The Gratitude Attitude: a Season of Thanks for Our Bodies

Thanksgiving has evolved from a celebration of thanks made by early American settlers, to a broader celebration of abundance, made in many countries around the world on many different days. Regardless of its origins, we now cherish this holiday as a time to feel grateful for the many gifts we have received in our lives.

But one of our most overlooked gifts we receive as women is the gift we live in: our bodies. A recent study showed that women have an average of 13 negative thoughts about their bodies per day. That’s about one devastating self-criticism per waking hour. Would you like to spend time with someone that spoke to you the way we women often speak to ourselves? Probably not. And so, as we enter a season that is centered around gratitude, it seems that, when it comes to this body that carries us throughout our lives—gives us children, dances, sings, provides for our loved ones—women are often the opposite of grateful.

At Hourglass Angel, we wear, love and work with shapewear and intimates because we like how they make us feel. We often talk about the way that the right undergarments, whether that’s a shaper or a sexy bra, have a confidence boosting effect. That’s one way to express what those items do for us. But, with respect to the lack of respect and thanks we give our bodies, perhaps we are overlooking an even more important service that fine foundational garments do for us. When we choose undergarments and apparel that make us feel good, we are affirming and giving thanks for the body itself. And it seems that thanks is needed now more than ever.

Every moment that we can transform a critical thought about our bodies into a thought that is filled with gratitude is in itself something to be grateful for. An act as small as dressing in something that celebrates and expresses gratitude for these amazing curves—of every shape and size—that we were born into, is a move in the right direction.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, bringing with it the additional pressures of the holiday season, we at Hourglass Angel are committing to use this time to give thanks, not just for the blessings of home, work and family, but especially for the body that allows us to enjoy all the other blessings...just as it is.