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Verox Jeans

A rounded rear is always in style and Verox jeans, a revolutionary collection of enhancing garments were designed to help create this desirable shape without additional padding. This style of denim was first popularized in Brazil and now comes to you from Colombia. While the individual styles of Verox denim are all distinct, they share the same basic butt-lifting technology. A heart shaped seam arcs over your rear and and wraps around the hips to round the area. The effect is great lift for your behind, but never gape at the waist or ride up. High back seams diagonally lead the eye away from the outer thighs and towards your bottom. Most of the Verox items include button fly, which lays flat to control the abdominal area.

Many of the items in this collection feature decorative detailing such as rhinestone or embroidered graphics. For example, our Butt Enhancing Starry Night Jeans (1035) are highlighted by a splash of stars on the back pocket. The Butt Enhancing Blue Rose Jeans (1028) features navy roses embroidered along the back seam. Here are some of our favorites: The Butt Enhancing Midnight Blue Jeans (1049) includes glittering hip accents. The Butt Enhancing Starlight Jeans (1045) are decorated by a sparkling 3-button fly smooths and glittering rosette rivets. Wear your Verox jeans alone or, with our padded panties for a bold effect. And best of all, Verox is just as effective as other butt-lifting brands at a fraction of the price. If you want a denim look that lifts, try one of our butt-enhancing denims from Verox and make your curves the star of the show.