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Hollywood Fashion

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Hollywood Fashion Secrets

“Oh no! Wardrobe Malfunction!” If you’re like most of us, you’ve experienced a fashion crisis that made you say just those words. From falling hems, to little spots and scuffs, there isn’t a woman on the planet that hasn’t had an outfit ruined by a style emergency. That’s why Hollywood Fashion Secrets was created. It was a sweater that didn’t close the way it should that inspired the first product in the line: Hollywood Fashion Tape. After that, your fashionista “fairy godmothers”, Marni and Jane, continued to collect the very best tricks and tips of top celebrity stylists to create the line now known as Hollywood Fashion Secrets. Now the trade tools that keep top stars looking tip-top on runways and red carpets can be yours. This brand has one goal: to prevent wardrobe malfunctions! And how do they do it? Their dozens of secret tricks, fabulous fix-me-ups, and secret weapons allow you to wear whatever you want without fear of a fashion faux pas.

And with such a huge number of smart solutions, there’s one that’s perfect to prevent your wardrobe manfunction today! Their original Hollywood Fashion Tape (HFT-TAT) is the must-have from this collection, with more uses than we could list here. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to live without it. The Glamorous Gown Assortment (HFT-WeddAssort) is essential for all weddings and formal affairs. The Hip Hugger Belt (HHB) eliminates the bulge and puckering of belts with buckles. Keep their Squares (SQS-000508) in your purse to remove little stains, pet hair and more. They’re tiny and fit almost anywhere! And who could wear all the plunging, strapless fashions that they desire without the Backless Strapless Bra (HFT-STRBRA) there to support them? Confidence is beautiful and with the tools created by Hollywood Fashion Secrets you’re always able to feel cool, confident and in control of your beautiful new look!