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Mo Butta Tummy Cream - 8oz

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Mo Butta Tummy Cream - 8oz

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Have you been dreaming of a better way to trim your tummy? If slimming your abdominal and belly area seemed near impossible, you’re going to love the smooth silhouette that results from slimming Mo Butta Tummy Cream. Passed from sister to sister and girlfriend to girlfriend, this home-brewed, word of mouth must-have is quickly becoming certified phenomenon. Straight from Detroit, Michigan, this proprietary blend of herbs and natural ingredients is changing the way women all over the world are working on post baby bodies and poochie bellies.

Each jar of tummy cream is made fresh, insuring that the powerful natural ingredients remain at their maximum potency. Once you apply it, you will see why such care has been taken. Mo Butta spent years researching herbal remedies to support and stimulate slimming in the areas around the stomach. The result: Mo Butta Tummy Cream. Simply take a warm shower and apply the tummy cream. Most customers make this product the basis of a wrap. Apply the cream to the belly, hips and general midsection. Cover the area of application with plastic wrap and add a cincher or compression garment of some kind. Wear your wrap over the product for a maximum of 4 hours and wipe excess cream away after removal. Just a few simple steps are between you and the tummy trimming that has made Mo Butta Tummy Cream one of our buzz-brands.


  • User reported trimmed tummy
  • User reported loss of inches in the abdominal area
  • User reported hip reduction
  • Evened skin tone
  • Softer complexion where applied


  • Natural herbal ingredients
  • Safe for extended use
  • Great when paired with a cincher or a wrap
  • Fresh blended for maximum potency
  • Excellent moisturizer

Note: Use as directed. Results may vary. Keep out of reach from children.

Ingredients: bentonite clay, kelp powder, cayenne, emu oil, dextrin, cinnamon, glycerin, garlic, extra virgin coconut oil, tea tree oil, grape seed, sea buckthorn, dead sea salt, bladderwrack, apple cider vinegar, castor oil, essential oils, soya lecithin, sea clay, hawthorne berries, honey, mineral oil, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, shea butter, rosemary leaf, aloe vera, green tea, vitamin E, acidic alkaline water