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Rebelt Post-Natal Panty Girdle by Anita 1885

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Rebelt Post-Natal Panty Girdle by Anita 1885

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If you’ve only recently received your bundle of joy and found that it comes with a whole bundle of unexpected extras like swelling, weight gain and pain, you’re going to love the Anita panty girdle we have to show you. The Rebelt Post-Natal Panty Girdle is a supportive post-partum garment you wear in the weeks and months following you birth (with your doctor’s ok). Many women have found relief in the period after baby arrives when they wear supportive garments that include varying amount of compression. And that’s just what this panty provides.

This breathable, stretch microfiber garment is one of the most comfortable ways for new moms to enjoy the benefits of compression. The secret is a two-layer, adjustable abdominal panel that adjusts to provide just the right amount of soothing pressure. The result? You’ll not only look trimmer, but you’ll feel better with the aid and support of compression as you heal. Compression often increases blood flow and promotes healing and reconnection of tissues which are tender and healing after giving birth. We find that, with doctor’s ok, our Cesarean birth moms especially love this garment. So why not benefit from the comfort, soothing and slimming of the Rebelt Post-Natal Panty Girdle by Anita after YOUR birth?


  • Comfort after traditional or cesarean birth
  • Slimmed midsection
  • Supports posture
  • Medical benefits of post-natal compression


  • Post-natal panty girdle
  • High waist
  • Breathable micro-fiber construction
  • Adjustable compression panel in the tummy area

Materials: Nylon 70%, Spandex 30%

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