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What isWaist Training?

Waist trainers slim your waist to create curves instantly.
Waist Training works!

Popular in Latin America for years, it’s been getting more attention globally with the help of media coverage and celebrity endorsements. Most waist trainers have a latex core to boost thermal activity and increase perspiration on your midsection.
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    Slim down. Work up a sweat.

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  • What are the benefits of waist training - how does it work?

    Waist training uses firm compression to slim your midsection. Many garments are also designed to increase thermal activity for added perspiration around your core, reducing water retention, particularly if you waist train while working out. You will look slimmer instantly by putting your trainer on. For many women, it’s an instant confidence boost, as it accentuates your natural curves and makes it easier to achieve an hourglass figure. How dramatic your results are depends on your fitness routine, how frequently you do it, your body type and your lifestyle. And don’t forget, wearing a waist trainer also helps you maintain good posture, making you look taller and leaner.

  • When/how often should I wear my waist trainer?

    Wear your waist trainer daily, eight hours a day, for best results. If you are new to the practice, start out with just a few hours at a time and gradually increase your wear as you become more comfortable. Fitness-focused waist trainers or exercise bands are designed to be worn while working out to ramp up perspiration.

  • What’s the difference between the waist training options and how do I decide what?s right for me?

    There are 3 primary waist trainer options:

    All three options provide slimming
    and shaping of the waistline:

    A cincher is a band that wraps around your waist to create a slimmer midsection. It can be worn daily or for special occasions. It is made from materials like latex, cotton and spandex. Cinchers made of latex are ideal for everyday waist training since they will increase perspiration slowly throughout the day. Many are designed to be concealed under clothing.

    A traditional tight-lacing corset is used to create more dramatic curves. It contains vertical columns of steel boning and a lace-up back that canv be tightened for a moderate to extreme slimming. It is made out of nylon, spandex and cotton. Certain corsets are ideal for costuming, lingerie and fashion outerwear; they are sometimes more difficult to hide under clothing.

    A workout band is designed specifically for use during exercise. Workout bands usually contain a latex core and are designed to increase perspiration more than a cincher, so you can maximize your fitness routines. Some women only waist train during exercise with a workout band. Others wear a cincher during the day and a workout band during exercise.

    To help decide what’s best for you, ask yourself
    the following questions:

    How frequently, how long and when do I want to wear it?
    A cincher can be worn comfortably everyday or for special occasions (1-8 hours daily).
    A tight-lacing corset is less comfortable and is best worn occasionally for special events (30 min-2 hours).
    A workout band is worn while exercising (30 min-2 hours).

    How dramatic do I want my results to be and how comfortable do I want to be?
    A cincher will provide great results with surprising comfort.
    A tight-lacing corset will provide extreme results with less comfort.
    A workout band will provide more results than a cincher while being moderately comfortable.
    As always, we?re here to assist you in your waist training journey.

  • Is it safe/healthy to use these products? Are there limitations I should know about?

    Most women will have no problems using waist trainers, especially when they’re sized right, but it’s important to listen to your body’s cues. If you ever feel pain or have difficulty breathing, remove the garment immediately. If you’re working out, be sure to drink a lot of water. Consider eating small, nutritious meals, rather than only a few large meals throughout the day. If in doubt, seek advice from a medical professional.

  • How do I try it on to verify it fits when I first receive it?

    Wear a tank underneath and gently fasten your waist trainer. The product is designed for strong compression so you may find that it is not easy to fasten it at first. Start at the bottom of the garment and work your way up. If you have a corset, the laces should be loose so that you don’t have to work the clasps too hard in the front. Garments should fit snuggly but not pinch or ride up. Put on your favorite outfit to see your new curves!

    See our return/exchange policy for more information.

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