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Sassybax creator, Amanda Horan Kennedy started by designing bras to meet the needs of real women. The idea behind Sassybax was to create a super wearable bra that smooths the silhouette, solves the problem of bra bulge while slimming the back and torso. To say that she succeeded would be an understatement. Using the ideas behind control-top pantyhose, Amanda wanted to provide comfort and slimming to the upper portion of a woman’s body. She fashioned the first samples of Sassybax by telling a design team what she wanted and what she wanted that garment to do and their original seamless bra was born! Amanda quickly began selling Sassybax bras such as the UnderWire Torso Trim (UTT07) and the UnderWire Bralette (UBR06) to a high-end market, exceeding $1 million in wholesale sales during the brand’s first year at market.

The brand’s core philosophy was that women deserved products to help their figures look their very best at any age, giving a youthful and fit look to many different body types. The Sassybax founder wasn’t always a designer/president of a major apparel company. In another life, she was a television actress and then a psychotherapist! Now her line has been expanded to include a wonderful and effective range of shapers and garments that are great for everyday wear. One of our favorites from the collection is the Sassybax Cigarette Pant (BUL03). This is a shaping garment that’s also a great fashion basic. Wear it everywhere and with everything. No one will suspect that it’s a shaper. It’s just one of the many amazing pieces that Sassybax has introduced. Keep your eye on this line, as they promise to continually innovate and bring us more of their versatile, solution-based designs that meet the needs of real women everywhere.