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The Overbra

The Overbra brand is a great example of the Biflex company’s proud tradition of creating bold new products with excellence in craftsmanship at affordable prices. Immediately following its introduction, this product became a runaway bestseller. You may have seen this line on TV or in stores. But it must be experienced to be understood. This line was designed to give women an extra boost of confidence during regular daily wear or during the extra special moments such as formal and dress-up affairs. When a woman adds an Overbra shaper to her ensemble, she rests assured that she looks and feels strong, confident and curvy wherever she goes. All Overbra products are extra-comfortable and enhance the shape immediately and effectively. Just slip into any one of their revolutionary garments and you’ll see the change immediately. The Original Overbra (4600) is the essential garment from this line. But they haven’t stopped there. Increase your control with the Longline Overbra (4602) or the Body Shaper (4604). The Overbra (4600) is a great option too.

No matter which item you choose, this line helps you look longer, leaner and curvier the second that you put it on. Add the OverBra to your favorite bra and you’re ready to go. This is a great line for women who travel, making any bra that you bring with you into a push-up. Even travel is made easier, as just one Overbra product that makes any bra a push up and every out­fit look better! This is a line for women of any age and almost every size, as anyone can benefit from the boost in confidence that comes with this garment. And with design that’s so light and simple to wear over your regular bra, you'll barely know it's there.