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Lytess Corrective Belt Plus Size

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Lytess Corrective Belt Plus Size

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Moderate Hold

This item firmly slims your figure with a comfortable hold.

This item has been discontinued. Sizing may be limited.

Have you ever felt stuck with unwanted lumps and love handles? With the support of the Lytess Corrective Belt cincher getting rid of extra inches is a cinch. This garment comfortably slims the waist and hips. A front support panel trims the tummy. Zoned compression targets and smooths the lower back. It’s seamless and tagless so you can comfortably conceal it under clothing. But instant slimming is just the beginning. If you’re like us, you may need a little caoffee in the morning to get moving and, as it turns out, your fat cells aren’t so different. And now a revolutionary new class of shapewear is here to tell sticky fat cells to get moving.

While infused micro-capsules of everyone’s favorite active ingredient in coffee mobilize and reduce fat, the essential fatty acids and vitamins in shea butter smooth and nourish your skin. Independently certified clinical tests confirm reductions of up to 3.7 cm at the waist and 2.5 cm at the hips. The slow-release caffeine and shea butter remain active for up to thirty washes! If you’re stuck in a rut with fat-busting products that just go bust, try the clinically proven power of the Lytess Corrective Belt today and tell fat cells it’s time to move it and lose it!


  • Visibly reduced waistline.
  • Firmed and flattened midriff
  • Corrected, more confident posture
  • Reduced back pain
  • Reductions of up to 3.7 cm at the waist and 2.5 cm at the hips with extended use


  • Waist support prevents rolling
  • Tummy support panel
  • Corrective knit slims midsection
  • Shea butter and caffeine moisturizes skin

Materials: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastane.

NOTE: The panty and bra set the model is wearing are not included.


Lytess Size Chart

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