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Hue is a company that has built its brand by offering a truly astounding range of ultra fashionable apparel. Consistently creating the essential elements of today’s trends, when you need the building blocks of your next favorite outfit, Hue has them. We most often turn to Hue for their legwear, where the fun and funky options they’ve created are the pieces you need to get a leg up on the fashion competition. One of the biggest trends of the last year has been, without a doubt, hosiery. No matter what your personal preference is there is a trend in legwear that you can make your own. Sheer hose have become ultra chic again, seeing a huge surge in popularity. And it’s no wonder. With the way that a great pair of sheers can smooth out little imperfections in the legs, while slimming from your tippy toes to your midsection, a great pair of hose are one of the essentials that every girl simply must own. Hue has many amazing sheers that do the job nicely, but one of our favorites absolutely has to be the So Sexy Sheer Toeless Sheers With Lacy Panty (6010N).

But perhaps you prefer a little more coverage. If a solid tight is more your speed, the complete coverage and slimming of the Women's Opaque Control Top Tight (U4690) is the kind of perfect hosiery that goes with everything and upon which you can base so many looks. If you’re a super trendy girl, we don’t have to tell you what a huge sensation the jegging has been and Hue offers one of the coolest, with their Skinny Jeanz Legging (U11880). But the fashion leggings don’t stop there. Both the Corduroy Leggings (U12375) and Wide Wale Corduroy Leggings (U12690) are hip options you can pair with everything from skirts to sweater dresses. But the absolutely must-have-it item from this collection are their Double Knit Leggings (U12365) which have a way of finding themselves going perfectly well with what you’re wearing more often than not. While signature pieces may set off an outfit, it’s the basics that bring it all together. And that’s where this brand shines. Time and time again Hue offers the essential pieces that make dressing easy, fun and efficient. That’s why we love them.