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Recommendations from our shapewear stylists, personalized just for you



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  • Pretty on the Inside: Shaping Up in Style with Our Pretty Things Collection

    We dress the way we do for many reasons: to look alluring, to project an image of confidence, to appear professional. But undergarments are special. Made to serve very specific purposes and almost never seen by anyone but us and our partners, why does it matter what our underthings look like? Put simply, we love beautiful foundational garments because they make us feel good. It doesn’t matter if anyone else sees them or not. But with the advent of shapewear, do we have to sacrifice the way that gorgeous underthings make us feel on the inside to achieve a gorgeous shape on the outside? Our Pretty Things Collection proves that you absolutely don’t have to choose between beauty and brawn when it comes to your shaper.

    The Corselettes: The Mia and Savannah corselettes are among our top selling shapers for a reason. This style of shaper often incorporates lacing in the front or back, drawing on the visual look of a corset while giving firm control. Both the Mia and the Savannah have lacy panties built in making them easy, attractive ways to create curves.

    The Classic Corset: Corsets are so sexy that their status as the ultimate shapewear is often forgotten. But the power of a genuine, steel-boned corset should not be underestimated. As underwear or outerwear, a real corset is an heirloom quality garment that will shape and seduce for many years to come. Start with the basic Black Cashmere Underbust Corset.

    Yummie Tummie: Yummie Tummie has made a whole brand out of hiding in plain sight, but with their Teddie and Slippie Strapless Control Slip, they’ve brought their tummy taming technology to a new breed of intimates. From the bedroom to the boardroom, these sexy silhouettes are just about as pretty as it gets.

    The Undercover Lover Line:  No matter which option you choose, bodysuit, panty or shaping thong, the sexy lace overlay in the Undercover Lover Collection from 7 Til Midnight makes this shaping lingerie the ultimate double agent.

    The  Lace Tummy Control Brief by F.I.T. #171902: These are not your granny’s panties! This brief challenges everything you thought you knew about full-coverage bottoms. Its peek-a-boo lace back and retro-chic are almost enough to make you forget the pooch-busting power of this panty.

    Lingerie Look Shapers: Cutting edge curve creators like the Taylor and the Virginia dress all the belly-banishing, bust-beautifying, posture-perfecting strength of modern shapewear bodysuits in a classic lingerie look. Delicate details like lace trimmed panty bottoms make this pair sexy and slimming.

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Find your perfect shapewear

Recommendations from our shapewear stylists, personalized just for you