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Carnival Bras

Founded to meet the needs of women re-discovering fashion in a prosperous and celebratory time after World War II, Carnival Lingerie created garments using the very finest US materials. Crafted from the finest fabrics and always providing a perfect fit, Carnival is a brand that grew right along with the baby boomers. From the beginning they created garments for the full-figured woman, recognizing the classic ideal of womanly beauty and embracing it. Carnival has always believed that properly selected lingerie is the first step in being well dressed. Over the years, average bra size, body mass and bust size has consistently grown. With the conviction that women of all sizes deserve comfortable support, they custom designed their garments to meet the unique and changing needs of their customers, creating a world-class collection of intimates.

Whoever you are Carnival has the right piece to meet your needs. Many of our customers love the fuller coverage pieces such as the Full Figure Longline Bra (730), Invisible Torsolette (426-2) or Satin Torsolette (424-2). But if you prefer something a little lighter the Second Skin Laser Bra (505) or the Seamless Comfort Push Up Bra (504) are great options too. The modern textiles and top notch design in this line makes comfort and style accessible for women of all sizes, while giving shape, control and enhancement when needed. A truly American brand, Carnival is now extremely popular outside the United States as well. You can find their lingerie in territories such as Canada, South Africa, South America, Australia, The Middle East and Europe. Carnival’s bridal lingerie now proudly occupies the top slot in popularity in Europe. A division of National Mill Industry, over half a century of excellence has made this company a household name and source of great pride.