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Replacement Corset Laces

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Replacement Corset Laces


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Corsets are the ultimate in seduction: guaranteed to inspire even the most tight-laced lad to come unwound, unstrung and tongue-tied at their very sight. If you love the look of your genuine corset, but finding replacement laces has you tied up in knots, you need “knot” look any further. A real corset is strong enough to last a lifetime, but even the finest garment may occasionally need a part replaced. All that pulling, cinching and sculpting is hard work! The laces on your corset tend to feel the squeeze first.

When a corset lace snaps, don’t come unlaced! In just a snap, we can have your undergarment as good as new. With this high quality, 7 yard replacement lace at your finger tips, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is remembering how to lace the darn thing up again. Order in advance and break in case of emergency! If you’ve invested in an heirloom quality genuine corset, don’t forget a replacement lace. It’s the finishing touch that ties your super-seductive silhouette together!