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For the Rear

From padded panties that round to a shaping panty girdle, our For the Rear section is where you will find everything that shapes, slims, enhances or simply clothes your behind. You may have come to this part of the store looking for a top notch panty shaper and of course you will find it here. But that’s just the beginning of the garments you will see in this section. From intimates to bottoms with the panty pad built in and of course denims that lift the butt, we carry a wide variety of items that are sure to meet your needs.

A panty girdle is a shapewear essential. If you’re interested in adding one to your wardrobe, you will love the Enhancing Panty Girdle Leslie by Vedette (203) with its additional lifting and rounding. The Perfect Butt Thermal Pant by Flakisima (078) is wonderful everyday option that enhances the behind, while slimming you. The High Waisted Boy Shorts by Slim Me (MSM-105) are one of our most comfortable options for the bottom. If you are looking for the ultimate in briefs, you simply must own a pair of B-Smooth Brief Panties by Wacoal (838175). Our shaping apparel fans will love the wide range of butt lifting jeans by Verox. With fresh styles coming in each season, you will want to keep an eye on their new arrivals! And last but not least, one of the most exciting trends in garments for the rear is the new crop of padded bottoms. From the ultra popular Booty Pop to the Butt Booster Boyshort by Fullness (7013) and on to the Bombshell Hip and Butt Padded Boyshort (9975), once you’ve experienced the amazing look of a rounding panty like these, you won’t want to live without it again.