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When we heard Lytess’s motto, “Don’t just look slimmer, be slimmer,” we got excited. Introducing breakthrough after breakthrough in the industry of slimming garments, this revolutionary collection of, as Lytess calls them, “cosmetotextiles” innovated many of the core technologies we see in shapewear today. This popular and unique line was created by French scientists. Many of their items include microcapsules of therapeutic substances in the actual fabric of the apparel. These ingredients moisturize, smooth the skin and support the loss of inches in the areas of the body they effect. Best of all, Lytess’s results have been clinically tested and proven. The microencapsulated ingredients are often comprised of essential fatty acids, potent vitamins and phytosterols. They are activated by the heat and friction you generate as you wear the garment throughout your day. While you may not notice them working, they definitely work. These ingredients help restore your skin and shape your body. Microcapsules remain active for up to 30 washings.

From your midsection to your hips, lower abdomen, thighs, and even your arms, Lytess can reshape your whole body. Whoever you are, they have a slimming garment to meet your needs. Many of our customers first fell in love with Lytess after trying their Anti-Cellulite Complex Capri (PF00748/9), of the first truly effective cellulite treating garments on the market. The Slimming Leggings (PF00308A) are also very popular for their effectiveness and their ability to be paired seamlessly with a wide range of styles. Another very versatile option from Lytess is the Flat Tummy Tights 30D (A202), which contain the same great slimming technology as other garments from this line, but just look like a chic pair of sheers. And last but not least, the Lytess Corrective Belt (LCB) is a wonderful option that you can wear right under your clothes. We fell in love with this brand because they were the first to offer a wide-range of, as they call them, “intelligent textiles,” all microencapsulated with a wide and impressive range of active ingredients. And best of all, they backed up their claims with clinical results. Since we discovered them, Lytess has stayed at the forefront of a high tech movement within the slimming industry, continually introducing new and exciting options with the same great verified results.