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  • Fajas are HERE!


    With recent articles in publications such as the New York Times profiling the explosion in popularity of a garment called a “faja” you may have wondered just what this miraculous midsection makeover was.

    What is a faja: a faja is a South American style waist cincher. While there are varying strengths and styles of fajas, they all reshape the midsection, with rows of boning and hook-and-eye closures so that you can size down. Fajas are popular because of the dramatic results they provide. And in fact, if you’re an Hourglass Angel customer, there’s a very good chance you’re wearing a faja right now! Some of our most popular products from the Squeem line are fajas. If you’re wearing a SlimVest or SlimBand you’re ahead of the curve on this south of the border trend.

    But Squeem isn’t the only brand of faja we carry. An example of a faja with lighter control would be either the Slimming Waist Cincher Shaper (018624) or the Slimming Waist Cincher with Latex by Leonisa (015695). These offer great results with a slightly lighter touch than our most powerful garments.

    So if you’re ready to try this trimming trend, fear not: FAJAS ARE HERE!

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  • Spring Fashion: Curves are in Bloom!

    As spring fashions hit the runway we are seeing a MAJOR trend that celebrates and flatters curves, rather than minimizing or compressing them. Just look at this pictorial, which highlights the cinched hourglass waist and voluptuous hip. We love this trend and we love the way the model is maximizing her midsection with a belt cincher on the right especially. If this is a look you'd like to try, you may want to consider adding a maximum compression cincher like the SlimBand by Squeem for the ultimate hourglass shape.

    If that look is a little bit strong for you, the flirty feminine styling on the left is also a curve appeal creator, with its wasp waist and fresh sheer tank. We have some amazing bras and bustiers in our intimates section designed to support and sculpt even full figure cups that would look great with the top she is wearing.

    The point is: Spring is here and full, sexy curves are in bloom!

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  • Shape-Shifters: Adele's Cinched Look

    Adele shows that her curves are as powerful as her voice in this stunning Vogue pictorial. The cinched waist look is a winner for women of all shapes and sizes, highlighting the hourglass shape in dramatic fashion. If you'd like to try Adele's look, consider investing in a genuine heirloom quality corset such as the Black Cashmere Underbust Corset. You can layer it with a dress or fitted shirt and showcase your stunning silhouette!

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