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Enhancing Panties

One of the most exciting developments in the world of shapewear is the growing popularity of rear enhancing panties and padded panties. Whether you’re looking for a panty girdle that lifts your bottom as it shapes your midsection or simply a pair of padded underwear to add volume and roundness, there are a huge number of products ready to create the look you love. Enhancing panties work in a variety of ways. Some rear enhancement garments work by adding padding to the area of the gluteus. Pads can be made from several materials, but are most likely to be foam or silicone. Both materials have advantages. Silicone looks and feels very natural. Foam is very lightweight. Both are easy to care for and long lasting. On the other hand, some rear enhancement panties work to reshape your own body to create the shape you desire. This is achieved typically by the use of lifting bands. These bands are woven into the garment under the buttocks to lift and shape the area. Browse a vast selection of enhancing panties and butt enhancing jeans. Whether you want to add volume or just reshape, this section of the store has a rear enhancing panty that’s just for you.

As seen on TV! One of the most popular butt enhancing panties in the world is the Booty Pop. This boyshort panty includes touchably soft foam pads which are sewn in to create a beautiful round rear. But if silicone is more your speed, you absolutely have to check out the Foxy Fanny Silicone Padded Panty. This brief style panty gives light control and smoothing to the midsection and includes two removable silicone pads, making wear and care so easy. If you’d rather shape than add volume, the Alexis with its unique open bottom design and special lifting bands is a must see with up to 5 centimeters of lift! But if you like rear enhancement, why stop there? The Hippie Hip and Butt Padded Brief by Bubbles Bodywear #9970 adds shape to your hips as well for the perfect cola bottle shape.