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Butt Lifting Jeans

If you’ve ever wished that you could round and lift your rear without additional padding or shapewear, the development of special butt lifting jeans (also called Brazilian jeans or push up jeans) is going to be very exciting news for you. You may have searched for the best jeans for curvy women. If so, you will love what are often called jeans levanta cola or push up jeans. These blue jeans have been designed specifically to highlight your curves, lift your butt, and trim your tummy, thigh, and legs. Butt lifting denims use special lifting technology instead of padding. Their secret is a diagonal seam that extends in a heart shape around the rear, rounding around the hips. This unique feature supports your silhouette and creates showstopping curves. This kind of item first became popularized as “Brazilian buttlift jeans.” While Brazil continues to manufacture and sell many of these styles, apparel companies in Colombia and other countries also create and sell many butt enhancing denims.

If you’re looking for a basic pair of jeans that you can wear with many things, you will love the versatile styling of the Dark Blue Butt Lift Jeans by Ann Michell (711) or the Light Gray Butt Lift Skinny Jeans by Ann Michell (708). Looking for a pair of signature jeans with extra detailing and flair? You absolutely have to check out our sparkling models such as the Butt Enhancing Blue Rose Jeans by Verox (1028) and Butt Enhancing All That Glitters Jeans by Verox (1029). Both of these styles have rhinestone detailing, giving them a wonderful look. And of course the White Tiger Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox (1039) are a must-see with their brilliant white wash and feline inspired belt. With such a wide variety of styles, you’re certain to find the right right pair of Butt Lifting Jeans for you at Hourglass Angel.