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Backless Bras

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Backless Bras

That backless dress, that flirty top… don't assume you can't wear them because they won't go with your bra or shapewear. Now, these more daring styles are available to anyone who wants them; we have shapewear and bras designed specifically to wear underneath low-back and backless apparel. If you've ever wondered how celebrities on the red carpet are able to pull off gravity-defying styles, this is it. Support and shape your breasts as well as the rest of your figure if you desire, while going bare in the back.

Low-back and braless styles are perfect for a number of occasions including weddings, formals and dances, not to mention nights out at the club. Our options in this section include adhesive bras that provide support and coverage, as well as shapewear that slims your waistline without revealing bra bands or straps. So go ahead, put on your most daring style in comfort and confidence, knowing that you'll have all the support you need.