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Spa Slender Mini Body Wrap Kit by Simply Slender-SSMBWK

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Spa Slender Mini Body Wrap Kit by Simply Slender-SSMBWK


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This item shapes and enhances your figure.

Slimming body wraps at home are a wonderful option for those of you who are tired of waiting to see results from your shape-up plan. When you’re ready to shape up right away, the Spa Slender Mini Body Wrap Kit by Simply Slender is a tool you can turn to. If you’ve tried to lose inches, you already understand how trying the process can be for your patience. Whether you’re ready to reduce for a special occasion or for every day, this all-in-one kit includes everything you need to create immediate slimming. Note: Read and follow all included directions to achieve optimal results. Results are not guaranteed.

When you receive your kit, it will have several elements in it that all work together to reshape your midsection. The Simply Slender Slenderizing cream is formulated from a special blend of herbs, clays and minerals. You apply this formula directly to the body prior to wrapping with the High Quality Cotton Elastic Wraps. These machine washable wraps are reusable. Also included are a body measuring tape and a Slenderizing Sauna Suit. And don’t worry, an illustrated instruction book with step-by-step instructions guides you through the steps you need to create a slimmer silhouette with the Spa Slender Mini Body Wrap Kit by Simply Slender.


  • Illustrated Instruction Book
  • Inch Loss Chart
  • Body Measuring Tape
  • Slenderizing Sauna Suit
  • 6 High Quality Cotton Elastic Wraps
  • 16 ounces of Simply Slender Slenderizing Cream


  • Rejuvenated appearance
  • Measurable loss in the applied areas

Ingredients: Ingredients: Deionized Water. Bentonite.