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Kyoto Style by Hooter Hiders

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Kyoto Style by Hooter Hiders

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Hooter Hiders is a must have for breastfeeding moms!

Nursing is a special moment between mother and child—a savored chance to bond with baby. But if finding a private place to take this treasured time with your tot is proving difficult, you’re going to love the everywhere access that comes with the Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover. Some of our little ones may want to nurse up to 12 times a day... and they aren’t accustomed to waiting as you search for a secluded space. Many moms report feeling like they have to disengage from social interactions abruptly because they also value discretion when it’s time to feed. If you are one of those moms, this is the product you’ve been waiting for.

The Hooter Hiders Nursing Covers feature truly beautiful prints and patterns that you’ll feel proud to wear anywhere. The print of this Kyoto Pocket style is no exception. And anywhere is just where you’ll take this mommy-must have. No more hiding or dashing around looking for a place away from prying eyes. When it’s time to nurse, stay right wear you are. Its 100% breathable cotton will shield your baby and your breast, giving excellent coverage. However, unlike other wrap and shawl type covers, this item features a RigiFlex neckline, allowing you to view and continue to bond with baby, who stays cool and ventilated as you nurse. A D-ring fastener is a welcome and easy touch. This Hooter Hiders model features a pocket that you may use to store small accessories such as a nursing pad or cloth wipe. The entire line comes with a matching storage pouch. Best of all this item doubles as a changing pad, sun-shield or light blanket and is machine washable. When the time to feed could come anytime and anywhere, you’re going to love the goes-everywhere Hooter Hiders Kyoto Pocket Style Nursing cover!


  • Kyoto print nursing cover
  • Private breast-feeding
  • Accessory pocket
  • D-Ring fastener
  • Breathable cotton
  • RigiFlex neckline
  • Doubles as sun-shield, blanket, changing pad
  • Encourages bonding
  • Machine-washable

Materials: Cotton 100%

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