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We all have it... you know, that orange peel look. Whether it’s a little or a lot, women’s natural genetic predisposition to developing cellulite means that, more likely than not, you have searched for a way to get rid of cellulite, whether it was a cellulite workout or some other cellulite solution. While the bad news is that there is no cure for the look of dimpling on the skin (which is resistant to both diet and exercise), there are finally some commercially available options that can reduce its appearance. And because we know that every woman is different we stock a wide variety of products to meet your unique anti-cellulite needs.

If you are interested in joining the fight against cellulite, your first line of defense is making diet and exercise a part of your lifestyle. If you want to maximize the results of your work, you’re going to love the ultra-high tech approach of the Delfin line. Products such as the Bio-Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Capris by Delfin (DS20) and the Bio-Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts by Delfin (DS01) are designed to be worn at the gym or during regular activity. Delfin items redirect your body’s own infra-red heat back into the skin to support cellulite reduction. For anti-cellulite technology you will want to show off, try the Flat Tummy Tights 30D by Lytess (A202) which have microencapsulated ingredients that smooth your skin. And if you want to combine your smoothing strategy with a super shaper, you’ll love the iPant Anti-cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper by Wacoal (805171). While, there may not be a permanent cure for the orange peel effect, but with this tools, we’re closer to smoother, sexier skin than ever.