Backless Bras

Our low back shapewear offers stellar support and shaping without interfering with your attire. Whether you’re a bride in need of a bra for your open back dress, or you’re looking for low back shapewear for everyday wear, we have backless bras and girdles for virtually any occasion.

Find the Best Open Back Girdle for You

When the season for formals, weddings or warm weather rolls around, you are probably going to find yourself on the hunt for low back shapewear or backless body shapers to accommodate your strappy, strapless or backless fashions. Many of our customers come to us with the challenge of finding shapewear for low-back or backless dresses.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a body shaper for dresses that leave the back open or plunging, we have a whole section of items ready to create a flawless foundation for you. Now you can shape and smooth your silhouette from formal to flirty without worrying about show-through.

Backless Body Shapers & Corsets for Weddings

Naturally, this is a section that will be of the utmost interest to brides and bridal party members. Whether you’re the star of the big day or a supporting cast member, making sure you have the proper foundational garment for your formal attire is the key to feeling confident and in control of your curves.

Here are a few of our favorites for brides and their best girlfriends:


Whether you prefer a low back waist cincher or a backless corset, we’re certain you’ll love our gorgeous collection of pretty underthings — perfect for any occasion. Shop our line of low back shapewear and enjoy free shipping on your order.