape, like a t-shirt bra, or use lots of padding to enhance your cleavage, like a push-up bra.

    6. Cup Coverage

    Bra cups provide varying amounts of coverage. Full coverage cups offer the most comfort and support, while demi cups, which cover about half of the breast, produce the most cleavage and are ideal for low-cut styles.

    7. Underbust Design

    Some support and shaping garments don't cover the breasts at all! The Bodysuit by Amia is an example of a body shaper designed to be paired with the bra of your choice, so you can customize your ideal shape and support.

    8. Built-In

    If you're wearing a form-fitting strappy or strapless top, it's almost impossible to wear a bra underneath without showing straps or seams. That's why quality tops will utilize a built-in shelf bra.

    9. Bra Shaper

    Sometimes you just want an all-in-one garment that supports your breasts, minimizes your midsection and shapes up your rear. The Wacoal Try A Little Slenderness Hidden Wire Body Briefer is a shaper that does it all comfortably.

    10. Support Levels

    Some bras are better than others at providing lasting support for a full day of wear. Full-support bras generally provide full breast coverage, use wide straps and are designed for everyday use. They may be more comfortable than push-ups, demi cups and various strap designs, particularly if you have a full bust. Sports bras are also very supportive and can make your exercise routine much more comfortable.

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  • Join the Battle to Beat Breast Cancer

    Ways to fight and prevent breast cancer

    Educate Yourself and Loved Ones for Breast Cancer Awareness

    You've heard it before: breast cancer is devastating, and it takes too many lives far too soon. While the causes of breast cancer are unknown, the good news is that with early detection, you are 99 percent likely to survive five years later.

    Did you catch that? Modern breast cancer treatment is so effective, it almost always works. While the medical community deserves a round of applause for that, there's still a lot of work to be done. The reason we all get bombarded with pink every October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is because more women need to know about how to catch the disease early. Far too often, women are diagnosed with breast cancer after it has spread to other parts of the body. By then, it's sometimes too late to effectively treat the condition. It's tragic that something so curable takes far too many lives simply because women didn't know they should have been tested.

    So for the sake of your mother, your sister, your daughter, your friend and yourself: educate yourself! And pass along the information. Here are some great ways you can participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

    • Make an appointment for a mammogram if you're over 40, and remind the other women in your life to do so as well. Or go together!
    • Schedule a clinical breast exam if you're under 40. You should have this done every three years (many women do it annually, at the same time as their PAP smear test).
    • Do a monthly breast self-exam.
    • Get moving and start that exercise program (yes, before the holidays). Regular exercise significantly reduces your cancer risk. Better yet, if you've got kids at home, get the whole family to exercise together.
    • Start tracking what you eat and get in at least five servings of fruits and veggies a day. Cut back on processed foods and sweets.
    • Ask your immediate family members about the family's breast cancer history. If you have kids, talk to them about their risk. Have a conversation with your doctor if you have any concerns about your genetic risk.
    • If you're a smoker, there's never a better time to quit.
    • Start going easy on the alcohol.
    • Wear a pink ribbon, or distribute ribbons to your friends, family and coworkers. Explain to everyone what they're for – while everyone is aware of the dangers of breast cancer, not everyone knows how or when to be tested.

    It's easy to protect yourself and the people you care about from this devastating disease. So what are you waiting for? Get tested and spread the word today.

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  • 6 Exercises for Inverted Triangle Figures


    Creating Balanced Curves

    If you have a so-called inverted triangle figure, you probably enjoy a nice bustline and perhaps look very athletic. Some famous models like Cindy Crawford and Gemma Ward have this build. Your biggest struggle is creating nice curves in the waistline and below.

    Problem areas for inverted triangles include:

    • Waistline
    • Broad shoulders

    By targeting your workouts for an inverted triangle body type, you'll be able to balance your upper and lower body as well as reduce your waistline. Make the most of your naturally athletic build!

    Building Lean Muscle in Thighs, Butt and Waist Plus Cardio Fat Burning

    The most effective workouts for the inverted triangle body type focus on building lean muscle from your waist down, without adding too much bulk to your already broad shoulders. Combine these with high-intensity cardio to effectively eliminate fat around the midsection.

    For the best results, do this routine two or three times a week. Do a full circuit with little or no rest between exercises. Then repeat the circuit three times. On alternate days, do high-intensity cardio of 30 minutes or more.

    To complete these exercises you'll need small hand weights, about three to five pounds.

    1. Squat to Rotating Press

    Standing with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart, hold your weights together in front of you with your palms facing in. Sit back into a squat, bending your knees and pushing your hips back while reaching your hands straight down to the floor. Stand back up, pressing through your heels and curling the weights up into your chest, while engaging your abs. In a continuous motion, press the weights up over your head, slightly to the front with palms facing in, while rotating your body to the right and pivoting your left foot. Return to the starting position and repeat on your left side to complete one rep. Repeat twelve times for one set.

    2. Reaching Row

    Stand in a splits position holding the weights at your sides with your right foot forward. Lower into a lunge and bend forward about 45 degrees at the hips, looking down and keeping your back straight. Reach your hands down toward your right foot with palms facing in. Bend your left elbow and pull your left shoulder back behind your body in a row, holding the weight in front of your shoulder. Extend your arm back to the floor and do a row with your right arm to complete one rep. Keep your abs engaged and rotate your torso slightly while completing this exercise. Repeat twelve times for one set.

    3. Curtsy Curl

    Stand holding a weight in your left hand and shift your weight to your left foot. Cross your right foot behind your left and lower into a low curtsy lunge, bending both knees to about 90 degrees. Your hips should be slightly hinged forward and the weight should be on the outside of your left leg. Rise up and extend your right leg above the ground directly to the side as your left leg straightens. At the same time, bend the left elbow into a curl across your chest while rotating your torso to the right. Return to the starting position and repeat twelve times on the left, followed by twelve times on the right to complete one set.

    4. Side Lunge Side Crunch

    Stand with your feet together and your hands behind your head, elbows bent. Take a wide step to the right into a side lunge. Your left leg should be straight and your hips should be slightly back. Push off your right heel and stand straight on your left leg while crossing your right leg in front of you with your heel at about the level of your left knee. Do a side crunch in the same motion by lowering your left shoulder towards your hip and contracting your abs. Return to a normal standing position and repeat fifteen times with your right leg, followed by fifteen times with your left leg for one set.

    5. Plank Heel Push

    Start in a low elbow plank position, holding yourself up on your forearms and your toes. Keep your body in a straight line from your head to your heels. With abs fully contracted, bend your left knee so that your foot is kicking up and back towards your rear (the thigh should still be parallel to the ground). Flex your foot while squeezing your thighs and pressing your knees together. Then press your left foot straight up towards the ceiling, moving the left knee so that it's about six inches higher than your right. Bring your left leg back down, knee still bent, and squeeze your inner thighs again. Repeat this lift fifteen times with your left leg followed by fifteen with your right for a full set.

    6. Rear Lunge Cross Crunch

    Stand up straight with your feet together and your hands behind your head, elbows bent. Step backwards with your right leg into a rear lunge so both knees are bent at 90 degrees and your knee is just above the floor. As you lower, twist your upper body into a cross crunch so that your right elbow moves toward your left knee. Return to the starting position and repeat fifteen times on the same side, followed by fifteen times on the other side for a complete set.

    Shop the best shapers for an Inverted Triangle Shape!

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  • Say Goodbye to Regular Panties Forever

    Our Top 5 Shaping Panties That Will Transform Your Wardrobe

    Have you ever wondered why some apparel that looks perfect on the mannequin at the store doesn't quite fit the same way on a real person? It's because most women are not naturally shaped like mannequins! Not even celebrities are perfectly shaped and smooth under their finest designer clothes.

    Looking attractive in any outfit starts at the foundation – what's underneath. Your undergarments can make your outfit look fabulous, or they can make you look awkward. The best underwear will shape your body into a smooth shape, so the fabrics fall and fit in just the right way. And it all starts with your panties!

    Forget about those cotton panties you buy in bulk or even the lacy ones from the department store. To truly bring out the best in your shape underneath your favorite apparel, you need high-quality shaping panties.

    Here are five of our customer favorites, which provide various shaping solutions:


    1. Enhancing Panty Girdle Leslie 203 by Vedette

    This panty works double duty to flatten your tummy and trim your midsection while lifting and sculpting the hips and butt. It provides moderate hip reduction while enhancing your rear instead of flattening it. This panty is ideal for everyday use as well as special occasions with a comfortable boy short design.


    2. Ultimate Gold Everyday Shaper by Bodyhush

    Say goodbye to the muffin top, love handles and your tummy in a snap with this comfortable everyday panty. It's a high-waisted bellyband and a panty in one that keeps your entire midsection in check. Made in Italy, the innovative fabric is lightweight yet firm and even has a fresh scent built in.


    3. Joane High Waist Open Bottom Enhancer by Vedette

    Combine firm control for your waistline with a butt-lifting design and you've got a garment that's perfect for showing off your figure all the way around. The waistband and control panel on this panty work to trim inches off your midsection while creating volume in the rear to fully enhance your natural shape.


    4. Everyday 365 Control Panty by Bodyhush

    You'll never go a day without feeling sexy and confident in every outfit when you're wearing one of the most versatile panties we offer. Enjoy the comfort of a normal panty with powerful figure shaping. With this panty's waistline-reducing control panels on all sides, you can enjoy looking a size or more smaller every day!


    5. Caboost Padded Panty

    Never suffer from sagging pants again with an instant booty boost from this padded panty. It's like a push-up bra for your behind, with two inches of padding that create a full and round look. This panty also provides ultimate comfort and can be ideal as maternity and postpartum wear.

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  • 6 Exercises for Pear Figures


    Slimming Your Lower Half and Balancing Your Top

    A pear body type is common and can be very attractive when properly toned. But dealing with a rounder lower half can be difficult without the right types of workouts.

    Pear shapes naturally battle with:

    • Hips
    • Thighs

    With targeted workouts, you can focus on enhancing those naturally beautiful curves of your hips and butt!

    Lower Body Power Moves, Full-Body Strength Training and Cardio

    The best workouts for pear shapes combine calorie-blasting cardio with strength-building resistance. They target your lower body but also provide toning for your upper body for a more balanced look.

    For the best results, do this routine three to four days a week. Do the complete circuit with little rest between exercises, take a break for a minute, and then repeat the whole circuit a total of three times. Combine this with 30+ minutes of cardio for up to three of the alternate days during the week.

    You'll need light hand weights, up to five pounds, to complete these exercises.

    1. V-Pull Plié

    Stand with your feet wide and toes turned out at about 45 degrees. Hold the weights over your head with your palms facing in, creating a wide V with your arms. Bend your needs over your toes, into a ballet "plié" position, while bending your elbows until your hands are shoulder-height, still keeping your palms in. Raise back up and repeat 20 times.

    2. Capoeira Skater

    Lower into a "curtsy lunge;" to do this swing your left leg diagonally behind your right and lower down like you are doing a curtsy. Rotate your upper body to the right and hold your arms at chest level with elbows slightly bent and palms facing down. This is your starting position. Kick your left foot out to the left into a leap up and extend both legs to the sides while in the air. Swing your arms and reach forward to propel the motion. Land on your left foot and do a curtsy lunge to the opposite side with your body turned to the left now. Repeat 20 times. You should look like you're skating in place.

    3. Lunge Lift-Off Cross Curl

    Stand with your feet together, holding the weights at your sides. Step with your right foot into a side lung and bend your knee directly over your toes, while reaching your hands down to each side of your right foot. Push off your right leg and extend it while also straightening your planted left leg. Land back in the side lunge position. Kick off the right leg again and sweep it in front of your body while extending it. During the motion, pull your arms into a curl with palms facing up. Return into a side lunge position. This is one rep. Repeat ten times on your right and then ten on your left for one set.

    4. Criss-Cross Squat Jacks

    Standing with your feet wide and your arms at your sides, lower into a squat, reaching your arms outside of your knees with your palms facing front. Jump up and cross the right leg in front of the left while you extend your arms above you. Land on the balls of your feet with your legs crossed and your arms straight up. Jump back into the squat position to complete the rep. Repeat 20 times, alternating your legs each time.

    5. Plank Leg Sweep

    Start in a full plank with your arms straight under your shoulders and your feet together. Your abs should be tight and your body should make a straight line from your head to your heels. Keeping your legs straight, kick your left leg out as far as you can, still holding it above the ground. Hold it for one second before returning it back to the starting position. Repeat ten times with left followed by ten times with your right. If this is too difficult, drop the plank to your knees.

    6. Skipping Lunge

    Lower to a lunge position with your right leg forward and each knee bent at 90 degrees. Keep your arms loosely bent at your sides. Kick your left knee up in front of you so that you jump powerfully off your right foot, straight up. Use your arms as needed to propel the motion. Land back on your right foot and return to the lunge position. Repeat ten times on your right, followed by ten on your left.

    Shop the best shapers for a Pear Shape!

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  • What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress


    On your wedding day, all the attention is on you, the gorgeous bride! You want to look your very best, from your hair and makeup to your accessories and shoes. And of course THE DRESS. In order to look the best in your dress, you need to have the perfect foundation underneath.

    We have an extensive selection of bridal lingerie uniquely designed for the special day. Trying to determine what lingerie you need can be a confusing task, so here are some tips to help you find the perfect garments based on your dress.

    Fitted Around the Midsection

    A lot of wedding gowns are designed to cling to your midsection, which is why many brides find themselves exercising like crazy! You'll have nothing to fear if you have a midsection shaper like a corset, girdle or bustier, all of which will keep your tummy flat and your torso smooth. If you struggle with your lower abdomen, choose a girdle or high-waisted panty with extra support for that area.

    Plunging Neckline

    Got a low-cut gown that shows off a bit of cleavage? It's important to find a garment that invisibly gives your bust the support it needs. Choose a bra or bodysuit with a u-shaped plunge design in the front.

    Strapless Neckline

    Don't skip out on a great bra for the big day! Choose a strapless bra or bustier that fits, possibly with some padding for an extra boost if you're small-chested. You can also use a longline bra, which extends like a corset down towards the abdomen to stay in place and provide additional support.

    Tight Around the Hips

    If you have a mermaid cut or another style that highlights your hips and rear, choose a shaper that provides shaping and lifting for your hips, butt and thighs. Try a bodysuit, shaping panties, or rear-enhancing pant.

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  • 6 Exercises for Rectangle Figures


    Adding Definition to a Long and Narrow Frame

    If you have a natural rectangle body type, you may be the envy of all your friends for your long and lean frame. But chances are, you probably long for more curves!

    Targeted exercise for your body type is important for your overall fitness level and can provide more definition for your shape.

    Muscle-Building Strength Exercises and Cardio

    To add more shape to your frame, the key is a routine that will add to your muscle mass, balanced with regular cardio for a balanced approach to your health. Do these sets of exercises as instructed three days a week, resting for about a minute in between sets. Do stamina-building cardio for two or three alternate days of the week. Stick to it and you may be amazed with how your body looks in a few weeks!

    You'll need a pair of medium-sized hand weights for these exercises. Start at three to five pounds and work your way up to ten or more.

    1. Deadlift Overhead Press

    Standing with your feet hip width apart and your knees soft, bend at the hips, holding the weights in front of you with your palms facing your body. Push your hips back and align your torso so it's parallel with the floor, keeping your core engaged. Keeping your back flat, use your glutes to stand up straight while pulling the weights into your body and pressing your arms overhead, palms facing each other. Carefully return to the starting position. Do three sets of twelve reps each.

    2. 1.5 Lunges

    Stand with your feet together, holding the weights by your sides. Step back with your right foot into a lunge. Both knees should be bent at 90 degrees. Press back up about halfway, with knees bent at 45 degrees, and return back to the full lunge. Then push off your right foot all the way back to standing. This is one rep. Do ten reps on your right followed by ten on your right for a full set; complete three sets.

    3. V-Raise

    Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips, holding the weights by your sides. Engaging your core and keeping your shoulder blades down and back, lift your arms to shoulder height, keeping your elbows straight and your palms facing in. Your arms should create a wide V. Lower your arms slowly to the start position. Do three sets of twelve reps each.

    4. Fencer's Lunge Extension

    Stand with your right foot forward and your left about a stride's length back, holding one weight in both hands.  Bend your right knee over your ankle while hinging slightly forward at the hips. Bring the weight behind your head, bending the elbows near your ears. Extend your arms so that the weight is over your head and slowly return it back behind your head for one rep. Do eight reps with your right foot forward and eight reps with your left foot forward for one full set. Do two sets.

    5. Side-To-Side Plank Push-Ups

    Hold your body in a plank position with your feet together and your arms holding straight beneath your shoulders. Make sure your body is a straight line from head to foot. Move your right foot and right hand slightly to the side and lower into a pushup. Return the right foot and hand to the middle as you push your body back up. Do three sets of ten reps, alternating sides each rep. If this is too hard, lower to your knees and move to the sides with your hands alone.

    6. Diagonal Lunge and Curl

    Stand with your feet together and hold your weights in a hammer curl, with elbows bent at 90 degrees next to your sides and your palms facing in. Step widely forward and to the right with your right foot into a diagonal lunge, pivoting your back foot as you move. As you lower into a lunge, reach the weights down to the floor on each side of your right knee. Push off your right leg and return to the starting position, curling your arms back up. Do eight reps on the right, followed by eight on the left for a full set. Do two sets.

    Shop the best shapers for a Rectangle Shape!

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