Waist Trainer & Shapewear Detergent by Hourglass Angel


This gentle detergent helps keep your waist trainers and other shapewear clean and fresh. Proper care for your waist trainer is something we encourage to all of our customers. While latex is very powerful when it comes to slimming your waistline, it's also a very delicate material. It needs proper storage and cleaning to retain its elasticity with each wear. This will also ensure that it lasts longer before losing its effectiveness.

This specially formulated waist trainer is safe to use on latex waist trainers and any other delicate shapewear or intimate garment. Its fresh lavender scent will freshen whatever you wash. It is also lanolin-enriched to protect your garments and keep them soft. To use, gently hand wash your waist trainer in a bucket of warm water with 1 / 2 an ounce of the detergent. Always hang to dry over a hanger or a chair. You can also use this detergent in cold water for other types of shapewear. Simply handwash or use the gentlest cold cycle in your washing machine (we highly recommend a garment bag). Just remember; never put your shapewear in the dryer. Refer to your garment's specific care instructions for more details about washing different types of fabrics.


  • Gentle formula, ideal for shapewear
  • Fresh lavender scent
  • Lanolin-enriched to protect garments