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Yummie Tummie

If you’ve ever wished for a shaper you could show off instead of hide, Yummie Tummie is the brand for you. Heralding a fresh, wearable approach to shapewear, this unique apparel line has the shaping technology built right into a whole range of garments that look like regular, chic basics. Yummie Tummie is actually meant to be seen! And when you get a look at this collection you will see why. Like all shapewear, these garments have different contouring effects for the body. Some slim the midsection and some work on your hips. With a wide and wonderful range of offerings, there’s almost certainly a Yummie Tummie item for you. Many of our customers love their essential tanks such as the Yummie Tummie Tank (TK1006), Yummie Tummie Strappy (TK1009), or the Invisible Yummie Tank (YM1-007. Our new moms were thrilled with the introduction of the Stretch Nursing Tank Top (STK1002). And they’ve even introduced some lingerie-look pieces such as the Teddie (IN1000). Whatever item you pick, the work Yummie Tummie does is in secret... or should we say, it hides in plain sight. Wear it! Work it. Love it! Yummie Tummie looks great as it smooths out all your little lumps and bumps.

And don’t even worry about them rolling up or down. The garments are engineered to stay right where you want them without migrating or compressing areas that you don’t want, like your bust. Yummie Tummie’s unique cotton bust and hip panels hide right inside your tank top or whichever Yummie Tummie garment you prefer. An additional midsection panel smooths and shapes your belly, eliminating inches from your waist area. And the technology in these garments is so good and unique that it was granted a patent. Yummie Tummie’s three-panel design is protected by the US and European patent offices. This collection is comfortable enough to be worn each and every day as a foundational piece with your regular clothes. Anything you wear it with just looks better. But, better than the way you look is the way that you feel when you wear a Yummie Tummie piece. Expect a surge in confidence and a spring in your step! Perfect for women of all shapes and sizes, this is a garment you wear simply because you want to look great and feel even greater!