<strong>Strengthening Our Resolutions</strong> <p>Turning a New Leaf This New Year</p>

At the beginning of the new year, our thoughts naturally turn to renewal, change and fresh beginnings. A poll of the staff at Hourglass Angel revealed a common thread in our resolutions. One of our new moms, Rosie, like so many of us, resolved to finally achieve her weight loss goals. Mary resolved to eat better. Marge decided to take a yoga class.

Every year we make resolutions to change our bodies. With that in mind we ask: What can we do this year to make the promises we make to ourselves become a reality this year?

At Hourglass Angel, we absolutely know that making progress towards a healthier lifestyle is possible. We’ve been supporting changing bodies since we opened our doors. We know that healthier, stronger bodies are possible for everyone. Like Rosie, many of our clients are new moms, working hard to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. If you have a resolution to bounce back from your post-baby body, you may want to consider supplementing your workout and eating plan with a belly band or maximum compression garment. Many of our our mamas have seen great results with products like the Belly Bandit, SlimBand or SlimVest. This technology, while cutting edge, stems from thousands of years of practice. Women have been wrapping their bellies before, during and after giving birth to assist in recovery and reshaping. Now it’s easier than ever for new moms to benefit from the support of a shaping garment.

If your resolutions include a new workout regimen like Marge, you may benefit from adding the technology that is built into some of the new athletic shaping apparel that we carry at Hourglass Angel. Products like the Workout Band, the Delfin Bio-Ceramic Shorts or Capris or the anti-cellulite garments made by Lytess can maximize the work you do in the gym, decrease the visible appearance of cellulite and reduce inches from the midsection.

Whatever your resolutions are this year, we hope they include the most positive vision of yourself that is possible. We wish all of luck. Don’t forget that we believe in you and are here to support you as we enter 2012.