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Booty Pop

Now the super sweet Hollywood stylist secret that revamps rears can be yours! Buzz brand Booty Pop is the back-up for bottoms you’ve been waiting for. The days of the fashionably small behind are long behind us. In recent the years, a nice round rear has become the desirable shape to have. Because they believed that women should celebrate their curves, not hide them, college friends and entrepreneurs Susan Bloomstone and Lisa Reisler co-created their original Booty Pop panties (LG0001). Immediately popular, stores couldn’t keep this item on the shelves. Their expanded candy themed line includes delicious sizing options ranging from sweet to sweeter to sweetest (small, medium, large). Popularized by celebrity stylists and now used by everyone, the Booty Pop line is a must-have tool for anyone who believes that less is not more when it comes to the behind. Avoid costly and dangerous surgeries and overpriced trainers. Every item and style in this line instantly transforms your tush into a ripe round apple shape. Best of all, this line has the appearance and comfort of a a traditional panty. With an ultra-soft blend of cotton and spandex, these are easily wearable every day and flattering on every body shape. Two foam booty pads are sewn into the interior of the original Booty Pop panties (LG0001) and all Booty Pop garments, adding over an inch in delicious diameter where you crave it most. Your padded panties are easy to care for and ready whenever you need a little extra back-up. Simply machine wash on cold and tumble dry on low and you’re good to go. From jeans to dresses and skirts, no matter what you wear, it goes better with Booty Pop.