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  • How Will a Waist Trainer Look on You? Here are Some Examples

    Waist trainer before and after

    If you’ve been following any of your friends’ or even strangers’ waist training journeys for a while, you will probably notice that everybody’s results are a little bit different. For example, a petite woman with a straight build in a waist trainer will certainly look different from a very curvy woman in a waist trainer—although both can look very flattering, IF they have the right garment for their body types.

    So the question is: what will a waist trainer look like on you?

    It depends on your natural body type as well as what type of waist trainer you use. Sometimes women like to have several different types of waist trainers in their wardrobes because of the different results they will produce!

    To better understand what your results might be, here are a few examples of different body types, waist trainers and corsets.

    Waist Trainers on Different Body Types

    Your natural build is very important when determining what types of waist trainers are going to work best on you! Here are some common body types along with their ideal waist trainers.


    If you’re shorter than about 5’2”, you’re going to get the best results in a shorter cut waist trainer; a longer style might feel awkward or uncomfortable. Workout bands are cut short to provide more freedom of motion, so they’re also ideal for the petite body type. Check out these recommendations for short torsos as well.

    Long Torso  

    If you’re taller than about 5’8”, or if women’s tops seem to be short on your build, you’re going to look best in a waist trainer with a longer cut. This ensures that you get full coverage for your abdomen and lower back; otherwise, you might not like the way it sits. Check out these recommendations for long torsos.

    Curvy Bust 

    If your bust-to-waist ratio is high, you’re going to love the extra lift and support that a waist trainer provides. While it’s a matter of preference, many bustier women prefer the support of a vest-style waist trainer, which will also provide fuller coverage for your upper back. Check out our collection of vest-style waist trainers.

    Straight Figure 

    Women with a long and lean body type can benefit a lot from waist trainers because they create instant curves. There are a lot of great options if this is you. In general you’re going to want to stick to latex cinchers that have only two rows of hook and eye closures, as three rows are better designed more for women who are trying to lose a lot of weight. Try these everyday styles as well as workout bands. You might also like the results you can achieve from a lace-up corset, which can dramatically pull in your waist and give you a custom fit.

    Plus Size

    Waist trainers can provide stunning results if you are especially tall and/or curvy. But it’s very important to get one that’s the right size. Some people mistakenly believe that if they order a smaller size, they’ll get better results; but the opposite is true. If your waist trainer is too small, you might not even be able to get it on, and if you do, it will create a very unflattering “spillover effect.” If you’re in the plus sizes, be sure to check out garments designed especially for your build.

     “Average” Build and Proportions

    If you don’t have any features in your body type that stand out—meaning, you’re of average height and weight and have relatively proportional measurement ratios—you’ll have a lot of options available. Choosing the most flattering garment also depends on your goals, so check out the sections below if you need additional guidance.

    Before & After Photos

    Curious what waist training looks like when it's done right? Here are some great before-and-after photo examples of the results you might expect.

    How a waist trainer looks on youWaist training before and after

    Other Features to Consider When Choosing a Waist Trainer

    Body type can be a big factor when choosing the ideal waist trainer, but sometimes you’ll want to consider a few other factors, such as what your goals are, your lifestyle and a few other personal preferences. Here are some additional features in waist trainers that might affect your choice.

    Workout Options

    Wearing a waist trainer during your workouts can be a highly effective way to boost the intensity of your exercise routine, as well as provide the motivation you need to keep it up. But you don’t want to just wear any waist trainer or corset to the gym. Our collection of workout bands consists of garments that are designed to be more durable, provide more freedom of motion and stimulate heat to make you sweat more with less effort. They also tend to come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns, which makes them fun to show off.

    When selecting your workout band, just be sure to consider all of the options (such as number of hook rows or garment length) to ensure the best results for your unique body type.

    Lace-Up Corsets

    While latex cinchers are the more popular option when it comes to waist training, we are also big fans of traditional lace-up corsets. These garments have two benefits: first, since they lace up they are completely customizable and can size down with you day by day for the most dramatic results. Second, since they are constructed with steel boning, they may last longer. You could go down several dress sizes while waist training with the same corset. 

    2 Vs. 3 Rows of Hooks

    If you’re planning on losing a substantial amount of weight while waist training, you might consider choosing a cincher with three rows of hooks, giving you the most room to size down as you slim down. These are especially popular among women who are trying to lose post-pregnancy weight as well as anyone trying to kick-start a healthy lifestyle. If you’re not planning on losing substantial weight and you’re on the smaller side, you’ll get better results with two rows. 

    Visibility Under Clothing

    A common question we get is how easy it is to conceal waist trainers under clothing. While waist trainers will be invisible under many styles, you might want to be cautious when you’re wearing a top or dress that is especially thin or light in color. In those cases be sure to wear a waist trainer in a color that can be better camouflaged next to your skin, like nude or black. For those occasions you might also consider a no-closure waist cincher to ensure that the clasps won’t show through.

    Materials and Style

    Beyond these basic recommendations, the remaining options have to do with personal preference. If you have a sensitivity to latex, be sure to check out our latex-free options. Beyond that, if you’re still have trouble selecting the perfect waist trainer based on your body shape and other factors, be sure to check out the reviews for the garments you’re considering. Look for insights from people who share about their own size and shape and what results they experienced. You can also checkout #BeTheHourglass on Instagram and see what people are saying!

    Hopefully it’s evident from this post that there’s a flattering waist training option for pretty much every shape and size! Be sure to research your options thoroughly before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting the best choice for your unique body type. And if you can’t decide between garments, why not try both? We highly recommend having at least two waist trainers in your wardrobe that you can rotate, in order to keep them clean and help the latex rest, when applicable. It can also be useful to have more than one option depending on what you’re wearing and what you’re doing.

    If you still have questions, please contact our expert stylists on our customer service team. We are passionate about helping women find their perfect fit…and we wear waist trainers too! Our team members come in various shapes and sizes just like anyone else, so we can make genuine recommendations based on our own experience. Call or email after you’ve browsed our site and we’ll be happy to help you make a decision.

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  • Ann Chery Sizing Tips & Customer Reviews

    Common sizing questions with Ann Chery waist trainers

    Ann Chery waist trainers are some of our most popular waist-cinching garments, and it’s easy to understand why. The Ann Chery brand uses quality material and construction to produce waist trainers that provide the strongest compression—not to mention, they are some of the most stylish that you can find.

    That said, because of the high compression of Ann Chery garments, it is very important to find the right size in order for a waist trainer to fit well and produce the best results. We thought it would be helpful to examine some of the common sizing issues with these popular waist trainers. Below are real reviews from real customers, along with some tips on how to avoid the same issues with your order.

    Ann Chery Latex Waist Shaper Vest 2027

    Reviewed: Ann Chery Latex Waist Shaper Vest 2027

    “I took my waist measurement and went by the chart. The only place it was tight was on my ribs and way to loose in the back. On the up side boy did it make me sweat so I will be using it for the gym. I'm extremely curvy so I think no matter what size I get it won’t be able to fit my ribs and small waist so I will purchase a real corset. For ladies who have a larger belly I think it will work great to pull everything in.” –Shawna baby

    We love this honest assessment! This customer is correct: if you are very curvy, a typical vest-style waist trainer might present some fit issues. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple! Order a vest with adjustable straps like the Ann Chery Semichaleco Faja Reductora 2028 and the problem should disappear. While you could go with a strapless cincher or corset, you might not get the same support that you would with the straps.

    As a side note we’ll also add—yes, any waist trainer will make you sweat (that’s how it works). BUT, we also highly recommend that you only use a workout band designed for high intensity so that you won’t damage the material.

    Clasica Latex Waist Cincher By Ann Chery

    Reviewed: Clasica Latex Waist Cincher by Ann Chery

    “I wear a 32D bra size and a size 26 jeans and the size guide did not help me purchase an accurate size for myself. I will have to exchange.” –Rosa

    When sizing for a waist trainer, it’s important to understand that the most important measurement is your waistline. (It would be helpful if we were all the same cooker-cutter shape, but we’re not -- and it’s beautiful to all be different, right?) So don’t worry too much about your hips and bust measurements, because with a strapless waist trainer like this one, they don’t really matter.

    For an accurate waist measurement, use vinyl or fabric measuring tape and measure the natural waist. This is typically about two inches above the belly button, where there is a natural bend when you lean to one side. Make sure that the tape is level with the floor and isn’t pulled tight. It should rest as flat as possible on your skin, but you should be able to fit a finger underneath.

    Sometimes you might find that your waist measurement lands you in between sizes. In this case, we always recommend using the larger size instead of the smaller size, for the best results.

    Workout Waist Trainer By Ann Chery

    Reviewed: Workout Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 

    I bought this item thinking that it will fit. I am a plus size woman. My size is 40 waist. It fit around my waist but I was bulging at the top and bottom. Would love this item if it was longer. - Lady Millz

    It’s important to know that most workout bands are typically shorter styles of waist trainers. This allows for more freedom of movement during exercise. While this works great for many sizes, it can create problems if you are plus size or very tall.

    While the waist measurement on a shorter trainer like this one might technically fit, it’s important for you to take note of the length of your torso. If you are taller than about 5’8”, we recommend looking into a waist trainer designed for the longer torso, like the Long Torso Sporty Exercise Band by Caribbean Shape 9490. This waist trainer also happens to come in plus sizes (up to 4XL), so it should have you covered.

    If you’re unsure about your torso length, you can also take a torso measurement. Find someone to help you as you run measuring tape full circle from your shoulder at the neck, over the fullest part of your bust, down between your legs and back to the starting point. See the chart in this article to determine if your torso is longer than average.

    Faja Deportiva 3 Hook Workout Waist Trainer By Ann Chery 2023

    Reviewed: Faja Deportiva 3 Hook Workout Waist Trainer By Ann Chery 2023

    “I'm disappointed. It doesn't fit. I tried to force it and the hook broke. I'm sad I wasted my money.” - AshaNtim

    Oh no! We hate to hear stories like this. One way to prevent this from happening, remember to never, ever force a garment on! It can be tempting to do it because you know a waist trainer is supposed to be tight. However, the hooks are not invincible, especially if you stress them beyond their capacity.

    Keep in mind that if you order a garment and it doesn’t fit, we have a very easy exchange policy. Our 100% guarantee ensures that you can return unused items in their original condition and packaging within 30 days for a free exchange or prompt refund. We’ll repeat that: we have a 100% guarantee that you will find the right size (at no extra cost if you have to exchange an item). See here for more instructions about exchanges and returns.

    Reviewed: when sizing works out perfectly…

    “The size chart allowed me to pick the right size. Fit perfectly. Combined with the high quality and quick shipping - hard not to love the purchase. Took about an inch or so off my waist and took me from a boy figure to one with some shape/curves. All my clothes fit better with it on and it didn't show through which was one of my fears. Will likely buy another one someday.” –MJ9J

    We want this to be everyone’s experience! While everyone’s body type is different, we test all of our products in order to produce customized sizing charts—so you can be pretty confident that what you order is going to be the best fit for you.

    To ensure that we get your sizing right, be sure to follow these tips:

    • Take accurate measurements. Remember that the waist measurement is the most important when it comes to waist trainers. Measure your natural waist, keep the tape level with the floor, and don’t pull it too tight.
    • Follow the custom size charts for each garment. Don’t simply go by your dress size, pant size or bra size. Note that different brands will differ in sizing, even though the products are very similar. Remember, with high compression garments like those manufactured by Ann Chery, a precision fit is very important. When in between sizes, always go a size up for the best results.
    • Consider any unique characteristics about your body type. Are you very curvy, plus-size, tall, or short? You’ll want to do your research and find the best option for your needs. Curvy women may enjoy the extra bust support that a vest style provides (remember about adjustable straps if necessary!). For shorter torsos you might want to stick to a sporty waist trainer, while there are specially designed waist trainers for longer torsos and plus sizes. Here are recommendations for long and short torsos, and here is our plus size collection. If you need more specific recommendations, you can always contact a stylist on our customer service team. We’re happy to help!
    • Read the reviews. These can help you identify any sizing issues you could potentially encounter. Look for reviews that provide very specific information about what worked and what did not for the most helpful advice.
    • Try your garment on carefully. Remember, you shouldn’t have to force it. Waist trainers in particular can be a little tricky to put on if you’re not used to them. Fasten them from the bottom up, holding the hooks above your waist. As you work your way up the row of hooks, slide the waist trainer down over your midsection. It should feel very tight, but you shouldn’t experience any pinching or discomfort. In order to return it in its original condition, make sure you don’t keep it on for more than 5–10 minutes.

    We hope you found this discussion helpful as you try to find the best size. When the fit is right, Ann Chery waist trainers definitely do not disappoint! Thanks to all of our customers for sharing their honest feedback—it truly helps us to better understand how to meet your needs and serve you best. In fact, if you’ve never left a review, please do so! You’ll help us help others to find their best fit too.

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  • Interview: Stay-at-Home Mom Reveals Her Postpartum Waist Training Secrets

    Lillie Hall Beautiful Waist Training Journey

    Every once in a while, we stumble across a waist training journey that's simply too good not to share! This time, it's Lillie Hall – a stay-at-home mom and soon-to-be bride who decided to try waist training to get her pre-baby body back after childbirth. She captured her journey beautifully on Instagram as she start wearing the Ann Chery Workout Trainer and eventually worked up to wearing it 8-12 hours a day. If Lillie looks familiar, you may recognize her from MTV's "Made," in which she received help from a UFC fighter to make her into beauty pageant queen. We recently reached out to Lillie to learn more about her postpartum waist training experience and see what advice she had for other women.

    1. Tell us a little about yourself

    I am a stay at home mommy to a precious one-year-old boy. I'm engaged to the love of my life and we've been together since October 31, 2012. Our wedding date is set to be our original anniversary, so we will be married on Halloween of this year and I couldn't be happier. I love reading, playing video games, baking, photography, music, tattoos and piercings, online shopping, and cuddling up with my boys to watch TV/movies.

    1. Why did you decide to try waist training?

    I had decided to try waist training after seeing the Hourglass Angel Instagram account. I went to the main web page to do some more research; read reviews, viewed pictures and videos posted by users. I had my son in April 2015 and could not tighten my stomach back up no matter how hard I tried. I was thin before having him, but afterwards, I had gained an extra 20 pounds that I needed to work off. After trying so hard for months, I became discouraged at the fact that I remained at the same weight, not losing or even gaining. When I found out that the waist trainers helped after postpartum to not only lose the stubborn pounds, but also to lose inches as well as tighten and tone, I was sold immediately, desperate to try anything.

    1. What garment did you use, and why?

    I used the Ann Chery Workout waist trainer because it had almost all perfect reviews. There were so many people reviewing it and giving it 5 stars, and the other reviewers who rated it less seemed to only have personal issues with it that weren't common. Plus I loved the pretty color choices.

    1. What were your first impressions?

    The first time I put the waist trainer on, it was a bit of a challenge to get it hooked closed, but after I finally got into it, I saw an immediate difference. I was standing in front of my mirror so that I could see the difference after getting it on. I instantly saw my waist shrink and was so thrilled! I ran to find a cute fitted shirt to put on over it and was so happy to see how amazing my body looked wearing the waist trainer. I knew at that moment that, once I got used to it, I would want to wear it all the time.

    1. What was your waist training routine?

    My waist training routine was wearing the trainer every single day, working my way up from 8 hours to 12 hours a day, adding more time each week. I wore it whether I was working out, cleaning around the house, running errands, or just sitting around relaxing.

    1. Did the waist trainer meet your expectations? How so?

    The waist trainer absolutely met my expectations and then some! I honestly had a curvy hourglass shape naturally and didn't think it was going to make a huge difference in that area. Turns out that there was a wonderful difference made that I am beyond excited about! I am not only tiny all around, having almost completely lost my belly pooch, back fat, and side fat, but I'm also so much curvier than I ever thought I could be!

    1. What were your diet & fitness habits during your waist training journey?

    During my waist training journey, I stayed active, working out 5 days a week to exercise videos that I found online. I would change up my routine every Sunday by finding a new video to use for the week so I could keep it fresh and keep my body challenged. I drank a nutrition shake for breakfast and ate one full meal a day at dinner, the diet I had been on before I started using the waist trainer. I call it the "mom diet" due to the fact it started by me not having time for anything but a shake in the morning and a few bites of something here and there through the day until dinner time.

    1. In the past, have you faced any challenges with weight-loss or fitness?

    I was severely bullied in school starting at a very young age during elementary school. I tried to diet when I was 10 years old because I was so humiliated. As I got older, I started growing more into my weight but still stayed on the bigger side. When I was 15, I was chosen to be involved in the hit TV show MADE on MTV. I wanted to be "made" into a beauty pageant queen, was given a coach with the experience to teach me how to meet my goal, and I was given a UFC fighter to train me to help me lose the weight in time for my pageant. After the show, I kept up with working towards losing more weight using the new methods I was taught and ended up losing 40 pounds and dropping 7 pant sizes. I had a lot of problem areas, especially a pooch that I've had since before I was ever pregnant. The waist trainer finally helped me handle the one area I could never conquer and gave me the body shape I always dreamed of having.

    1. When did you start seeing results?

    Wearing the waist trainer alone gives you an instant 1-2 inches off your waist, but to start seeing a change in my body that started staying more permanent, it took me about 2-3 weeks. My current results are after two months of wearing it. I wore the first set of hooks the first month, then the second set of hooks the second month.

    1. Has anyone else noticed your results?

    Every single person who has ever known me has commented on my results, begging me for my secrets, and now wanting to go invest in waist trainers too! They think I look amazing and I've been told that it doesn't look like I've ever had a baby.

    1. What would you say to others who are thinking about trying waist training?

    If someone is thinking about trying waist training, I would tell them to absolutely go for it! If I can achieve the results I did, then I believe everyone can. I am so much more confident now and for the first time in my life, I love my body. Everyone deserves to feel that way, and if waist training helped me find that in myself, then I recommend others try it as well. My posture is improved, my clothes fit and look better, I walk with my head held higher, and when I get married I get to feel so beautiful in my wedding dress! So I say go for it and stick with it. It's hard at first since getting it on is a chore until you wear it for about a week, then it gets easier. The moment you see yourself in it, you will be glad you bought it. Be sure to go slow, wear it in moderation, easing into wearing it the max amount of time (12 hours) and let your body adjust to it. Even if you only wear it during workouts, it helps make your workout WORK, helping you to sweat more in your midsection to burn calories and fat more than what you would without it on.

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  • 12 Must-Do Postpartum Waist Training & Fitness Tips

    Hourglass Angel postpartum fitness and waist training advice

    Ready to get back in shape, mama? If you've been wondering how to use waist training as part of your postpartum shape-up, then look no further. Here are twelve simple ways for new moms to get back in shape after baby.

    1. Start with a postpartum belly wrap after birth.

    You can begin postpartum belly binding almost immediately after childbirth, even while you're still in the hospital. A postpartum belly wrap provides gentle compression as your body heals. Women have been using this practice around the world for centuries to provide support during the recovery process.

    1. Drink lots of water.

    Following the birth, your body will be flushing out all the extra fluid it has been carrying, but it will still need to take in a lot. In fact, a lot of women find that they're very thirsty after birth! You might be tempted to grab the caffeine when you're so exhausted, but try to resist the urge. You should keep up staying hydrated with at least 8 glasses of water a day throughout your postpartum recovery — and beyond!

    1. Try to rest.

    Everyone knows that it's really difficult to get rest with a newborn around, but you should at least try. Nap when the baby naps and get a lot of help. Don't push yourself too hard for at least the first 6 weeks postpartum.

    1. Start exercising when you get your doc's approval.

    Once you've passed the 6 week mark, ask your doctor if you are approved to start exercising. You may have to wait a bit longer if you've had a C-section.

    1. Eat well from the start.

    Even if you're trying to lose weight, your body needs nutritious food during this period. Get a healthy balance of carbs, proteins and fats—and don't hesitate to ask your doctor for guidance! Stock up on small, healthy whole food snacks like unsweetened yogurt, fruit, raw veggies, nuts, etc.

    1. Use a workout band.

    Once you're healed up and you get the go-ahead to exercise, a workout band can provide slimming and support during your workouts. Here are some exercises to get your started.

    1. Work up your intensity.

    Start out slow in your workouts—you know your body best. Slowly increase the intensity while you build your strength and stamina. In the long run you should aim for workouts five days a week, 30 minutes each day. Get a good mix of cardio and strength training.

    1. Wear a waist trainer daily.

    In addition to your workout band, you'll love the shaping and support you'll get from an everyday waist trainer. You can wear one under just about anything and conceal the baby weight while you're working it off.

    1. Increase waist trainer use gradually.

    Start out wearing your waist trainer for an hour or two the first day, and then gradually add a little more time each day. You can break it up into smaller sessions if desired. For the best results we recommend you aim to wear your cincher at least 8 hours a day.

    1. Get active with your baby.

    It can be difficult to meet your fitness goals with your little one in tow, so get creative about how to bring them along. You can do a lot of stretches and workout mat exercises with your little one right next to you. Invest in a jogging stroller and go for walks and runs. See if there are any stroller fitness classes offered in your community. Or you can always find a gym that offers childcare.

    1. Size down your waist trainer!

    One of the most exciting parts about a waist training journey is the day when you discover that your first waist trainer is too loose, even when it's fastened its tightest! Celebrate by treating yourself to a smaller size and keep up the good work.

    1. Take progress photos and share them.

    If you stick to a healthy lifestyle and a dedicated waist training plan, you are going to love the results and should share them to inspire your friends! We'd love to see your stories as well so be sure to tag us on Instagram @hourglass_angel #BeTheHourglass.

    Styles for the waist training bride

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  • How to Smooth 2 Common Trouble Areas

    Shapewear with back coverage


    Say Goodbye to Bra Bulge and Muffin Top

    The key to looking your best on any occasion is having a smooth foundation. No matter what your shape, a number of outfits can look flattering once you've eliminated problem areas. Two problem areas that women of all shapes and sizes deal with are at the bra line (bra bulge) and above the pant line (muffin top).

    You have several options when it comes to smoothing these trouble areas. Choosing the right intimates can be helpful, and shapewear can add an extra level of control. Shapewear choices include various levels of compression. You might want lighter compression for casual use and firm control for special occasions.

    Here are some of our top picks for managing these common trouble areas:

    Halo Lace Full Coverage Underwire Bra by Wacoal

    This soft bra provides the support and coverage a full figure needs, while the leotard back gives an overall smooth look and prevents bra bulge. The elastic straps are close-set, soft and adjustable. Elastic also lines the top and bottom of the wings, preventing the bra from slipping and adding overall comfort and control.

    Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia

    Get all the waist slimming power of a waist training cincher, with additional coverage and support thought the back. The firm compression vest goes over the bra of your choice, smoothing your bra line and eliminating any bulk. It provides full torso coverage, preventing any occurrence of muffin top.

    CoCoon Perfect Fit Braless T-Shirt

    This garment is manufactured with specialized lifting and toning technology. The waist slimming t-shirt is designed with bi-directional smooth fabric that comfortably trims the waist and abdomen and smoothens the whole back. It also comes down over the hips to minimize muffin top.

    High Waisted Panty by Amia

    This everyday essential gives moderate control and smoothing to the midsection, waist and lower abdomen, providing a flawless foundation for pants and skirts. Two control panels at the tummy and sides provide slimming and support, eliminating muffin top. A gripper at the waist prevents roll down.

    Mid-Thigh Bodysuit By Amia A107

    This is a go-to piece for special occasions. It provides firm coverage from over your braline to your thighs. Nothing but smooth from top to bottom.

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