Shapewear Style Secrets Look #2


Black is timeless and as slimming now as ever! An all black outfit slims and lengthens to the eye, but a little extra support is always welcome. Pair a black wrap tunic with the High Waist Get Fit Tight by ShaToBu to shape and tighten for the perfect holiday look. The High Waist Get Fit Tight smooths the midsection and firms legs for a leaner look while lifting and rounding your derriere. It also increases caloric burn so go ahead and enjoy that second eggnog!

The focus of this outfit is the trim waist created by the wrap design, which can be accentuated by adding a cinching belt and the Almighty Cincher by AMIA. The cincher visibly reduces the waistline by one to three inches with users reporting a sustained loss of one to four inches after wearing for 30 days due to boosted thermal activity. An hourglass can instantly be yours as the cincher lifts the bust, firms the midsection, and whittles the waist.

  • The High Waist Get Fit Tight lifts and shapes your rear for a beautifully draped tunic

  • The ShaToBu tights firm your legs while completing the slimming and elongating all-black outfit

  • The Almighty Cincher works with a belt and wrap tunic to slim the waist