This Is Your Year: Add Power To Your Resolutions


This is your year. With the New Year comes new resolve, but you can strengthen your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and your confidence by adding the power of a shaping or weight loss garment.















If you’ve recently begun a workout regimen, we recommend the addition of shaping activewear to your wardrobe. Choosing a garment that shapes and slims you when you’re in the gym, is a wonderful way to increase confidence now and feel your best as you become fit. The Champion Shape collection is a great place to start.















For many of us the midsection is an area of particular interest. If you’d like support for long-term slimming, consider adding a Workout Band to increase thermal activity and fat mobilization in the core.















If cellulite is a concern, there are many shapers that help reduce visible dimpling in the legs, thighs and buttocks, but we love the Delfin Spa line because it specifically created for activewear. Its bio-ceramic construction uses your body’s own heat to fight cellulite and slim you.