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  • Winter Fashion

    Has this winter wonderland got you wondering what the heck you’re going to wear? From seasonal soirees with friends and family to office functions, for curvy fashionistas the stakes are raised as the temperature drops. Many of us struggle to look long and lean under the layers that keep us toasty. With the hectic holidays in full swing, we’re going to save you a step and point out a few great ways to shape up and warm up at the same time!

    Shaping Denim: Designer denim is a look that will carry you though many kinds of occasions. Now this style is smarter than ever. Whether you prefer the extra slimming of a line like Ann Michelle or the booty boosting design of the Verox line, there’s a shaping denim that’s perfect for you. Keeping you slim and trim, these items are perfect when dressed up with a tailored jacket or paired with something more relaxed like a t-shirt and festive printed scarf.


    Fashion Tights: Tights, both sheer and opaque, are one of the blockbuster trends of the season. And with chilly winds closing in, the time couldn’t be better to add a sheer, shaping layer to the leg. Whether you wear a solid opaque color or make a statement in patterns or sheers, we love the resurgence of hosiery. Wear them under a dress or as a fun way to keep your shorts in season all year long. The best thing about this trend is that you wear it your way!


    Leggings: The fashion options for leggings have exploded this season. No longer restricted to the basic black stretch model, ultra warm corduroys and knits in a range of colors are keeping our legs extra happy in winter’s winds. One of the best things about leggings is that you can wear them with any kind of shoe, or more importantly...boot. And last but not least, leggings also work underneath another layer like pants or a skirt, adding warmth when we need it most.

    All Over Shapers: With all the extra layers you’ll be wearing, why not add one that takes a few inches off. The right all over body shaper can help defend you from the elements and keep you trim when it’s time to trim the tree! Check out the shapers in our Weight Loss category for inspiration. These high compression garments are ideal, as they work by increasing thermal actvity.


    You don’t have to give up fashion in the season of giving. With the slimming solutions above, you’re sure to beat the chill and outshine the brightest lights of the holidays.

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  • In Vogue and In Shape: Shaping Up with This Season’s Trends

    Contending with everything from formal holiday affairs to bulky layers, even world-class fashionistas may struggle to stay trim at the beginning of another chilly season with all the trimmings. But, pairing the right shaper with this season’s contemporary apparel makes surviving the coolest trends and even cooler winds a breeze. So, let’s take a tour of what stylish women will be wearing and shapewear-ing this fall.

    Dresses are essential part of holiday attire. Today’s necklines vary from plunging to outright asymmetrical. From edgy to modern, fresh shapes in dresses are showing up in everything from street wear to formal wear. Unfortunately, many of us who wear our shapers everywhere think that shoulder-bearing and sheer styles are off-limits to us. You might be surprised to learn that whether you’re into asymmetry or sexy styles, shaping up under provocative shapes is a snap when you add a convertible bodysuit to your ensemble. Convertible bodysuits are a super option because of their often underbust design and convertible straps which can be criss-crossed or removed to accommodate a whole range of necklines in dresses .

    Staying long, lean and warm in cool months can seem like a difficult task when layering up is our best defense again bitter cold. The solution? Slimming leggings do double duty, protecting you from the elements, while trimming the tummy, thigh and legs. And best of all, these essential accessories won’t add heft as they ad warmth. Wear them alone or as an additional layer under dresses and skirts. When the temperature drops you can count on slimming leggings to make sure stay warm while looking smokin hot.

    With winter nearly upon us, skirts and dresses aren’t sometimes suited for cold weather. In these chilly months, pantsuits are a smarters look, whether you’re in the office or out painting the town red. And best of all, pantsuits provide us with the perfect opportunity to benefit from the all over slimming of a full bodysuit. These shapers give a lot of control and target most of the areas that women struggle with.

    There’s no getting around it: it’s coat season.  If the thought of wearing a heavy jacket makes you cringe, there’s one sure fire ways to insure that you look less like a bundle and more like a babe. Adding a waist cincher to your wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to create a slender silhouette when you’re wearing bulky outerwear. These maximum compression garments create a great shape no matter what you put over them. They also offer support for the back, creating an overall longer look. The effect you get with a cincher is dramatic, immediate and reliable. However, some cinchers also offer long-term weight loss benefits, making them especially handy when fighting back against seasonal weight gain.

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Find your perfect shapewear

Recommendations from our shapewear stylists, personalized just for you