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Tummy Tightener by Delfin Spa

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Tummy Tightener by Delfin Spa

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This item firmly shapes and enhances your figure. It will slim by 1-2 inches.

If you thought you had to live with an untoned tummy, stretchmarks or extra skin this exercise belly band is for you! This Delfin Spa Tummy Tightener is a stomach compression band that provides real results. It is the right now, scientific solution to loose skin, poochie bellies and stretchmarks! Most women are genetically prone to develop these kinds of effects throughout the body, which are resistant to both diet and exercise. If you’ve wondered what to do about it, you’re not alone...but you’re not stuck with a flabby tummy. Delfin’s enhanced apparel line is producing exciting results!

The secret is a breakthrough called Bio-ceramic material. This composite reflects your body’s Far Infrared Rays, the part of the light spectrum that generates heat. These rays are redirected deep into the tissue. Increasing thermal activity in this layer of skin maximizes the work your muscles are already doing, improving circulation, breaking down toxins and mobilizing fat cells and increased penetration of anti-stretchmark serums and anti-cellulite creams. The result: Smoothed, slimmed tummy with reduced appearance of stretchmarks, scarring and cellulite after extended use. It can also be used while exercising! This product is best when paired with the Anti-Cellulite Cream by Delfin. While wraps contain cutting edge fat-fighting technology, it’s also absolutely comfortable to wear every day. Whether you wear it while doing your everyday chores and activities or during aerobics or yoga, making the science of slimming a part of your everyday life has never been easier. This item includes a velcro exterior, making it completely adjustable and an anti-microbial additive to keep it fresh. With its iPod/phone pocket built right in for exercising, the band is so convenient and comfortable that you may forget its working. If you’ve tried everything to reduce trim your tummy, reduce stretchmarks and fight extra skin don’t give up! Try the Tummy Tightener by Delfin Spa and wave it all goodbye!


  • Toned tummy
  • Reduced stretchmarks
  • Visible reduction of cellulite
  • Assistance recovering from c-section


  • Adjustable workout band
  • Bio-ceramic material
  • Neoprene construction
  • Velcro exterior
  • iPod/phone pocket
  • Anti-microbial

Materials: Body - Far Infrared Neoprene 100%, Inner Lining: Polyester 100%, Outer Lining: Nylon 100%



The entire outer side is lined with the Velcro this allows you to adjust the tummy band accordingly. To find the best size measure your waistline (in inches). Compare the measurement on the chart below.

  • S - Up to 33"
  • M - Up to 41
  • L - Up to 51"