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Lyssé Leggings

Leggings have exploded as a trend for their versatility, chic and slimming look, so we were excited when we found that Lyssé Leggings had top notch slimming built into a line of shapewear leggings. Offering a full line of shaping leggings, this slimming apparel line conquered the problem of muffin top and roll down that many legging wearers complained of. Like so many of the very best items in the body shaping and intimates industry, this revolutionary, must-see line of clothing came when one smart woman saw a problem that wasn’t being solved by the market and set out to create a garment that would do just that. Founder, Beth Gold-Cohen loved the way that leggings looked, but did not like the terrible roll down effect that came with them at the waistband. Scouring retail outlets for a pair that didn’t roll, she was unable to find even one product that did everything that it should. So, being the enterprising woman that she was, she sewed a high waist control brief into her favorite (but flawed) leggings and a buzz brand called Lyssé Leggings was born. People loved what Beth created, and for a good reason. These are simply one of the most effective shaping apparel items on the market.

Since the creation of the first item in the Lyssé Leggings line, many styles and shapes have been added. We are proud to carry many of the highlights of this collection. The most popular piece in the Lyssé Leggings offerings is their Tight Ankle Legging (1219). Like all the legwear made by this brand, this item will not roll down and gives great midsection shaping. If you like the amount of control that garment gives, you will love the High Waisted Legging (1208). And for a shaping look you can take anywhere, check out the Boot Cut Legging (1229).