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One of the most exciting advances in the shapewear industry is the innovation of textiles with active ingredients. The technology created by companies like Skineez Skincarewear brings the very best elements of skincare and slimming wear together. And the Skineez reviews certainly show their results are earning fans and loyalists around the world. The secret in Skineez Shapewear is micro-capsules of active ingredients that help to smooth and tone the skin. When you wear your Skineez garment, contact with the fabric creates heat and friction, causing the ingredients to activate and penetrate deep into the skin. The longer you wear your shaper, the better the results are and the more toned and trimmed the areas will be. So just what ingredients can you expect in one of these revolutionary new shapers? Rich nutrients like vitamin E, Shea butter, apricot kernel oil, and rose hip oil are embedded into the stretchy fabric of this line.

We love this line and have chosen two of their most popular complete kits to share with you. The Dangerous Curves Capri Smoother Kit by Skineez Shapewear is extends from the tummy to the calf and creates slimming for the midsection, thighs, lower abdomen, hips and legs the moment you put on your shaper. But it doesn’t stop there. Extended wear creates long-lasting effects which include smoother, more even and toned skin with less visible appearance of cellulite. But if you want a little less coverage and more specific targeting of the midsection, thighs and buttocks the Thigh Slimmer Kit by Skineez Shapewear is for you. Like the capri kit you get the same great slimming and smoothing of your silhouette when you wear your shaper and extended results with extended wear. Why not fuse the best in skincare and shapewear. With Skineez you can wear your way to trimmer and more toned skin!