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Capellini Jeans

One of the most exciting trends in enhancing apparel is the development of butt lift jeans by brands such as Capellini. This style of denim was first popularized in Brazil and has now spread in popularity with many fine brands now manufactured in countries such as Colombia as well. If you’re a fan of body shapers that round the rear, the style of jeans that Capellini creates is a great option for you. But instead of wearing another layer with a lifting band built in, these denims lift and shape without the need for a body shaper. They don’t even include padding! So how does it work? It’s the shape of the jeans themselves that does the shaping. Capellini jeans include a special seam that wraps in a double arc up over and around your bottom, down towards your hips. The design lifts, supports and rounds your own natural rear into the shape you desire. It also stops gaps at the waist and ride up. Most styles have a tummy trimming button fly too!

But these jeans are also popular for the little flashes of flair to that come with each pair. And every style from Capellini jeans is different and unique with its own special sparkle, wash and accents. The Snow Tigress Butt Enhancing Jeans by Capellini (2523) are a dazzling white wash with low rise waist. Stripes of glittering accents twinkle at the waistband, but they don’t stop there. Diamond-look rhinestones are a highlight of the ankle on this item too! The Midnight Hour Butt Enhancing Jeans by Capellini (2526) are an ultra dark wash model with bars of sparkling rhinestones and metallic silver stitches. The Sky Blue Butt Enhancing Jeans by Capellini (2516) are an airy light blue wash with accents and embroidery at the front and back pocket. If you’d like to give yourself a little lift without adding another layer, the fun and funky designs of Capellini jeans are going to be the perfect treat for you!