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  • Diet Tips For The Holidays

    Christmas CupcakesDecember is a tough month for most of us. Whether we would like to lose weight or to simply maintain our current weight, the many temptations around make it very difficult not to gain weight during the holidays!

    But do not despair. There are several ways you can enjoy holiday fare and parties without packing on the pounds. Here are our top five diet tips for the holidays:

    1. Do Not Skip Meals! It may SEEM like a good idea to "save" calories if you're going to a party at night, but if you arrive at the party famished, you risk losing control and overeating. Instead, eat a good breakfast, a light lunch, and a light snack before heading out.

    2. Yes to Wine, No to Cocktails. Cocktails may feel fun and festive, but they pack a large amount of calories - equal to a small meal! If you must have eggnog, have a small glass, but the rest of the month, try to stick with a single glass of wine per event. Sip slowly, so it will last for the entire evening!

    3. Wear Form-Fitting Clothes. This is one of the best ways to avoid overeating. In fact, wear a body shaper that compresses your tummy underneath your clothes, such as this waist cincher, and you will not just look fabulous in your holiday attire - you won't even feel like stuffing yourself.

    4. Drink Lots Of Water. This will not just keep you well-hydrated, it will also help you feel full and will help flush out toxins more effectively.

    5. Don't Deny Yourself. Enjoying rich food and sharing meals with family and friends are a big part of the holiday season. Don't expect yourself to eat carrot sticks the entire month. On the other hand, don't go off your diet completely. Balance is key, and one thing you can do is to decide that during the holidays you will maintain your weight, maybe gain a couple pounds, and that's OK. Get a plate, put a SMALL sample of each of your favorite foods on it, have a SMALL glass of eggnog, and give yourself permission to enjoy the season - in moderation.

    Happy Holidays!

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