Compression Bottoms

Leggings can look good on everyone! Our butt-lifting and compression leggings are designed to enhance, shape, compress and lift so that you can show off your curves rather than hide them. Choose from a selection of the best shaping leggings made for workouts or casual wear. Pair them with your favorite tees, sweatshirts or workout attire so you can feel sexy and confident whether you’re at the gym, running errands, or relaxing at home.

Start loving the way you look in tight pants. These butt-lifting and compression leggings have been tested on women of all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be petite to show off firm and sexy curves; you just need the right shaping leggings in your wardrobe. We carry a selection of compression leggings in different colors that are ideal for gym or casual wear and can enhance any body type.

Some of our shaping leggings are constructed with an inner girdle, so not only is your butt tight and toned, but you’ll have all-over slimming benefits from your waist through your thighs. Our high waist leggings also ensure that your tummy is flat and firm; no more worrying about muffin top or love handles. Pick from compression leggings that end just below the knee or go all the way to the ankles. These are must-have wardrobe pieces that can be worn in so many ways; when you’re working out you can wear them with a workout tank or even just a sports bra. Or try pairing them with your favorite comfy tees, long sweatshirts, button-down tops and even casual dresses.