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If you are looking for workout shapewear, there is hardly a more important name to know than Champion. Champion has a legacy in sportswear that can hardly be matched. From classic athletic gear to cutting edge exercise shapewear and workout enhancers, this powerhouse of active lifestyle gear has you covered from head to toe. With their truly staggering array of apparel for both men and women, it’s hard to decide which of their collections is the best. But we have chosen to focus on one of the most innovative aspects of this brand’s offering, their shaping activewear lines. This is comprised primarily of two independent collections: Shape and Performance.

First, from the Shape line, we have the Shape Long Top by Champion (7743). This active long top extends over the belly and shapes the torso, while remaining breathable and easy wearing. This is an ideal piece for many activities with its zoned compression and ventilation. The same great comfort and construction is continued in the Shape V-Neck T-Shirt by Champion (7540) with the additional coverage of the t-shirt form. From the Performance collection, we have the Performance Shape Knee Pant by Champion (8275), with zoned control sections and a design so airy, you may forget that it’s a shaper. And last but not least, from the Performance collection are the Performance Shape Pants by Champion (8276). This yoga style pant gives full coverage to the leg in a bootcut that is most flattering to the figure. But that’s not the only thing sculpting your silhouette. Shaping technology is right inside the garment making it a fabulous finishing touch for your healthy lifestyle and look!