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If you’re like most moms, you have experienced discomfort as you tried to put on a maternity bra while sensitive from nursing. Now it’s easier than ever to nurse in comfort thanks to a revolutionary little company called Majamas! Majamas innovated a style of bra they call The Easy Bra (08-2500) . The name really says it all. This excellent nursing bra is soft, simple and stretchy, making it effortless to pull-on. This amazing design became wildly popular as an alternative to more traditional nursing bra designs as it relieves much of the tenderness and discomfort that comes along with those months of nursing. Imagine the very best elements of a softcup bra with the design of a sports bra and that’s what the Majamas best-seller is. Now getting dressed when you’re tender is easy.

The extra soft fabric can be pulled on without discomfort. And because it’s stretchy enough to pull down rather than fiddling with fasteners, feeding times are faster than ever. All Majama bras skip the clasps and closures. Its unique pattern affords discrete access and just enough support. The bottom band is extra wide and makes the bra comfy while giving a top notch fit. All Majamas bras allow for the changes and swelling that most women experience during the post-partum stage. The fabric stretches to perfectly fit your shifting new-mommy shape. And best of all the easy bra you love is now available as the Easy Bra Organic (O07-2501). Organic fabrics have become increasingly popular with conscious moms who support a healthy environment and want to reduce the amount of pesticides in our ecosystem. Like the original Easy Bra, the Easy Bra Organic provides full exposure of the breast. And of course, all the products by Majamas are machine washable, making it effortless to wear the original Easy Bra or the Easy Bra Organic as often as you’d like!