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  • Body Language: Middle Management

    At Hourglass Angel, the products we are most frequently asked about address our customers’ desire to shape and sculpt the midsection. In fact, that’s where our name Hourglass Angel comes from: the hourglass shape of a woman’s body that is created when the midsection is highlighted. So we wanted to dedicate a special edition of the blog to this style of product, as there are many kinds of shapers that work on the midsection and choosing the right one to suit your needs is essential to achieving the effect that you’re looking for.

    The essential item to consider if you’re looking to combine dramatic results with long-term support for slimming in the the area of the waist is the SlimVest. This runaway best-seller utilizes compression to create thermal activity in the midsection. That means wearers look visibly slimmer the moment they put on their SlimVest and often report sustained loss of inches with extended wear. Follow the instructions to achieve the best performance from this garment and see why so many of our customers rely on this garment on a daily basis.

    If you’re a post-partum mom the Belly Bandit is a must-have. This adjustable band wraps around your waist as you recover your pre-pregnancy shape. The pressure created by the Belly Bandit benefits wearers in many ways, from reducing the long-term appearance of stretchmarks and extra skin to aiding in recovery.

    If you want to integrate your shaping into a garment you’re not afraid to show off, you will love the Glamouflage Cupped Shaping Cami with Lace by Skinnygirl Smoothers n' Shapers. It’s glamorous look and pretty detailing makes it an accessory to style and slimming.

    Fans of tight-lacing absolutely must see the Silk Floral Brocade Corset. This is a maximum control garment. When you put it on you will see and feel the dramatic results that come with a genuine steel boned corset. If this is the item for you, give yourself a few extra minutes to dress, as the lacing may take a moment to master. But when you get comfortable with your corset you won’t be able to resist the over the top hourglass shape it creates.

    And last but not least, why only enjoy the visual look of a slimmer figure when you can make your shaper workout for you. The High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper by ShaToBu actually increase the amount of calories that your body burns as you do the normal activities that make up your day. Just pull on your shaper and watch as it encourages sustained slimming.

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  • The Mommy Issue

    It’s almost Mother’s Day, a very special time of the year for us. At Hourglass Angel, we believe that all moms, whether they go to an office every day or stay at home, do the most important job in the world, so that makes May 13th pretty special. We are especially proud that new moms make up such a large part of the women that we serve, so we thought we would take this opportunity to showcase a few of our favorite products that are specially created for our new mama clientele in celebration of the holiday in their honor.

    When you’re with a new baby, you need solutions for the unique set of challenges your changing body experiences. First, of the many skin care brands we’ve tried and tested, Mambino Organics is definitely one of our favorites. This maternity specialty line has crossed over into popularity amongst all women who love glowing, healthy skin. And one of the best ways to learn about this line is the Anti-Stretch Rebound Skin Duo by Mambino, which contains two of their most popular products, Oh Baby! Belly Butter and Moisture Me Body Toning Oil. These two items work together to create healthier skin and combat stretch marks. And we know that once nursing moms try the Bamboob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows by Bamboobies, with their warm and cool comfort, they’ll never want to go without them again.

    We have a couple of superstar garments that you must see if you’re nursing. It goes without saying that one of the essential tools for any new mom is a great nursing bra and lucky for our ladies, we have one of the finest of its kind in stock. The Allure Nursing Bra by Bravado is one of the most popular nursing intimates in the world for its comfort, fit and simple design. Plus, this bra has the benefit of spacer foam, which has been shown to help reduce breast infection. If you want to combine a great nursing bra with the benefit of a control tank, you can’t do any better than the Nursing Bra Tummy Control Long Tank by Glamourmom®. When you’re in the process of returning to your pre-baby body, you’ll love the support and slimming that comes with this nursing solution.

    And of course, if you’re interested in a little assistance reshaping after your pregnancy, we have the tools you need to trim and tone your body. The Post Pregnancy Hip Slimming Corset by HipSlimmer is a garment you wear on your hips to help reverse the spreading that occurs there during birth. And of course, the runaway best-selling Bamboo Belly Bandit is a new mom must-have. This adjustable band provides support and slimming for new baby bellies.

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Find your perfect shapewear

Recommendations from our shapewear stylists, personalized just for you